new to the fly and need stillwater suggestions

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by TROUTsniffer, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. These slip indicators are a must for still water when you need to hang chironomids deep.

    I have tried just about every indicator type and for still water this is what I use, whether I need the slip feature or not...

    ...unless I am putting a nymph just under the surface, or an emerger, or a hard to see small dry, in which case I use a small Pimp indicator or just some yarn for a light presentation.

    I got my slip indicators mail order from "Blue" on this forum,
  2. thanks, i'll have to give that a shot when i get out this weekend...and search this site some more apparently :)
  3. i was also wondering if anyone has used or recommends the rio versitip at all or is it just kind of a gimmick? i thought for $150 covering all your line bases as far as wet line goes would be worth it ...
  4. I'd suggest going to the content section of the site. Find all the articles written by WFF member Ford_Fenders. Save them, print them, read them, study them, then get on a lake and use his tactics and you will be BLOWN AWAY at how you can get some lakes dialed in.
  5. Not a gimmick but also not your best option for stillwater. The problem is the loop-to-loop connection between the floating section and sink tip that hangs up in your guides. It's a great setup for swinging in rivers, though. If you're looking at buying another sinking line for lakes, a type V or VI full sink would be a nice contrast to your camolux. Your camolux will sink just a deep, it just takes longer to get down.
  6. I picked up a couple of them today. Will try them out as soon as I can get to the water. Thanks for the heads up. Now to figure out how to rig them.
  7. Not to hard to figure out, just have to remember to string it on before the flies :D
  8. heads up pacific fly fishers has those bobbers for $1.00 if anyones close....
  9. They have four sizes and two configurations, round and oblong.
    Look forward to drowning a buzzer with one. Can't spell Chironomid.
  10. That is hard for me to remember. Fly goes on last. Hmmmmm.
    Should I use a dry fly with that?

    I have to give a tip of the hat to the person that came up with this idea. Pretty darn slick. I have not tried them on the water as yet, but I figured out how they work, and all on my own. I feel like a jenius.

    Maybe I am overthinking this thing, but I was concerned that if you mounted the wider part of the plug pin at the top of the bobber that the float would fall off the leader if the fish broke off. Then I remembered that the float will actually float. Not a real risk and at a buck a shot not a real show stopper.

    Looking forward at a shot at trying this.
  11. The black stopper will disappear in water if it slips off and will also sink quick. I painted mine orange so I could hopefully retrieve it with my net when my line breaks.
  12. Maybe some re-engineering is in order here. Make both parts out of a floating material, and make both parts the same color. They you could see them and they would float. See I told you I was a jenius.
  14. well i tried some indicator fishing today from the pontoon, lake was DEAD and only hooked up two bows (2 good ones though) on a woolybugger but i got to play with rigging/casting them so maybe next time i'll get some action...
    thanks for all the help
  15. has anyone seen or know where to find ford_fenders stillwater write up? i tried searching it and couldn't find it anywhere.
  16. That is what it is all about.
  17. What size(s) did you go with? Does anyone know if the Gig Harbor Fly Shop has any indicators like these?
  18. I bought slip indicators at the Gig Harbor shop last time I was there a month or two ago. I'd suggest going with a variety of sizes, and don't hesitate to get the larger ones, even if they seem too large. You'll appreciate having them on those choppy, heavy glare type days.

  19. Thanks Nick. I'll add it to my list. A PM is likely more appropriate so feel free to respond there, but any recommedations on a local(ish) lake with decent chironomid action where I could try out some tactics with a reasonable chance of catching something if I do it right?

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