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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jimmydub, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Hello all, long time lurker, first time contributor. Some of you might know me from years ago on another forum. I'm amazed by the amount of knowledge everyone has, as well as the willingness to share. I feel obligated to bring what I know and the observations I've made to the table in return.

    I've been fishing lakes since before I can remember, but fully switched over to fly fishing about ten years ago. I never seem to get out as much as I'd like, probably a pretty common thread around here. Lakes keep my attention almost year round, and I really like what the winter has to offer in terms of average size. Recently, I've been banging my head against the wall known as Lake Martha, seeing if I can rattle some sense loose. In the last 15 or so hours on the water I've hooked into easily three of the largest trout I've felt, only to LDR without even a hope of a sighting. In fact, I can't keep anything on, jumping the gun every time. Ugh.

    That aside, 2012 was a year of great fishing for me. Over the summer I found some amazing, fragile waters that produced some incredible brookies and rainbows, and were within an easy 45 minute drive (plus hike). The one I don't feel a concern over revealing is Upper Grieder. What a sweet hike, and some rainbows over a foot to boot. The fish there have bug-eyes and like a lot of line and a long leader. I packed my tube and waders in, but wouldn't do it again for a day hike. Shore access is probably enough that you can be successful, but a float of some kind is something I highly recommend. Also, the worst flies I've seen in some time inhabit that area. The fleets of black flies filled in the gaps through the fog of mosquitoes, punctuated with horse flies and hornets. The only escape was finding a breeze.

    There was one complete bust of an outing I took to Blythe and Chuckar in April, but I'm willing to bet I lost out to the birds. The stocking reports and timing pointed to an incredible weekend. I found Blythe to be a gorgeous body of water, and loaded with bugs. It looked like it was almost all shoals. Chuckar is like a coffee pot, and the bugs seemed to be even thicker. The ticks certainly were. I saw no surface activity and had no bumps down deep with fullbacks, leeches, or chronies. If there are fish left in these lakes, I'm guessing they're smart and of prodigious size. I learned quickly that you DO NOT sit or lay on the ground in that area. It came to me as I rolled over and looked at my tube and saw the red ticks crawling vigorously. Do you ever get rid of the skin crawling sensation after you've seen ticks on your skin, crawling?

    I'm looking to have an even better time on the water in 2013. I'll be looking to fish Martha until some of the other stillwaters warm up a little, and maybe head up to Pass as well. Big old, cold trout are just so much fun to catch. Anyway, thanks for the info already everyone, and I look forward to being a part of this forum.
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    I thought you moved out of state.. Dang.. Corral was doing just fine in April and May.
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    Welcome! Great to hear from another "stillwater guy" on this forum. I don't fish much over the winter but get out as much as I can March-May and Sept-Nov. The basin lakes are my home waters, though I haven't gotten around to exploring the seeps yet.

    Regarding the ticks . . .My rule of thumb (picked up from others in central WA) is if the air temps are >70F, expect to find active critters. Spring is time I usually find the most snakes and ticks.
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    Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Lots of good information here and civility
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    Welcome to the board. Always glad to have more stillwater junkies around! I've never fished Martha, but I've had it on my radar since passing it on the way to Pacific Fly Fishers the other day. I'm up in this neck of the woods for work for a few months, and just recently picked up a tube so I can get up to fish Pass and Lone. Martha has me intrigued though, as it's quite a bit closer to me. Maybe I'll bump into you over there one of these days
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    I think he means Martha Lake in Warm Beach, but I could be wrong.

    Welcome, us stillwater junkies need to stick together.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. In all the people I run into that enjoy fishing, such a small number focus on stillwater it's hard to feel part of a group. It's nice to know others have the same crazy ambitions.

    Thanks, yeah I meant Lake Martha near Warm Beach. The one in Mill Creek is Martha Lake, and from what I've heard it used to be a good place to wet a line, not so much anymore. Also, Lake Martha is open year round, while Martha Lake is a seasonal lake. Lake Martha isn't typically a stellar fill-your-limit-plus lake, but it has some surprises that make it worthwhile. Considering Pass is twice the distance, and Lone includes a ferry ride, it's in this neck of the woods.

    I certainly look forward to bumping into fellow members anywhere fish are caught or discussed. I haven't been to PFF for a few months now, but I really enjoy talking to the guys in there. They fill my ego up by mistaking me for a guide they know. I'll make some plans to get out soon and post the details.
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    Ah ok. I wasn't aware of another Martha in the area. Guess I have another lake to put on my radar. Work relocated where I was staying, and now I'm right down near the Mukilteo ferry so I imagine I'll be fishing Lone more often in the coming weeks. If you ever want to meet up at a lake sometime shoot me a PM. I'm over in this area for a few months and always enjoy meeting fellowing stillwater fans.

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    Welcome, nice intro.
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    Jimmy, welcome. Yes its Lake Martha. a nice lake that can drive you nuts some times. they plant baby cutts in there but i have never landed one over 8 inches ?
    Martha lake used to be one of our (me and friends) go to lakes for years. you could fish drys in the evening and have so much fun. bad thing is that it is stuck in the middle of urban sprawl city. but there are some Big holdovers in there. trust me on this.
    hope to see you at the Lake Martha though. i would stay away from it on opening day week. too crazy then.
    Oh and never sleep on the ground in the seep lakes area. stinking Ticks are bad over there in the spring.
    and don't forget to give Teds a try. Mike knows a ton about fishing.
    see ya on the water.
  11. jimmydub

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    I have also seen the stocking reports, and have heard of some really nice cutts being caught, but not very many. The one time I thought I had a cutt turned out to be a strange looking brown. It had almost no spots along the body or coloration, except about seven pin-prick red dots and some big black spots around the head. It seemed kinda ghostly looking, but was very healthy.

    I'll take your word about the holdovers in Martha Lake, I've heard from a lot of people that it has been known to put out nice trout. I've never given it much of a chance, though.
  12. skyrise

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    was at Martha (alderwood) last year when some fish&game folks came in with boat and all, checking lake life. they were there for 3-4 hours and in that time netted a couple of trout in the 6-8 lbs range !
    know what you mean about those weird looking browns. my first year fishing, l landed a few browns that had only a few spots and rather dark thru the back and tail.
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    Welcome Dear. I am Shaun smith. I am new on this forum. I have heard umpteen good comments about this forum. Now finally i have decided to sign up and join the company of good people here. I hope we will have a good time by helping each other.
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    Long live the stillwater fisherman!

    Welcome to the forum. one thing I would like to mention is that "SPEED KILLS" meaning when fishing for truly large trout (4 # and over) speed trolling "WORKS" in early spring. I do catch and release but for some reason I like the saying "SPEED KILLS" For my speed trolling tactics!

    Also long shanks lose fish! articulated leeches, or hang backs will work much better. good luck this coming year to all. My season will start next month after Ice off and I can't FRICKEN WAIT!!!

    Some New rods - new lines - new patterns to test - another new trophy lake to learn and concur - OH MY!