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  1. Old Eagle Claw, Orvis, and Hardy are the glass rods that I own and fish for the classics. Most are 8' and 6wt but I do have a Hardy Tarentino that is a 5/6 that is one of my favorites. I have some Lamiglas rods that have been built in the last 15 years and as stated above most of the newer glass rods are lighter and can cast very well. I like a rod that will roll cast 40 to 50 feet.
  2. It depends on what "new" Eagle Claws rods you are referring. The lastest model of Eagle Claw Featherlight which was introduced in 2010 is not junk and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised how good of a rod it is for a mere $25. It has a little quicker in action and doesn't have that hinging that most recent predecessor models have when casting beyond 25-30ft. They also flared up the reel seat some too to give it a little more sophisticated look. :p Newer or vintage, all the EC Featherlights are serviceable small stream rods but I'll yield some are better than others.

    Here's a couple reviews/discussion about the rod for those not familiar: eagle claw
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  3. i have a bunch of fiberglass rods... tremendous stream fishing tools!

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  4. As Brookie Hunter says, this is not true. Two years ago Eagle Claw revamped their tapers and the latest ones have gotten very good reviews by the glass enthusiasts on the Fiberglass Flyrodders board.

    I'm possibly one of those glass enthusiasts (Tone Mike and Brookie Hunter are too), and though I can't comment on the latest Eagle Claws, I'll echo some of the opinions already written in this thread:

    -- A Steffen is probably my absolute favorite in terms of tapers for all-around use. They are also medium-fast for glass, so are a very good option for a first glass rod. You will still think they are slow at first. Then you will likely see the light and find a groove with a Steffen. Nearly everyone does. They are around $350-400 new, but maybe Ed can sell you his for less.

    -- The Cabela's glass rods (both last year's green CGR and the new ones) are a great option at around $100. Decent build quality for the money, and supposedly all good casters. Like the Steffens, they are medium-fast for glass.

    -- I would not recommend a Lamiglass "honey" (nickname for the yellow ones). They are slow for glass, which means they are... just very slow. You might like that, but IMO you should only consider one if you are feeling adventurous and want to experiment. The one Ed has is one I sold to him, by the way. It is very nice for a slower rod, but just didn't match my tastes. On the other hand, it took owning that rod to figure that out, so...

    Lots of other options, but those come to mind as top picks.

    Just my own tastes, but I personally have never met a vintage rod that I liked more than the best of the modern glass rods. Like any human creative/engineering endeavor, glass rods have been tweaked so much in the past decade that I believe now is the golden age of glass rods. Some of them are simply awesome fishing tools (and many are pretty to look at as well). Again, just IMO, and YMMV.

    Also, if I were you I'd buy used. That way if you try a rod and don't like it, you can re-sell it for about what you paid. I do it all the time.
  5. There are a lot of older rods and a lot of new ones out there. Also there are a lot that made blanks and builders out there. To echo what has been said. The new blanks and rods out there are different then what the older ones are, that I started with. If you haven't try a new one, I might try to find one to cast. I have sold all my graphite rods but one. And gone to fiberglass, that includes a 11' 6/7wt switch and 9'6' 4/5wt switch rod I am going to have built for me. I have so much more fun cast fiberglass and to play a fish on one, you have to caught one to know. Hope this helps and have fun.
  6. I agree with Glass being fun. About as close to Bamboo as you can get without the price. But I can't get ride of my Graphite. The weight, or lack of, is a big aid in fishing long times. My 2+ oz 8 weights are much appreciated if you know what I mean. I do like the MIXED glass/Graphite rods and I could be happy confined to them. However, I don't keep fish so I am concerned with having to play them to death. I have a Cabela's 7/8 wt that I just can't bring myself to braving on the 30+" Carp I catch...some day. LOL
  7. Blue I do agree that the old fiberglass are heavier but the new fiberglass blanks being built now are much light and I don't have a problem. But I have a hexigraph-graphite rod that is a 8' 3/4 wt that I can't get rid of now, just to nice.
  8. All these wimps complaining about weight. Sheesh. Still toss my 10 wt Fenwick all day with no problems. ;) Weenies. Lol
  9. Last year I got myself a 9ft, 10wt Wright & McGill Granger Double Duty but I must confess it took a little while to build up my shoulder to cast it for a more than an one or two.
  10. Well, I started fishing glass flyrods at 10 years old (and those were all 8-10wts). So I had a solid foundation. Even with a major disibility in my back and shoulder, still able to cast them all day long.

  11. But with the rods available today, do you still choose that rod, or have you explored others?
  12. I've fished a wide variety of rods. Mostly Sage RPL. Lots of TFOs including the deer creek speys. Still grab my old Fenwicks and fish them. In fact a lot of times my back up rod it's a glass Fenwick.
  13. The one I was referring to is the EC I bought about 5 or 6 years ago. Butt over tip, same size guides, black plastic reel seat. Worst hinging rod I ever owned, but for $20 what more could I ask for. It sounds like it's been upgraded since then. It's not the same EC that I had in the '70's.
  14. Mojo....Your hit the bull's eye on that one. That particular model of Featherlight is probably the worst one they ever made, at least I think so.
  15. I just can't bring myself to fish this thing. My main glass rods are a Scott F2 3 wt., Mc F's, Steffan, Lami honey's (which Lugan is correct, they're slow, but they're also very fun to fish with), TL Johnson. I also have some Fenwicks also, but I haven't fished them since I got the new glass rods.
  16. The Old Eagle Claws are great. The new ones are horrible! You can pick one up in Wally World for $20. It won't be long before it breaks but you probably can get $20 of fun out of it before it does. Very brittle, cheap etc. etc. Surprised Eagle Claw (Wright & Mcgill) would want there name on such stuff. Look for an old one. You can find em.
  17. Like Fenwick, Wright & McGill were sold off Years ago. So they have no say unfortunately. Been sold of A few times each I do believe.
  18. I had the opportunity to look at the latest Eagle Claw Featherlight 2 piece flyrod yesterday. It looked and felt pretty good having a slightly faster action than the last model. For $25 it is a good deal and I'll probably pick one up to use myself and to have on hand as a loaner for beginner fly fisherman and friends to try. The last Featherlight I had broke awfully easily but I'm willing to try the new one as they are a fun rod to fish and my Medalist 1494 needs a home.
    Here is a link to a good rod review by a reviewer whose opinions I respect.
    Eagle Claw Featherlight Fly Rod Review By Fly Fish Ohio
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  19. I just took delivery today (from WallyWorld to-the store delivery/ pick-up) of the new 7' 5/6 weight Eagle Claw Featherlight rod. Going to have some fun with it for sure. Not a bad little rod $25. Don't look too closely. Remember $25 Nice reel seat and hardware. The action is improved over the older model. I am going to enjoy it and will get way more than $25 worth of fun from it.
    THe size down - I think it is a 6'6" for 4 weight - is nice too.
  20. Lots of posts....did you ever find a glass rod Gary? Fun to fish with, need to slooow down your casting stroke. I still have my first fly rod from the 60's, a 7'6" 5wt Phillipson built by my cousin when he worked for Shoff's in Kent. Any fish puts a bend in glass!

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