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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Robert Holland, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Robert Holland New Member

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    I have just bought a new toon I spent more that my wife will ever know. But I still need to buy a motor mount for it and a trolling motor, Bucks Bags sells a motor mount and battery holder for the 11` foot pontoon that I purchased for 150.00 but it does not suggest the size of trolling motor for it. Dose anyone have any good ideas how to make one and as to what size motor I will need. I will be fishing lakes, and trying the Columbia river here in kennewick
  2. Rick Todd Active Member

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    As for the size, a MinnKota in the 30-38 lbs of thrust will work fine. I have a 30# on my 11' Scadden and it pushes that boat along very nicely, plus the series 27 battery lasts all day and even two days if I'm not using it all the time. Costco had 38# last year and I picked one up for my 17' drift boat-works great! As for a motor mount, you might be able to make one from plywood and SS bolts. You may need to drill through your frame, but sometimes you can sandwich the rear bar between two plywood pieces with a groove for the bar. Just have to look at that. Good luck with the new boat! Rick