New to website and new to pontoon boats......

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jbrodie, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. jbrodie Recently got a PAC 800 pontoon boat. I have used it only a few times in lakes, no river use yet. I have been float tubing lakes for years, some wade stream fishing. Anyone live in the Marysville area looking for someone to pair up with to pickup boats? As I stated this is new to me. Thanks.
  2. I'm kinda' short on time right now but wanted to let you know I'm here. I live in Marysville (as well as a couple of other members on this board), and have a couple of 10' cat boats. I mostly fish the rivers(sky) in mine (my wife and I both float, I fish) and would enjoy the oppurtunity to meet up with some other people to go with. private mail me and we might be able to hook up and hit the river soon if you want. I'm glad your here!
  3. What kind of boats are your 10 footers? Some time down the road I'd like to upgrade from my 8' to a better 9' or 10'. I've been eyeballing the Osprey from Skookum.
  4. I've got the J.W. Outfitters Alaskans, for the money they won hands down.They cary a 5yr. warranty, have breakdown Alum. frames that are capible of going as luggage on the airplane, 8' oars, anchor system, and only weigh 45lbs, and rated for 500lbs. in class 3 water. They were $799 when I bought them 3yrs. ago, but I think they upgraded the package after S.A. bought them out and run at$999 now. I did alot of research prior to buying them, and theres a whole lot of them out there. If your just wanting to upgrade to a larger boat, look at the Blackbear website. they are local and will set the boats up however you want, you can even buy the tubes from them seperate, A pair of 12' x 20" run around $500.00 and they are bullet proof. My buddy bought one that's 14' with a convertable frame to run solo or with another seat. The boats are spendy, just like the Skookum and Osprey, but they are one of the best on the market I've seen. :THUMBSUP
  5. Welcome aboard

    Cats are bad things. Just like buying a car, you keep spending money on them. LOL Just remember, if you want to buy local, you have blackbear and you also have skookum. Bill at skookum has been around quite along time and knows what he's doing. One of first guys who actually built a fishing boat for fisherman. Not just a set of tubes with a seat. Plus one of the nicest guys to work with and his boats have run the gambit of waters around the NW.

    I've spent alot of time running cats and designing frames. Researched myself, especially when more manufacturers came out. Only a couple back in the 80's. If you're really interested in actually building yourself a boat, I can help you in that dept. If you want some direction, feel free to ask, will help you make a decision on what's best if you upgrade. A skookum or blackbear may be too much for you, may be able to get buy with something cheaper.
  6. Welcome aboard

    i live in vancover and just bought a bucks bag, south fork. its not as kick butt as all the others yall have but its still good tines. today i caught my first steelhead on it on the east fork of the lewis. if you plan on ever coming down this way im in for some floating any time. contact me.
  7. DIY

    You might also check out Xstream in tukwila,I have 3 of his Cats a 14',10',and a 9'.I have not seen too many boats that are built as well as he makes them.Im not sure what his website is but the Phone # is 206 762 6170 ,you can see a picture of my 14' at the evening hatchs website under their boats for rent section

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