New tying desk

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Takoda, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. A work of art. Thanks for sharing and making me jealous :)
  2. Thanks
  3. Nice piece of work. I always admire good woodworking as my dad was a professional woodworker in building and finishing fine furnature.
  4. Takoda great hand tool woodworking! Did you do all the tooling by hand? You didn't get much fishing in while building your desk. Work like that doesn't go quickly does it. I would like to build one for myself when I retire this year. I really miss working with my hand tools.
  5. That is a thing of beauty, a shame that it'll most likely soon be covered in feathers, sparkly bits, and all kinds of furs ;)
  6. How $$$ did the material all cost?
  7. Very Nice, You have a very good gift!
    Kelly Michelsen
  8. Most of the wood is stuff that I have been given. I'd say there is about $800 worth of wood in this piece.

    I don't do it all by hand but all of the dovetails are done by hand and I did a lot of handplaning on this project because it has several wide boards.

    Thanks for all of the feedback. I'm hoping to start selling furniture next winter.
  9. nice the bottom drawer...cut outta the same piece....sweet
  10. Gorgeous carpentry.

    Mind me asking what type of wood and finish you used for the actual desk surface?
  11. What a beautiful piece of work...heirloom quality!
  12. That is truly a beautiful piece of work. I wish I had that kind of talent
  13. The table top portion of the desk is Mahogany. The finish is an equal parts blend of Semi Gloss Poly and Tung Oil with a dash of Japan Dryer.
  14. Wow- puts my roll top to shame. Nice work!!
  15. Holy crap, thats gorgeous.

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