Sponsor New USA made Xa2 series rods nearing completion!

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  1. In our commitment to producing as many products as possible in the USA, we are finishing up development and moving to production on our new Xa2 series fly rods!

    Our Xa2 blanks are 100% rolled in the USA. They are wrapped and built in small batches by master craftsmen, and packaged in a sturdy aluminum tube.

    The Xa2 blank features a similar med-fast action as its predecessor with a few improvements. If you were at all a fan of the original Xa, you're going to be even more pleased with this series.

    This series will be offered in the following sizes:

    3wt 6'6."
    4wt 8'.6"
    4wt 10'
    5wt 9'
    6wt 9'
    7wt 10'
    8wt 9'

    If you have any additional questions regarding this rod or any of our other products, don't hesitate to contact us! Contact - Allen Fly Fishing Store

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  2. "100% rolled in the USA"

    Man that looks nice seeing that :)
  3. Do you think you will be xpanding the line-up in future to include a 4wt. in 9'0 and perhaps 9'6" in 6 and up? Just curious. Thanks. They look sweet!
  4. We have made a few 9' 4wt rods and they just didn't sell. The 8'6" 4wt and 10' 4wt are both hugely popular rods for us, but 9' 4wts just never moved for us, and that's tough to keep on hand for such a small company as us. For 9'6" rods, we have had very little in the way of demand for these in our research with our customers. The demand with our customers for rods 6wt+ is overwhelmingly for 9' and 10' rods.
  5. OK, that makes sense, and thanks for reply.
  6. Are they the same action as the original Xa? I really love my 6wt.
  7. Very similar. We didn't want to change much in the action as we were very happy with that aspect of it.
  8. I'll definitely look at these rods. I appreciate Allen FlyFishing being a sponsor of WFF, and also having these made in the USA. I've purchased some smaller items from AFF and have been happy with every item.
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  9. Excellent!! :D
  10. So, other than the rod is built in the USA, in what way(s) is this rod different than its predecessor?
  11. I totally forgot about you guys until this. Exceptional pricing on a lot of your products, just got to get together some scratch to order!
  12. [​IMG]

    You can now pre-order your Xa2 rods! Visit our website for details: http://www.allenflyfishing.com/xa2-rod-series/

    The action has been left mostly unchanged. Since they're done on new mandrels by a different builder, there will be some subtle differences on some models, but I think we got pretty close to keeping the action the same, which is what we wanted. The guides and reel seat on the old model were using PacBay components, the new one uses American Tackle co components. The new one also uses FLOR grade Portugese cork as opposed to the mid grade cork on the previous model.
  13. That's pretty much a do-over! What about the graphite used? Same or different? IM6, or ...?
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