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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Dodd, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I purchased a Smith Bros. pram from an Evergreen Club member last week and wanted to show it off to the stillwater board :) He purchased this boat new in 1997.

    My son and I took it out on Lone Lake today for a bit and had a lot of fun. We ducked out of the wind on the east shoreline and Max landed a nice fat Rainbow in the shallows.

    The original owner, Jessee, set this boat up very nice and it's a pleasure to scoot around the lake in. Thanks Jessee!

    Look forward to lots of days on the lake in this little boat.
  2. That a sweet looking boat Jeff. You should get lots of use out of it.
  3. Fred Smith is a class act and builds some fantastic boats. I've been to his shop, and a few of my fishing buddies fish out of these prams. They are well built and are super light. I love how your boat even has nice custom anchor locks.
  4. How much do they run usually?
  5. Well done, I am sure you will enjoy your wood boat as much at home as you will on the water.
    Wood fishes better...
    Tom C.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Yellowlab mentioned the anchor locks - they are simple but work out perfect for a boat this size. The seat back rest is also an add-on and while simple, it works. Also came with a very well thought out dolly to wheel the boat around.

    Adam, I don't know what these boats go for. I paid around $600 and that is about what they sold for in the 90's. That was for a bare boat of course. I don't see Smith boats for sale. It was made on Samish Island. If you google them, one page mentions that Fred Smith and a relative continue to build boats. This may be dated info.

    Spring Creek Prams sells an 8' wood prams for around $1,000 according to the website. I understand the boats are of similar design. My boat is 10' in length.
  7. I think their base model is around $1300, plus add ons... I'd heard that Jim Wheeler contracts out with Fred Smith to build the 'SpringCreek' wood version, but not 100% sure of that. Fred's boats are beautiful works of art.
  8. To set the record straight we went to Smith Brothers about 8-9 years ago and "asked" if we could copy their jigs to build boats. Don and Fred had no problem with that and were glad that someone actually asked them to copy their jig instead of the many who had copied it without their permission over the years. So, we watched, took notes and taped them build a couple boats in a day. It was like watching a concert. Very cool. My father in law asked Don how loing it took him to build a boat without Fred. He immediately looked back and said, I've never built a boat without him in 60 years or so." Pretty cool. Don has since passed away after a car accident and the last I knew Fred was still building boats with his son-in-law (I think). Our Stillwater Classic is "basically" a Smith Brothers wood pram in fiberglass with a few modifications. And yes, ours are a bit more epensive and I only build them to order in the winter months. It's too hard to swap the shop out for one boat.

    Jim Wheeler
    Spring Creek Prams
  9. Great boat jeff, I got to see it last night on Lone. (sunday 2-28) Since that, I have been looking for one of my own. Danm pontoon boats!
  10. Jcalderon-
    You're welcome to give my pram a go sometime when you're on the island to fish, just shoot me a PM.

    Next time you see me, give a yell :) Man was it nice on the lake yesterday... wish I was on the water right now.

    Jim Wheeler - Thanks for the input on this thread!

  11. Jeff, i would love to try that boat out. And ill be sure to say hi. I was the guy having a hard time getting my toon on the top of the silver 4runner. I think i am over those danm inflatables. Wish I had a hard boat. Keeping my eyes peeled for a wood pram. You know of any for sale?

    do you live on the lake jeff?
  12. Cool - I will shoot you a PM with my contact information.
  13. There's a 10-footer advertised on Craig's List for $750, FWIW. Sweet looking boats...which is the inspiration to get busy building mine.
  14. Jesse, I'd jump on that 10' boat if I were you....
  15. got a link???
  16. I found it and emailed the guy. Thanks for the heads up gentleman
  17. Very cool. sounds like my same boat.
  18. Jim, both you and Fred are a class act, with the tradition of boat building by hand. Whether its by wood or glass, there is still alot of love that goes into each on of your boats. I may pick up a Smith Brothers pram for my dad, who loves woodworking.

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