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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. After a week of chewing my fingernails to the quick, my new vise finally arrived today. After hearing the chaps on a UK tying board talk up the Snowbee-Waldron Vise I ordered one, going on their suggestions and pictures of the vise.

    The vise arrived in it's own traveling bag with room for tools and some materials, with back plate and bobbin rest included. The pedestal base has a nice hollow for hooks and beads, the arm and jaw angle are completely adjustable. After a quick inspection I was impressed with the mostly stainless steel construction and the fit and finish of the vise.

    I managed a few flies, from a spey on an Alec Jackson 1.5 hook to a size 20 BWO. All I can say is....Man, I love this vise. The rotation is silky smooth, hook holding power is tremendous, and it isn't tippy at all when reefing on a deer hair fly. The back plate and bobbin rest are very adjustable and are not in the way at all.

    Here's a pic of the new toy. Price as driven, a around $350.


  2. Looks like a pretty nice vise Ron. I'm looking to upgrade my old Renzetti Traveler and am looking for some ideas. What made you choose this vise over a Dyna-King, Renzetti or other high end vise?


    Steve S
  3. I liked that Lawrence Waldron (designer of the LAW Bench vise) designed it, and Snowbee oversaw the manufacture. The guys on the UK board couldn't say enough good about either vise. The LAW sells for around $700 and the Snowbee-Waldron for about half that.

    Both Lawrence Waldron and Snowbee have excellent reputations for quality. I figured, to get the quality I have in the Snowbee-Waldron, I'd have to spend more money in another high end vise to get equal quality. I'm sure others feel the same way about their vise choices though. If you can test drive one of these, do so, it will be worth your while.

    By the way, this is a replacement for my trusty Renzetti Traveler Cam Jaw Vise.

  4. Congratulations Ron, you are well on the way to becoming an officially recognised "tackle tart"! An honour bestowed on few of our colonial cousins! :)
  5. Good lines. Good rods. No reason to think they would tarnish their reputation by putting out a bad vise! I'm sure you'll go through miles of thread with your new partner:beer2:
  6. Nice vice Ron, but tell me you photoshopped your tying desk. That looks so clean!!:D

    Mine on the other hand would have a jc neck and 15 other necks with scattered goose and mallard shoulder feathers thrown in the matrix.
  7. Nice looking vise. You need the one that matches your bobbin! :)
  8. Traditionalist, Yeah, I know, I'm not as bad as those who drool all over their LAW vises though. I was going to PM you about Northern Germany, I spent three years there at Garlstedt Kaserne near Osterholtz-Scharmbeck. Actually, the base housing was in town, not on the base. Loved the area and the people.

    Obi, It took me three days to get my desk that clean. In the process I found two grizzly necks I just bought a replacement for, a couple hen skins, a JC neck and more spools of thread and tinsel than I knew I had.

    TFG, My wife has the Nor-Vise, won't let me play with it, she also has a Renzetti Traveler and a Dan-Vise.

  9. I was going to comment about your desk too :)

    Now that I know you're properly messy like the rest of us, I'll abstain.
  10. Nice vice. With Waldron behind it I'm not surprised. If I needed a vice I would take a long look at that one.

  11. Tim,

    The more I tie on it, the more I like it. Very precise fit on all parts.

  12. Ron,

    How/where do you order this vice?

  13. I contacted Snowbee USA ( ) and they sent me a list of distributors in the Northwest. I don't thin any of them are sponsors, so I won't list them here.

  14. ron: nice vice....where did you order it from?
  15. wdc,

    You have a PM.

  16. Hay, hay, hay .... I heard that! As I frequently post to a couple of UK based fly boards I will have to admit you guys do hold the 'tackle tart' edge over the average American. Well, lets leave Bass fishermen out of this..:rolleyes:
  17. Mr. T the ability to 'PM' you turned off on your end.

    Traditionalist the ability to PM/e-mail has not been activated.Couple of questions: what UK boards do you post to and under what name(s)?

  18. Mr. T the ability to 'PM' you turned off on your end.

    I prefer to remain anonymous Fred. Nothing personal, I have merely found it to be a good policy.

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