New Wheels for my Pram

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by gofish101, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. After a fare amount of searching and asking lots of questions I found some wheels for my pram. They were a great price and available locally.
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  2. Looks good. Are the wheels independent or connected with an axle? Could you add a rear
    shot and close up bracket detail picture. I'm working on a knockdown cart system
    for mine that would be in the oarlock area for balance. I've prototyped it with pvc
    and 16" bicycle type wheels. Kind of set it aside right now due to some other issues
    but will post pics when I get it done. Right now I need a ski option for it!!!
    Did you build your pram as well?
  3. I didn't build it myself, but I do wish I had that kind ability. I have some pics for you and would love to see your final result as a mid mount would certainly be easier. Fortunately the boat with full gear only comes out about 80 to 90 lbs.
  4. Thanks for the extra shots. Did the brackets/wheels come as a kit or did you fab the brackets?
    They really look professional.
  5. They come in a complete kit. I wish I had the talent to fab these.
  6. Would you mind posting some supplier info and pricing as I'm sure others would be interested as well.
  7. They are available at Seamax. I paid 168.00 plus tax and 10.00 shipping. Here is the link.
    I ordered them and got them a week later. They may be available down south somewhere but am not sure.
  8. Very interesting, I've been looking into doing the same for my 10' Hopper II so I can walk it into some lakes but I think the handles on my boat would not allow these to mount properly. I guess I could take the handles off.
  9. I was thinking that you may be able to mount the handles vertically instead of the way they are currently. I haven't seen the Hopper II up close but have seen pictures. I was thinking about mounting handles last year but my pram is so light that handles to put in box of truck isn't really needed. I unload all contents of the boat except oars when I load into the truck the rest of the gear goes in the back seat. I may add handles to the bow for better grip when weather and trails are rough.
  10. Great looking pram!

    The brackets are similar to the EZ Launch system that is made in Washington. You have seen them...

    I use rubber tires like yours gofish, mounted to either end of a a carpeted 2x6. The pram sits on the board midship and a piece of pipe makes a handle for push or pulling. One nice feature of this small wheeled cart is the boat can be stored on the cart and because the axle is only inches off the ground, the boat is easy to level.

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