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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by FT, May 7, 2007.

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    Gordon Armstrong of Scottland set a new world record in speycasting this past weekend at a compitition at Kelso in southern Scottland beating his old record of over 69 yds (it was 206') with a cast in excess of 70 yds (which would put it over 210'). Scott McKenzie also of Scottland also had a cast of 70 yds; but only came in second!

    Congrats to both of these very fine spey casters. May the rest of us aspire to such great spey casting.

    P.S. The actual distance Gordon Armstrong cast was 73.33 yds (220') and that of Scott McKenzie was 71 yds (213').
  2. TallFlyGuy

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    Awesome; But I think Rajeff still has the record at 295'.

    What lines and rods were they using?
  3. James Mello

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    It'll be interesting to find out. Last I heard the long belly lines were actually giving way to shorter, heavier heads. Apparently the limiting reagent to the casts were getting good anchors consistently... But that info is thru the grapevine, so take it for what it's worth... Now those heads and 10lb mono running line, and were right where the overhead 2 hand casting is!!
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    Was Rajeff overhead casting or spey casting? I always thought his record was twohanded overhead casting. But I just assumed.
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    Actually, the new world record by Gordon Armstrong - Carron is (206ft 3 inches) 68.75 yards! All 7 top finalists were using Carron competition lines having a 105 foot head and Carron rods. This info copied from the Carron site.

    Steve's record is using a two-handed rod and overhead casting.

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    As Halcyon already posted, Steve Rajeff has the 2-hand (and single-hand) overhead casting record. It was done with a 17' rod, a 60' shooting head, and 10 lb mono running line.


    The info on Carron's web site is Gordon's old world record. His new one is not listed on Carron's site yet. Gordon just set this new world record this past Saturday, May 5th at a compitition in Kelso in the south of Scottland and it was 73.33 yds (210'). And as I also posted in the start of this thread, Scott McKenzie also made a cast of 71 yds (213'), coming in second for his efforts.


    Gordon and Scott both used 17'11" compitition rods. Gordon used Carron's 105' belly compitition spey line, which are the same line and rod he used to set his previous record of 206'3". Scott used a long-belly line designed by Ian Gordon. None of the men's spey casting competition winners are casting anything but long belly lines.
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    Those guys are truly f*#king amazing!
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    Is there a video floating around anywhere?
  9. halcyon

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    Thanks for the correction. Man would have thought they would have that on their site within minutes of the event :cool:
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    Steve, having seen all but a couple of the top 6 or 7 in action with a spey rod, I can assure you that's an understatement!:eek:
  12. James Mello

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    Errr... apparently my english is lacking. I was referring to the use of a shooting head and thin running line, not the method of casting.... It was interesting to note that they were using longer bellied lines though... Goes to show you that everything you hear on the grapevine isn't true.
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    What do you hear on the grapevine?

  14. James Mello

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    Folks were going to use shorter heavier heads and thin running line, instead of the longer belly lines.... Something like 75' heads....
  15. FT

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    Another little tidbit from this competition in Kelso, Scottland was that a 16 year old young man by the name of Blair Banks made a cast of 60 yds (180'), quite a feat for such a young lad. Just think of what he will be doing as he matures.
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    Amazing! On a side note, I got to grass cast a 17' competition rod this past weekend at the Sandy. It was the CND Beastie (one of a kind I believe) with a custom line of some sort. I was probably getting out past 100 feet, maybe 110'.. was aiming for Bhudda! Just can't imagine getting more than 120 or 130... at least with my technique!
  17. FT

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    The CND "Beastie", which I think is 17'2" is not a compitition rod, it is the little brother of the CND "Beast", a 17'11" true compitition rod. Tyler uses the "Beastie" to fish the Thompson River. The Beastie is quite a rod though and one of only two CND's I've cast that I like (the other is the 16'7" Thompson Specialist).
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    Hi Guy,s
    Just to add, the Carron team use a line that is not cut, one complete line, and Scott was using a line designed by Ian Gordon for the EWM, all the distance speycasters are using long belly lines and have done so for years, Got to say well done to Gordie Armstrong, and to Scott who has been away from competition for a few years, should make for some good stuff at the big one, the CLA.
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    Wow! Awesome casting. These guys are getting so much better each year.

    I would love a custom comp rod and line, I gota think Carron puts some money into being the best. I don't mean to take anything away from the casters, I know they are tops in the world, I just gota think a regular guy just couldn't compete with off the shelf rods and lines.

    I would guess the talk of shorter heads was at SOR where you have to snake roll two of the casts?
  20. FT

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    Were the lines made with an extra long running line portion to keep from having backing line out the rod top? And what is the diameter of the running line portion of these compitition lines?