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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by FT, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Salmo_g,
    Thats spot on, none of the guy's using a competition rods and lines use them for fishing, in the Speycasting comps it involves a change of direction which is not so easy with a line of 100 to 110ft head, casting a short heavy head would be much easier, but you only get a couple of mins so stripping in loads of running does'nt help, but if you get it right you only need one cast.
    I think in the future some one will win by using this method, a kind of throwing a brick on a ball of string, which would take away from the skill of casting a long line with angle change, maybe one day all the guys will use one rod and line, still think Gordon Armtrong and Scott Mackenzie would be there at the top, but at least you could have a chance.
    We have a little competition here at home, and everybody uses the same rod and line, i can never win it but it makes for good fun.
  2. Nextcast spey lines.

    Gordon, I think we may be coming to that point: (Nuts, the link only takes you to the main web page. Hit 'on line catalog,' lines, then Next cast.)

    Candidly, don't know sh1t from shinola about these lines, but I have seen them in competition a couple of times already. Casters did VERY well with this weight forward design.
  3. Hi Fred,
    Tried those last year, and very nice they were too, but i think the next step in the speycasting for distance will be a much heavier head than even the next cast lines, i have a Clan rod that would throw my granny across the river, so short heavy lines are easy to cast with a big rod.
    I like the Idea of there being some skill involved , like change of direction and casting long belly lines or off each shoulder, i once took a guy fishing that was over in Scotland for a single handed distance competition, he had never cast on water as all the comps had been grass, well he could,nt cast on water for toffee and ended up hooking himself in the back of his head.
    I am glad to say that all the guy's in the Speycasting competitions are really good fishermen not just casters, for Gordie and Scott its there job, and a fishing rod is just a tool for work.
  4. One of the few times this week I've actually laughed out loud.

    I can just picture the above in my mind ...... regardless, that still had to hurt ... not to mention being embarrassing as all get out.:rolleyes: Interesting comment about Gordie and Scott (I'll throw in James Chalmers, et al from Carron) I was under the impression (wrong apparently) these fellows all had 'regular day jobs' and the casting was (for a lack of a better word) 'a hobby.':confused:

  5. Hi Fred,
    Gordie Armstrong and Scott Mackenzie are both Ghillie's on the River Ness, so they are on the river, not always fishing, but at the river six days a week.
    With guests bringing there own rods think of how many rods a year they try.
    Yes the other guy's work regular jobs and casting for distance is just a hobby, but over the last five years its Scott and Gordie who have come out on top in every competition around the world over that period.
    I do think that the lines developed for distance can help advance normal fishing lines, i just wish more companies were interested.
    PS got to go fishin.

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