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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan-O, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. First off, you all have a great site going on here. The wealth of knowledge and talent is fantastic.

    I'm new to Washington, kind of. I moved up here, Seattle, back in November from Mt. Hood. I've done a lot of exploring over the spring and summer for trout in both lakes and rivers, and the last few months I've been trying to figure out beach fishing, which us a lot of fun.

    I have come to the point that I would like to meet some fellow fly guys around here, and start building some new connections here in Washington.

    I learned to fly fish during the winter steelhead season about 7 years ago and it's always been my favorite type of fly fishing, even if it means less catching. I'm comfortable with spey rods and single hand rods, sink tips, floating lines, you name it. I've never floated a river, but I would love to, I really want to learn how to navigate a drift boat down a river.

    If anybody here wouldn't mind having me tag along/hangout that would be great, or if anyone has recommendations for a great club around Seattle that would be appreciated as well.

    PM's are always welcome, and I apologize if this is posted wrong area.

    Tight lines,

  2. Welcome to the forum.

    Are you in Seattle? proper or the burbs?
  3. Looks like Tukwila to me.


    There are a couple of places to hang out to meet up with like minded people - Pass Lake, Lone Lake, Middle Fork, Lincoln Park for salt from the shore, of course, the Yak and the other quality waters on the dry side. At times, there will be an unofficial gathering at a particular spot.

  4. Or you could just hang out at Cowgirls Espresso and watch for the Simms decals.
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  5. i got a two person two and occasionly need an extra welcome to the site
  6. Hi Dan-

    Nice intro, and please let me join others in welcoming you to the best fly fishing forum on planet Earth.;)
    I highly recommend the Washington Fly Fishing Club, of which (in interest of full disclosure) I am both a member, and serve as webmaster.
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  7. Thanks everyone, for the warm official welcome.

    Yes, I live in Tukwila for now, but am most likely moving to the north side this winter.

    I have been fishing the middle fork and south fork of the sno most of the summer with very few sightings of other fly casters, let alone having a conversation with them. I did take the pup to Lincoln park during the pink run to go check it out but I didn't wet a line there. Rattlesnake lake is really the only lake that I've fished so far. I really want to get up to Pass.

    BASS, I would love to tag along if you are every looking for someone to join you. I'll fish for anything that has fins and gills.

    Taxon, thank you for the recommendation, I will for sure check them out.
  8. I'm pretty sure there's a bad Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn called New You You.

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