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  1. colton rogers

    colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

    is casters your fly shop or do you just tie for them? where is it located?
  2. trevally

    trevally New Member

    Will I get in trouble if I answer?:hmmm:

    It's mine.:beer2:
  3. Charlie S

    Charlie S Confrimed Reprobate

    Regardless, those are beautiful renditions......Good Job!!!
  4. Daryle Holmstrom

    Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

    I think colton is young and doesn't understand the workings of WFF ;)
  5. riseform

    riseform Active Member

    I just read your article in the Orvis news on the Eggi Juan Kenobi. Thanks for sharing your site and flies. It's nice to have another Gaucho on board.
  6. trevally

    trevally New Member

    Thanks fellas.
  7. trevally

    trevally New Member

  8. GATOR9

    GATOR9 Hey you guys

    Those are some nice ties. I have seen real ones that don't look that good.
  9. seanengman

    seanengman Trout have no politics

    Trevally, you have some mad skills. You are more than welcome in any fly swaps I kick off. Peace.