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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by hbstriker, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I have been looking into buying a pontoon boat to drift some rivers. I have been reading and following a few threads. It seems to me that some of you drift by yourselves. I guess what I am asking is, if you do drift by yourself, how do you get back to your vehicles? Or is another buddy and his car absolutely required? It seems to me that two cars or a packable pontoon boat would be the only way. I don't really have any flyfishing buddies either, so getting a second person to buy a boat and drift would be pretty difficult.
  2. Usually you can arrange the local fly shop on a given river to shuttle your car for you. Have an extra set of keys and have them lock them hidden inside.
  3. Hbstriker,

    Some places have shuttle services available. Sometimes there are other people making the same float, and you can hitcha ride with them. I used to float solo sometimes and hope to hitch a ride back to my car. I quit that. When I float solo, I lock my mountain bike to a tree or post at or near where I take out. Then when I complete my drift, I stash my raft or Watermaster and gear in the brush while I shuttle myself back on my bike. This has worked well, but I've been nervous a couple times when there was no convenient discreet place to stash my stuff. In those cases, I put my rods, reels, and most expensive gear in my pack and rode back to my car with it. That's not nearly so fun. Good luck with whatever is your choice.


    Salmo g.
  4. Either a shuttle service, a buddy to pick you up, a long walk with a heavy pontoon, some people will drop off a bicycle or something and lock it up at your take out spot, then ride back to your car.
    be careful floating a river by yourself in a pontoon, especially when your a newbie on the river in your new pontoon. bad stuff can happen and nobody would be around to know if you got yourself into trouble.
  5. How would I find out about shuttle services? Hit up the local shops?

    Thanks for all the info
  6. Like on the OP rivers, a fishing partner with a second vehicle is perhaps the most suitable means of solving the "take-out/put-in" problem. "Plant" the second vehicle at the take-out and return to the put-in in the second vehicle.

    The Yakima has shuttle services arranged through the shops. The same is true of rivers in other states were shops are prevalant.

  7. Where do you want to float???
    there's a couple. red's in the yakima canyon will shuttle as well. pretty convenient location.
  8. I use the :thumb: method frequently and find it works great. I lock my toon to a tree and hitch back to the truck carrying my bag and gear. I've literally never had more than 10 cars pass me before getting a ride when drifting the skagit. Almost always it's another flyfisher, but not always. I guess you look pretty harmless wearing waders and carrying a fly rod!

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