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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Priesto, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Hi Y'all! I'm new to fly-fishing, but I'm determined to go catch me some salmon in Washington. I've done some fly-fishing off the Texas coast for reds, trout, and sheepshead but lately, I'm dreaming of going fishing in one of your beautiful lakes or rivers. It's too damn hot out here and I would like a change of scenery.

    1. What time of the year should I book a trip? When would it be ideal to catch as many salmon fish species as possible? Of course, my objective would be to catch a king.

    2. For fly-fishing, which areas/regions/rivers of Washington should I be looking at?

    3. Which guides/charters do you recommend?

    4. I wouldn't mind staying in one place for a day or two and move to another place within an hour or two of the original destination.

    I'm looking to take in and absorb as much as possible in 3-5 days. I have a limited budget so please, don't recommend high-end guides. I know you get for what you pay for, but ever since my 2nd kid was born, it seems money is getting more and more scarce in my household ;)

    Any info you can send my way is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Too Hot to Fish in TX,
    P. Cantu
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    Just to clarify, are you expecting/wanting to catch as many salmon species as possible on the fly?
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    Its a trap don't do it.
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    *slaps Danelocean out of the scene*

    Now, where were we...

    But seriously, here are a series of questions anybody will ask you.

    1. My original question of course.
    2. Are you wanting to fish salt water or fresh water?
    3. Do you know how to spey cast or fish the two hander?
    4. Are you opposed to fishing beads? (you said you wanted a chinook on the fly)

    There are some seriously knowledgeable cats in here that can help you out, but you've left the door too wide open to invite them in, so these questions may help narrow down the "professionals".
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    Thanks for the responses, even the sarcastic ones :) I'm open to either fresh or saltwater fishing. If possible, I would like to do both, even if it means extending my trip by 2-3 days. I don't know how to spey cast or fish two hander ... but I'm getting ready to take casting lessons from a local guide here in TX and I'm hoping my Washington guide will fine tune my casting once I get there. Once I book a trip, and determine which casting methods I need to master, I'll do additional lessons and get some kind of training feedback from my Washington guide(s). I'm not familiar with fishing beads. Am I to assume Chinook will be difficult to catch on a standard fly-fishing outfit? Anyway, I want to maximize my fly-fishing experience by going when the chinook salmon are biting hard and when there is a good chance of catching other salmon species as well. It could be trout and steelhead as well. In the end, I want to have a great time. Taking a picture of a salmon catch would be great.
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