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  1. I haven't seen it yet but there's a big slide at Skagland Hill. Heard multiple homes were wiped out and people down stream are being evacuated. 530 is closed in both directions.
  2. From king 5 news

    " mudslide came down on a house on SR 530 near Oso on Saturday morning. There was no immediate word on injuries or fatalities.
    The slide has blocked a portion of the Stillaguamish River and there is concern that it will give way.
    Just after 2 p.m., the National Weather Service said the North Fork Stillaguamish River gauge downstream of the slide showed a 2.2-foot drop in an hour, confirming the river is blocked by slide.
    Geologists have been called out to determine how stable the area is.
    Fire and rescue, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office and the Washington State Patrol are on the scene.
    The Department of Transportation said the slide is between milepost 37 and 38 near 310th Street NE and is estimated to be a mile long.
    The commander of the Snohomish County Search & Rescue team says it's the largest slide he's seen in the area in 30 years.
    It's not yet known how many people are impacted by the slide.
    Officials say SR 530 will be closed at least a week. Traffic is being diverted at Whitman Road, which is on the west side of the slide.
    Drivers should avoid the area until further notice. "

    This area has long been unstable with a history of sliding.
    Home everyone is ok.

  3. well shit...
  4. Holly crud, glad I didn't go up to see our property near Fortson.

    Hate to see injuries or death like this.

    I do know I do not like that turn. Almost hit a moo cow one day driving up there. That area is known for slides.

  5. Prayers for the families of those confirmed dead. More prayers for those injured.
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  6. Slide was on the up river side of skagland hill. Went through the bus turnaround. Sounds like the engineered part of the hill held up but the mud and debris from up above just found another way down.
    Just talked to a friend that lives above hazel. West bound traffic is being stopped at french creek. Cell towers up there must be jammed with calls so phone coverage is very hit and miss. Landline service isn't working up there.
  7. The bike trail.bridge at haller park is now blocked by two sno Co sheriffs
    One at each end
    3 min ago
  8. The river in Arlington is dropping but doesn't look like it's time to build an ark
  9. As my brother said we just went up there a couple of weeks ago, to Whitehorse area. So glad not today. Prayers go out to everyone involved.
  10. Is this slide in that area where the hill has always been unstable. It's been many a year since I've been there. hard to figure out where it is with out a map
  11. This is unbelievable. Prayers to everyone involved...especially that 6 month old baby.

    Entire hill just slid right off:




    I THINK this is the right area based on the looks of it...but could be wrong?



  12. Some of the pics online that people are ooohing and aaahing about are actually the old slide on the other side of the river.
  13. Very sad.

    The NF just can't catch a break.
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  14. This is so sad! Prayers and thoughts out to the families.
    Trying to think of the area as I haven't fished the area in a few years.
    Was this a result of clear cuts and rampant logging below C-post road!
  15. and a ton of rain in march, but yee mother nature usually wins.
  16. Anyone have any idea how or if this will effect chum fry escapement?
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