NF Stilly slide

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  1. This is horrible news! My heart goes out to to victims of this tragedy. Just out of curiosity, does anyone (Smalma or Salmo G) know how the size of this slide compares to the Deforest Creek slide?
  2. Prayers & condolences to those affected.
  3. Andrew -
    The two "slides" were driven by two difference processes primarily due to the differences in the hill side substrates. As we know the recent "Steelhead Haven" slide material was mostly clays and trees. As I understanding the current estimate that it involved approximately a million cube yards of material.

    The Deforest Creek slide (on Deer Creek that failed 30 years ago) occurred on a hill side that was mostly layered silts, sands, and gravel. Much like the Steelhead Haven slide there was a huge more or less instant failure/slide but after that event the hill side continue to erode and flowing into Deer Creek until the upslope essentially reached the top of the "hill". Due to the remoteness of the area the slide site was not visited for weeks after the event. The size initial event was several 1000,000s cubic yards of material (something in the 1/2 million cube yards range). It took nearly two years of the more or less constant erosion before reach the top of the hill by which time the total volume has been estimated at 1.8 million yards of material. The scary thing in Deer Creek is that it has been estimated that in the decade of the 1980s the Deforest Creek slide was the source of only 1/2 of the material entering Deer Creek from upslope failures - A situation where many of us were surprised that the Deer Creek summer steelhead survived to today.

  4. When we heard about the slide here in Colorado, we contacted family on Camano Island to make sure all were okay. I've fished with my brother-in-law up that way several times over the years. I'm happy that family is fine, but saddened by the loss of life and the extensive damage to the North Fork fishery. Thinking of all of those that love the Stilly today. Thanks, Curt, for all the good information.
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  5. Thanks Curt.
  6. Bill, Mike was my first thought when I heard about the slide (on WFF). I knew he lived downstream a few miles but we called him just to be sure he was safe. Sorry that I didn't post that he was ok and already staying with family.
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  7. I was going to call, probably should have, but figured he was busy dealing with all of the stuff taking place. Just glad he's good, since I was having trouble figuring out where everything was yesterday. Thanks Sue!
  8. Please say a prayer to your Higher Power of choice to all the families affected by this event. I'm thankful that my family is safe but we are still grieving the loss of many folks.
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  9. Is the general consensus that this was a fickle-hand-of-fate/power-of-mother-nature type of thing? Or was the stability of the area affected by logging or other activity?

    I don't want to jump to the assumption that logging had anything to do with it. After all, mother nature happens and happens with force sometimes. But we also know that the best choices have rarely been made as far as development/logging/etc on some of our cascade hills.

    I'm just not familiar enough with the specific history of the area to know.
  10. This may be bigger that the Thistle slide in 83, I saw the devastation there and knew the area well before hand. The Stilly is by far more deadly, prayers for the people there.
  11. Is anybody around to remember that slide on the S/F on the Snoqualmie it took out part of the freeway above North Bend.
  12. Preston,

    I will try to post the link. You can see what the Mermaid run looks like today at the blog site "Stillaguamish Steelhead Society".

  13. I was thinking about the Mermaid because it was the first place I ever hooked (briefly) a steelhead on a waking fly. Even at that time it was not as good as it had been in earlier years. I haven't been in there for a good many years and even the last time I fished it it offered very little good water.
  14. It's a good thing the river is closed,as that's my favorite fishing spot for steelhead this time of year. in fact lots of people use the school bus turn around area as parking on weekends for river access.there are still many people unaccounted for.
  15. How did the "unaccounted" for list jump from 18 to 108 over night. That's a hell of a lot of people. I don't pray but I sure hope that that number is just the number of people who haven't contacted family or the authorities yet.
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  16. Mom Nature did a questionable job in selecting much of this areas soils, and soil over lays. Just look at all that concrete/back plugs they put above Shilshole Marina. Several overlays of soil, but far too often the base layer is clay. When this stuff hits saturation its 'grease' looking for a place to unload what's on top.
  17. Lived in North Bend just off the Maloney Grove Rd, at the time; about 7:30PM, my mother was stepping outside and came to face a torrent of water flowing by. Mom and sister were evacuated by boat, dad I and stayed behind to salvage whatever. Just after midnight the water began receding, what mess the following day.

    My greatest impression has to do with what a difference elevation can make. Our neighbor across the street stayed dry, water level was just at our ground floor level, the neighbor down the street had water flowing through the house. Until that time I expected we were all at the same level.

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  18. Can not help but feel sadness for everything affected by this tragedy.
  19. Hope your family and friends are OK. Heard about the mudslide and thought about folks here on the forum.

    Best wishes from a fellow flyfisherman in Kentucky (raised in the West)
  20. Very sad, my thoughts and prayers for all of the people impacted.
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