(NFF) 1965 Salmon Fishing from a Pram

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rich Schager, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

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    I was reading Jonathan Tachell's post (and success) about "Puget Sound Silver Report 8-26-12" from a 10' aluminum boat. It brought back a lot of memories of my first boat that I bought when I was 16 - a plastic 'linearglass' boat about 6' long, and weighing 35 pounds at a cost of $49. I would transport it in the trunk of my Dad's '61 Chrysler, letting hang out a couple of feet.

    I fished that boat all around Bainbridge Island both freshwater and saltwater, including and a few trips to Point No Point for silvers. The first time there with the boat, the resort guys just laughed at me and wanted to charge me the regular full launch ramp price to put in. Instead, I bought a few live herring, parked as close to the point as I could get, and carried the boat to the point. Probably 150 boats, with no fish on, watched me row out to my favorite spot where a nice rip was forming.

    The resort guys had a good laugh again when just 45 minutes later I was back. "You give up already? HA Ha ! " "No", I said. "Just want to weigh my limit". It was dead silent when I weighed the 8, 10, and 12 pound silvers (limit was 3 salmon 16" and over). Funny thing, a couple years later when I was going to college, a guy comes up to me and says that he had been at the resort that day and asked me if I had really caught those fish - apparently there had been quite a 'discussion' after I left.

    One frosty December in Agate Pass, I caught a 20 pound Blackmouth that towed me around and spun the boat in circles over and over again. The next July I rowed across to Brownsville and caught a 17 pound King - I didn't have a net and couldn't get both the boat and the fish to be still enough to grab it. I ended up stunning the fish by hitting it with an oar. And then there was that afternoon that I caught 56 largemouth on a popper, and ...

    The boat served me well for about 3 years until someone backed into/on it and split the linearglass.

    It's been 44 years, and I still really miss that boat !

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    cool story . . . thanks for sharing! My girlfriend bought me a kayak a few years ago, many people have no idea how much I love that yak. The freedom to roam and the challenge of landing big fish are absolutely priceless. Hope you're still getting out on the water.:)
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    Cool story. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was around for the glory days in puget sound. I can only imagine if I had a fly rod in my hand during the 70s and 80s out on the sound.
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    Good memories! My first boat was a 7' wooden dinghy, which I acquired around 1965 (maybe earlier) when we lived in Bellevue. It was transported to the water (Lake WA) sticking out of the trunk of my parent's car. I bought a 3.5 horse Johnson from a friend of my Dad's for $15 (I think he gave me a deal). Fished all around Meydenbauer Bay and Newport Shores/ E Channel Bridge area. Was a slide-in launch at the end of the Bay, and also one on Mercer Slough that I used.

    When I lived at Crystal Springs on B.I. in the early 80's, two sub-teen neighbor kids went out in a small rowboat just off the beach about 100 yards south of the pier and showed us old guys on the pier how to fish. One of e'm caught a 28# King and was sort of a minor hero. Then the other landed a bigger one in the low 30's. We could hardly believe it! We didn't think anything that big ran through there.
    Ha, and I thought I had done well with my 7# Blackmouth a few days earlier.
  5. Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

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    Yep, still getting out. I retired to a house on the Harstine Island warterfront, and I get out more often now than ever. Moved all the way up to a 12' aluminum rowboat, but it's a lot harder these days to find the kind of fish that can tow the boat... Went 2/3 on searuns yesterday, largest 16".

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    Great story! Love those memories . . .