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  1. I just came back from a wonderful trip to San Diego, where I caught my first Dorado. Wish I could say it was with a fly rod but that was not the case, so if you aren't interested in a non-fly fishing tale stop reading here.
    My eldest son Mike hosted us aboard his 26ft Shamrock, for three days we fished both US and Mexican waters the weather was perfect and we, myself, Mike, Tony (next oldest son) Steve (brother-in-law) and Mikes good friend Scott had a great time visiting, eating fine food, drinking excellent beer & wine, and fishing together.
    The first two days were basically a nice boat ride nothing caught but one Cailaco Bass and a missed strike for Tony.
    Day 3, Sunday we headed due west from SD after stopping at the bait barge at 4:30 AM. Found our first kelp-patty about 5:45 AM and could see that there were fish all around it feeding. I freelined the first bait in the water and quickly had my one and only fish of the trip hooked up. My first ever Dorado hit hard, just under the patty and took of! jumping and twisting through the air several times, we could see that he was a good one. the first time I got him close to the boat he decided to head for the depths and stripped line off the reel while I hung on and waited for the opportunity to start cranking him back up. Three times I got him up and three times he again ran deep. Finally he came close and Mike gaffed him ( after a couple of misses) and he was in the boat. Tony got another Dorado later and we also got two small yellowtail. Here are a few pics.
    Next year I hope to repeat this with a fly rod, but for now I'm happy to have caught this fish and check off Dorado on my bucket list.


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  2. Nice Fish!

  3. Thanks for sharing and sounds like a great trip. Looks like you had great ocean conditions, at least as far as calmness goes.
  4. Nice fish and nice boat.

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