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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by lastcall, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Two weeks ago I sent an email to NFO using the contact address from their WEB site, To date I have not gotten a response.

    Does anyone have a better email address for NFO or Dave Scadden?

    I am looking for information on how to patch a new to me McKenzie Drifter 3X and where I can get a replacement cover for the air valve.


    Ed Dahl
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  2. Ed-

    That is the same email address I have used as well...but had no luck with responses either. It is better to pick up the phone and call them. I suggest early in the day and hope someone picks up. Their follow-up on voicemails is spotty too. They are quite helpful/ knowledgeable when you can speak with them.
  3. Why does this not surprise me?
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  4. I have heard numerous complaints about their customer service which persuaded me to buy a Watermaster. To date, going on three years now, I have been very happy with BSI.
  5. Be patient. The NFO apologists will be here soon to help you. They should be able to get Dave on his personal line to let him know there is one more thread about people not being able to contact the company. You will probably then get some assistance thru this forum on how to contact NFO. His own online personal customer service reps.

    It must be nice to know him, 'cause if you don't, well.... 3, 2, 1
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  6. The exact reason I spent my cash elsewhere.
  7. I have two of his boats, no complaints about the boats but the customer service leaves one heck of a lot to be desired.:eek:
  8. Just a quick could contact Blue(member on this site) who lives close to NFO. She might be able to assist by stopping by or texting Dave for you.
  9. That just amazes me that anybody should have to do that to get a company to take care of its customers.
  10. These NFO threads are funny and sad at the same time, if that is possible.
  11. Daves cell # number is (801)940-7474, I hope it helps.
  12. I

    I was thinking the same about yours:cool: ....anyway, I agree, CALL. His internet service FILTERS a lot of email. I will be the first to say that needs to be looked at but hey, SH^%$ happens.
  13. Huh? My what? Posts? Seriously?

    How about we compare the ratio of the number of times you mention NFO and I mention Catchercraft vs. our total post count. If mine is lower, you treat me to a guided trip down the Green. If yours is lower, I treat you to a guided trip any where in Washington. ;)

    And we are a site sponsor and I am a co-owner whereas NFO is not and you are just a satisfied customer, in which according to internet feedback, you are the minority. :D
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  14. It is not so much your post, but that you seems like right there on any NFO post to put them down. I post on NFO posts because I can offer some info about NFO and try to help.
    Remember, I am only posting on NFO posts to offer what I know. I don't own NFO and I am not pushing a competitive product. Just answering people that own or are interested "IN" North Fork Outdoor products.
    I don't post on topics about Catcher or other boats as I do not have any experience with them.

  15. I don't see where Dave jumps on every post about Scadden boats. I think Scadden deserves the bashing he gets on here about his piss poor customer service. You seem more like you are a plant for NFO because you are always on every thread about their boats.
  16. Blue,

    I appreciate you changing your original post in which you stated that I have said we are "better" than NFO. I have never said that because "better" is a vague term that means different things to different people and I would not have come out and made a statement like that.

    While I disagree that I'm "right there on any NFO post to put them down", I do occasionally agree with what another poster has written. I have nothing against NFO or Dave; I see and talk with him at the shows. I have said it before, we are no threat to him and his business. My few comments on the subject are more in jest than anything else.

    No hard feelings.

    Sorry Last Call for the thread mis-direction. I hope you were successful getting what you needed.
  17. I didn't say every post, and a plant???? whatever. This post as the others I answered are about NFO.
    I have owned many of them, that is my basis for answering.
  18. I have been out of reach for this past week. Thanks for the input everyone. So far no one from NFO has contacted me yet. Having a a contact email address on a WEB site that nobody checks is a big pet peeve for me. I just don't understand why people do it.

    As far a NFO and the Scadden McKenzie Drifter that I bought, it was a matter of what came up in the classifieds that meet my needs as a multi person pontoon style. I have two single persons that just do not work for the wife and I. Both are Buck's Bags.

    Does anyone have an answer to my questions?

  19. If you want I will try to get what you want. PM me if you would.

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