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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by lastcall, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Bill Aubrey

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    Blue, I think you were a mite confused. Just a little mite. And, so were you, BDD. Blue is right when she says she is offering info and help. And, yes she's a happy NFO customer. So am I. I love Dave's products and have never had an issue with contact or service. . And, BDD, I think you might be off on the notion that Blue is in the minority. I know an awful lot of very satisfied NFO owners. They sell a hell of a lot of boats. Will they please every single customer? The odds are against it. And, for those who don't know, BDD makes a damn fine product, too. I myself posted on this forum what I thought of them when our old friend, RiverRunnr was slamming all the manufacturers at this year's Puyallup Sportsman's Show. I would love to own a Catcher'. Now, you will notice that shawnk jumped in with his usual bit of let's bash Scadden. Think he could be from Oregon?
  2. PT

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    Don't know why anyone is busting BDD's chops over this simple comment..?

    Hell, I'm the one who made lite of yet another thread about someone trying to contact the company. Maybe my post is what he was commenting on. Funny that I'd even waste my time on this thread and sad for the same reason...?

    A few years ago I made multiple phone calls and sent a few emails in regards to a boat purchase. None were returned. No big deal, but those are the facts. Last fall I thought I'd give it another try because one of their boats would suit my needs perfectly for a specific fishery. A few emails and 3 phone calls later I got no response again. Again, no big deal.

    I've purchased two Skookum's from Bill Day in the past and most people know how hard it was to contact him. I don't someone to hold my hand through a purchase..... just answer the phone or return an email. Or, respond to 1 out of 10 and I'd probably own an NFO. I'll patch my own tear or repair my own valve. Not going to send anything back to have that done regardless what inflatable I buy.

    One more of these silly threads comes up and I decide to make a very predictable comment.... which, turns out that I was spot on about. Someone comes on here to either contact NFO for you or in this case offers up the owner's personal cell phone number. Hahahaha!

    Really, it's pretty funny... maybe a bit sad also........ that I'd waste my time on yet another of these threads.

    I'm having problems with Windows. Anyone have the contact info for Steve Ballmer?
  3. Dave Alberts

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    Bill Aubrey--
    we should compare notes over a beer or two... Scadden's bashing is usually well deserved...IMO...

    Is Leech open yet??
  4. Bill Aubrey

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    "I'm having problems with Windows. Anyone have the contact info for Steve Ballmer" PT, if I did, he wouldn't like it. Of course, I'm the guy who sent an email to Dell asking them when they changed their slogan from "Dude, you're getting a Dell" to "Dude, you've entered hell."

    I hope BDD didn't think I was busting his chops. Surely didn't mean to. He is a great contributor.
  5. Bill Aubrey

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    Dave, I'm always happy to drink your beer. Leech is supposed to have opened July 1st. I'm going to take a look at Thursday. We had a slow day last week at Killarney and I want some cool, fresh air. I was going to try Wednesday, but I figure the 4th is not a great day to hit a lake.

    With your long legs, you need to check out a Catchercraft and see if they can extend the foot rest. They are very well made boats. I know Dave can with the NFO's because he did for me easily.
  6. BDD

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    Nah, I didn't take it as such.

    As I mentioned, my comment was mostly in jest. I agree with you, NFO sells a lot of boats and they are not going to make everyone happy as attested to some on here that talk of their customer service. I'm sure Blue is NOT in the minority with regards to NFO and customer satisfaction.

    PT had some good points too.

    And for the record, I can't take much credit for our products as I am involved very little with manufacturing. But if you have a problem or want some answers, I'll be the one answering the phone or e-mail.

    As far as a foot rest extension, we did a build for a guy in Oregon who is 6' 9" and we did all sorts of custom measurements for him. He was so happy with his boat, he bought one for his dad.
  7. shawn k

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    First I am not from Orygun > I only have bashed scadden on the fact that his customer service sucks. The fact is you cant walk into your local flyshop and buy a Scadden boat or get help with Your problem fixed (ever wonder why?) They dont answer their phone they dont answer their emails. This bullettin board is full of these examples. I don't see how his business model is sustainable.
    Call outcast and somebody answers their phone same with NRS.
  8. Blue

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    And neither Outcast nor NRS will jump in on these type of bashing NFO threads.
    Lastcall, please try calling. He said he did not receive an e-mail for what every reason, but is aware of your problem now.
  9. lastcall

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    First off thanks for making the contact with NFO/Dave. I always prefer to use email because it less imposing on a busy person. I hate to interupt something that may be more important with a phone call. An email (PM) can be answered whenever the person has the time. I will PM my email address to you so that you can forward it to him. Once again thanks for making the extra effort to assist me.

    Ed Dahl
  10. c1eddy

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    I hope I never find myself in the situation of not being able to reach NFO if I needed em'. That'd be frustrating. To date, I have had zero problems. In fact, I have reached Dave each time I have called....or he has called back when I left a message.
  11. Don Rorke

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    Well I bought a used fully loaded scadden challenger xxx last month. It was used only a few times and all the frames had never been used. The guy said he only used it frameless but that got me wondering why. So when I went to set it up I found some of the holes for the sliding platform did not line up right for the pins. I had a few other questions about rigging it up and as I am in Calgary I wanted some replacement valves to have on hand and a few other accessories. So I phone NFO for help, first call no answer, next day I try again and get thru. They were quite helpful and they decided I could drill new holes to fix the alignment without affecting the warranty or send them back for new ones. They had some suggestions for accessories from other sources because of potential shipping/customs problems. I have yet to order my list becuse I have been a little overwelmed with the potential of this boat and it has been so easy and comfortable to use frameless in a lake. I hope to try out the frames this week on the river as it has been blown out til now. So far so good with customer service and the boat has worked out very well.
  12. lastcall

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    FWIW, I was able to make contact with Dave. It appears that my work email address was marked as spam by his ISP (AOL). Dave provided me with the option of sending the pontoons back to him for free repairs or I could fix it myself with AquaSeal. Because of timing I will fix the leak myself. He also sent me a new cap for the air valve free of charge. Thanks Dave.

    Ed Dahl