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  1. I am looking to see if anyone here would happen to have a Scadden "NFO" foot rest they are willing to part with. I am looking for the old style which used small "S" clips to attach to the pontoon. I need one for my Escape Pontoon.

    Here is a picture of what I am looking for..


  2. That looks like something that could be made pretty easy with a piece of aluminum pipe or round tube . Looks to be around 1" in diameter.
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  3. I use a piece of heavy schedule pvc pipe and it works great. I have an old style solid foot bar with the pins if you'd like it.
  4. How much would you be asking? Is it this type of bar?


  5. James
    Tell me what ya want and i will fab up a footrest. Even give ya some place to set the foot and rest the legs.

    This isn't like we are making a pb&j sandwich.
  6. Yes, tha
    Yes, that's the one. Free if you can pick it up. Or meet sometime when I go off Island.

  7. Thank you very much for the offer, I wish I could take you up on it but I am currently in Korea and not due to return till October 2015. I purchased the pontoon while I was on leave a couple of weeks ago. The pontoon is brand new and waiting for me to return in my garage partiality inflated. It's gonna be a LONG year!!!
  8. James
    Would you like me to meet Islander( steve) and pick up the foot rest?
  9. James, It's just sitting in the garage and it will be there if you want it when you return.
  10. If he is willing to do it that, that would rock!
  11. He posted earlier that he will hold it for ya. Consider that solid and not worry about it. When you get close to coming home, i will grab it for ya if need be.
  12. I can hold it no problem.
    Peyton, if you ever head over to Lone Lake let me know and I'll get it to you.

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