NFO Scadden Outlaw Predator?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by MakoML, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. SpeyFitter

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    Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun with the new boats, but naming the boat "Predator"??? I wonder if the next boat in the line up will be named "Creeper"(kidding LOL).
  2. Blue

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    Stealth, and Prowler were already taken:)
  3. Greg Armstrong

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    As was "Eagle Claw", "Deceiver" and "Gotcha".
    These types of names are nothing new in the fishing industry. :)
  4. Other Fisherguy

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    I'd like to see your pics, have only used my renegade a few times, still gotta figure rod holders, stripping apron, foot bar options.
  5. sportsman

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    ASAP means soon, but not my #1 priority. Apron and rod holder are basically the same as what Blue has posted. Foot bar replacement: I am copying what my Waterstrider uses: 2" seat belt material folded over and sewn...I showed the picture of the clips I use. What I haven't gotten to is the correct length that I want[ it will be close to 27"...for me] inch or two makes a huge difference. I want it to be easy to place my feet on it while wearing fins or to sit on when I'm in a river. Whether I clip it on the top or bottom of the pad for the foot bar, as stated before I used a 1/4" or 5/16" SS best for now, but I'm brainstorming on something else. I just might glue on a different pad....sometime!
  6. Blue

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    Back when we had the Escapes, we did this as we both have long legs

    We later noticed friends with the same boat were just buying nylon strap and sliding it through a pipe. Using just rope to secure it. You can add several inches in leg length .
  7. sportsman

    sportsman Active Member

    I have tried clips similar to those, but doubted they would be strong enough to sit on. The eye bolt will probably end up being the best...I have an addiction to rigging boats that makes it hard for me to ever be, fishing boats, offshore racers and rubber rafts, I have worked, fished or raced on them...if it doesn't look good I won't put my name on it .Blue, A foot strap would have worked very well there. Here is a picture of the foot strap on the Waterstrider. I'm really close to being finished, i just haven't had the time to get out and dial it in

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  8. Blue

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    Absolutely! I am married to Inspector Gadget and he definitely over thinks some things. I don't have a picture at hand but on the set up in my picture, we ended up adding a large eye bolt and then cut washers flat on one side . Installed the eye bolt to the plastic foot bar holder on the boat as word of warning, the Carabineer will cut the plastic. So the brass eye bolt worked fabulously.
    Now I have the Fusion to figure out as knees are definitely bent on this one.
  9. sportsman

    sportsman Active Member

    Some/Most/all of the work that has been done on your rafts is top notch! One thing I hate are loose straps all over or straps that take too long to install or the gear bags. I have those full of fly boxes, 6-8 reels[can't use them if you didn't pack them!], radios, screen for the fish finder, etc. so I always take them off at the end of the day. Thats why I put clips and side release buckles on them, and they are in the way when I raise the boat up into the rafters of my garage.Thsi weekend I will post the pictures of those and the straps I made for the motor mount, really a clean and easy setup. Gotta go, we actually have to get some work done at the Lazy B!
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  10. LCnSac

    LCnSac John or "LC"

    Wanted to update my use and opinion on my new Predator, after trading the Renegade for the lighter boat.

    Use: I spent three days on a private ranch fishing four lakes for large trout, moving around between lakes and in and out of the water, fishing 6-8 hours a day, using the oars a lot to move around. A few days later, spent a half day at a local small lake bassing.

    Comfort: The new seat is actually better than the old Renegade seat. It's a bit stiffer. The seating position is better because the foot bar is lower. What I did find is that you really don't need the seat in a small lake using fins. By mistake I sat on it, not in it, and didn't even realize it for half an hour. You have more room and unless you're on the oars you really don't lean back anyway. If you're cramped, and that's not likely unless you're pretty long, just take the seat off or sit on it unless you need it for rowing support.

    New Material: I don't know what it is, and apparently it's a camp secret. Scadden says it's heart valve material and Kevlar. It feels pretty tough, but there are no skid pads.

    On the ranch after a long day I put back in one afternoon and I was dead tired. I put in on some rocks, and was so lazy and tired I just pushed over them with my fins rather than property picking up the pontoon. I honestly didn't care at the time. After a few more trout I got my second wind, felt good, and the day was done and I pulled out. I knew I had to have done some damage, and decided to look now rather than later at the hull.

    Not a mark, not a scratch. Unbelievable. It looked like it did when I got it. That made me feel very relieved. Even Derek said they don't know the longevity because it's new material, but I'm totally impressed so far.

    Conclusion: I see no downsides to this boat over the Renegade, except maybe for a little less storage in back. It's only 11" shorter and 5" narrower, by the tape measure. I love, LOVE the light weight, maneuverability, and ease of moving it around inside my Sequoia, inflated. I think as said before it reacts to the wind a little more than the Renegade, but you get used to that quickly. The new valves are OK--you just have to use the hand pump a little more for top off. It is TRULY a float tube substitute and much more. No river experience yet, and it might be awhile as we don't have many left down here this year. For the same price as a Rene, I think either is a great choice, but for portability the Predator wins hands down.
  11. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member

    I also have both the Renegade (bought it because of it's light weight) as well as the new Predator (got it because it's lighter - even than the Renegade!).

    I have a back issue, therefore light weight craft are imperative to me for practical reasons. Both of these boats exceeded my expectations, but I have to say that like "LCnSac" said already, that I prefer the Predator. The thing is so absolutely light in weight it makes it a no brainer if that's an important feature to anyone reading this.
    Surprisingly to me, I also found that it seems to track better as well - in spite of the lighter weight. It may be the fact that it's slightly narrower, but I was surprised that it didn't "squirrel" around at all, even in a mild breeze.
    I also ran over a submerged deadhead log while rowing and literally held my breath listening for the telltale hiss of a puncture. Fortunately there was no damage, and no sign of hitting anything at the end of the day at takeout. It's tough material - whatever it is.

    I don't do any serious river running with these so they're perfect craft for what I use them for. I plan on keeping both of them for when family and friends want to go, but I'll be in the Predator.
  12. LCnSac

    LCnSac John or "LC"

    I thought I was the only village idiot who couldn't row the Renegade. I was constantly correcting it in flat water--moving water wasn't a problem. I don't think I've made a correction stroke yet in the Predator.

    Greg, you are more generous than I. My toonless/tubeless fishing buddies get the SFC if we don't use the boat ;-)
  13. Sinkline

    Sinkline Active Member

    Me, and my fishing buddy, Jim are considering replacing our very old, and reliable SFCs with a Scadden Predator simply because of the oar system. We only fish stillwater and our tubes have served both of us well for about 35-years (70-combined) now. The advantage of the Scadden design for us anyway, looks to be the ability to much more quickly get to our preferred locations on large stillwaters. And, the boat, ready to fish, fits fully inflated in a full size pickup bed (unlike most framed pontoons).

    The one concern Jim and I have with the Predator is clearance for the sounder monitor with the oars. If we mount our sounders on the Predator exactly like we have them mounted on our SFCs (photo below), will the oars hit on the monitor while rowing?

    Would appreciate your honest opinions for those on this thread who have the Predator. Thank much.


    Super Fat Cat with Garmin full function sounder.
  14. LCnSac

    LCnSac John or "LC"

    I would say YES. The one design flaw I've found is that the oars can clip the top of the bags. As your sonar is mounted slightly above the bags, I think it could be a problem.

    There is a solution, via Blue. She will probably show you her pictures of the sonar unit and battery mounted INSIDE the bag. Keep in mind the Predator bags are a LOT larger than those on the SFC and there is plenty of room inside. My trusty RF-35 wrist finder is on its last legs, and that is exactly what I plan to do with my new Elite 4.
  15. Blue

    Blue Active Member

    I don't see any problems with oars where you have them mounted. Only question will be where your transducer is mounted. That can also be the lock is for the oars. If you can mount it under like my hubby did with his plate
  16. Sinkline

    Sinkline Active Member

    Thanks for the replies folks. Sounds like I am hearing one vote for a clearance issue, and one vote no clearance issue.

    Blue, my thought would be to re-build my home-made PVC bracket so I can hang it on those D-rings I see on the side of the tubes below the oar when it's in the stored position. Am I missing what you were trying to tell me???

  17. Blue

    Blue Active Member

    The bags clip to those D rings, so with bags clipped the oar must go next to the bag. This means sometimes you have to slide the bags in towards the seat. If you can mount your sonar under the oar rest, everything else looks great.
  18. Blue

    Blue Active Member

    I don't have many pictures of my Predator, but here is one of my Renegade. As you can see, the sonar is pretty close to what you got. The Transducer I mounted to a 2" nylon strap or a belt.

    Oars cleared no problem. But you can see the D rings are accessible on the Renegade, maybe LC can answer about the Predator.
  19. Sinkline

    Sinkline Active Member

    Okay, thanks much for your thoughts, and photos. :)

  20. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    What I've been doing is clipping the front of my Scadden bags to the d ring that is designed to be the rear d ring used to clip them in. I then clip my bags to each other behind my seat so they don't move nor fall off. This gives me plenty of room to lay my oars down out of the water and helps me land fish
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