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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Driftaway, May 21, 2012.

  1. I have a problem with valve on a renegade sticking. first is was stuck closed and had to keep your finger on it to dump the air, now it is stuck open and we have to float hopeing the valve cover would hold the air in. I have tried emailing and calling and get no response. I found the thread on here about trying to get valve replacements but he never said if he got his problem fixed. any ideas?
  2. try to find out where the valve is leaking. fully inflate the boat with the valve closed spray some soapy water in and on the valve if bubbles form on the outside of the valve it is either cracked or the seal is bad. If it bubbles up on the inside clean it with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and then spray some silicone lubricant in the valve and open and close it a few times. Most likely it is a piece of sand or grit stuck in the valve.
  3. I took one of my valves out. It was sticking, similar to yours. I washed it out, figuring there was some grit. It then seemed to work fine. You could replace the valve with a different type. carries some. Aire/Outcast does too.
  4. I had a leak and took the valve out. There is a little dome that helps with the click open/click closed feature and this had broken off. I did get a replacement valve from Dave and it was easy to replace. Ed, I'm not sure you can replace the valve with a different one because it is my understanding the valve body is a different diameter than the more standard valves. You can't replace the internal portion.
  5. Thanks guys, I will try washing it out. To be clear it is not leaking. It is stuck open and we cannot close it. we have to pump it up like mad and quickly put the cover on it. The boat has only been used a couple of times. I would buy replacement valves if my emails or calls were returned

  6. I am surprised you own a NFO. I thought from all your other post you bought from Catchercraft "a sponsor on this site"
    The valves are NRS style Bravos. You want, I will try to get you one.
  7. Stuck open is the initial problem I had with the broken dome part. You. Should be able to take it out and fix it to the point where it will function until you can get a replacement.
  8. No I dont have a Catchercraft, But I feel its rude to try to take business away from a site sponser. They help pay for this site that some indirectly advertise on for free. Thanks for the offer of getting the valve.
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  9. Where did you get the valve, NRS? I really should not have to buy one but I just want to get this fixed.

  10. Sorry for the way I wrote that, it should have had a ? behind NRS. I don't know if they carry Bravos. They are Italian I think. I live about 30 minutes from NFO, plus I don't seem to have trouble getting a hold of any of the people at NFO. But, I would be happy to try to get a valve for you. The old what goes around, comes around.
  11. NRS does not carry the bravo valve, nor does anyone else I could find. I happened to e-mail NFO and got a quick reply and Dave sent me a valve free of charge.
  12. Thanks I'll try again
  13. well just as a follow up, Blue put me in touch with NFO. I was told that a small collar sometimes comes off inside the valve and I have to take off the valve by making a wrench with only two teeth and I have to find the collar in the tube and re-install it. No new valve for me lol
  14. Once done think of how successful a field repair tactician you will be!
  15. Good to know, I had no idea. I need to make one of these valve tools. You got a picture of it?
  16. No did not do it yet. It is for a pontoon i sold to a customer. I think it might be easier to find a replacement halky-roberts than to try to find a tiny collar in a tube. If i cant find it Im going to look pretty stupid taking off his valve if its apart it would be just as easy to replace it.
  17. Driftaway & Blue,

    I had a leaky Bravo valve on my Outlaw Assault for a while. It wasn't a big deal, but just enough to be annoying. I did some research about the valves and kept finding that one needs a special tool to remove these Bravo valves. Apparently some very special tool that you cannot buy or order anywhere. I think I came across one thread on this site where someone had ordered the "tool" from Scadden direct. It was a 4" long piece of PVC that had been sanded to a taper at one end to fit the valve and had slots cut in to match the pattern of "fins" on the valve. Found the thread:

    All this seemed like a lot of trouble so I lived with it for a while. The gist of the story is that I finally couldn't deal with it any longer and figured there had to be a better way. Instead of making a "wrench with only two teeth" I found an appropriate size pair of needle nose pliers and...voila! I removed the suspect valve, cleaned it, replaced it and then tightened the rest for good measure and its been smooth sailing since. All this is to say that I basically substituted needle-nose pliers for the 2-teeth wrench. It didn't damage the valve in the least and seemed to work pretty slick (for me at least). YMMV, but I thought I'd throw this out there.
  18. Very cool, thanks. I remember Michael N very well and all his post. He was definitely having a love - hate relationship with his Outlaw. I know he was in bad health, so I hope live has looked up for him.
    Thanks for the heads up on the pliers. Can you give me more info on them?
  19. For what you pay for a scadden boat he should charge a little bit more and use a leafield valve or a summit or something you can actually
    buy a replacement for it. plus it should come with a wrench to replace it. I know outcast wouldnt leave their customers holding the bag
    this long.
  20. I can't answer for Driftaway, and I do agree service is very important. I personally like the Bravo valves. I wasn't sure at first being long time Halkey. But they really are great. I can use my LVM pump on them closed, couldn't Summit or Halkey. No pushing in and twisting. Not a big deal, I know but I got spoiled with the push once open, push twice closed. My X5 still has the Halkey.
    Not sure how often this valve thing happens, but I agree quicker service is a big deal.
    Again, I can't speak for Driftaway, I would like to get some pliers however should I ever have this problem.

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