NFR 5 Deer Hunters Shot

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  1. Davy

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    Just correcting a fact or misfact or whatever

    You do not need a CPL (I have one however) to "carry" a handgun in public,you can walk right down the street with it.You do need the CPL to carry it concealed however.As long as it is in view it is legal to carry without a permit.

    The public seeing this might freak and have complete quaking cows however, leading to you being railroaded like the fellow in Everett a few years ago that was simply taking his shotgun over to show his neighbor and the whole darn county&city SWAT teams showed up and took him down.

    I support with any of you that are arguing to make sure I don't have to prove "from my cold dead hands"

    Davy,the some you I like and agree with
  2. Roper

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    OK Calvin, you're gonna need thicker skin if you're gonna follow this. Let your defense down for a minute and think about this. Your first post stated you wanted handguns to be illegal, right? Why? So crimes won't be commited with them? To specify or clarify that, a constitutional amendment would be required. If that's the case, making them illegal won't cure that problem. Criminals are already willing to commit acts that are illegal, having a handgun is no problem to them. And like I stated earlier, no law prevents a crime from happening, it only prosecutes the offenders. Look for a moment at the millions of laws we have on local, state, and federal books. NONE of them STOP crime, period.

    I hope you're ready for this one. The answer is not in laws, it's in God, or whatever your higher power is called. We don't need more laws, we need to follow just one rule in all our affairs...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    That isn't simplistic, it's simple.

    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    Roper says--The answer is not in laws, it's in God, or whatever your higher power is called. We don't need more laws, we need to follow just one rule in all our affairs...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Your statement suggests that only in God can there be morality and that the Godless (me and most of the world, as least not in a Christian God) have no morals and do not follow laws.

    The answer, in my view, is not in God, but in society recognizing the validity of your last statement: the Golden Rule. Believing as I do in a civilized world as as opposed to a jungle of predators, I would never harm anyone because I do not want them to harm me (not simplistic here, just rational).

    God is fine for those with that need but there are those of us who have no such need and yet we often have a very high sense of morality. It rather irks our butt to have some suggest otherwise when it is patently not true.

    Bob, the Well, I might be a Deist as Thomas Jefferson was. We accept evolution as the best and most rational explanation of the existence of man but we do think there must be some sort of higher power that organized the cosmos. It is so complex that no other theory can possibly explain it. That is, no theory that we now understand or care to advance. This power most likely has no interest in us and it would be fruitless to occupy ourselves with it or invent weird tales as to what it thinks.

    Please don't pray for me as it always gives me headaches when some does. :rofl:

    Last thought, AA, while I have no doubt profits from the God concept in its ministry, does a disservice to those who do not care to participate in their belief patterns but would prefer to ditch their alcoholism through a more rational means. :thumb:
  4. Roper

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    Golly Bob, did I hit your spiritual funny bone or what? I didn't say God is the only way, I gave you the out of a higher power, which you begrudgingly admit may just possibly exist. Don't worry I won't pray for you, wouldn't want Ya to get a headache. Cheap shots at A/A are just that, cheap, and you say you have higher morals, higher than what? Go have another one... ptyd

    Roper, the Yeah, I still love you Man...BTW, I don't follow a Christian God (read mans dogma applied to a "creator")...stick that in your merlot...
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    Back to my original point. I don't believe that an additional constitutional amendment is required to make handguns illegal. I believe that the second amendment, as written, would allow the congress to pass such legislation. The Supreme Court has not addressed a significant 2nd amendment challenge since the 30's involving a sawed off shotgun.

    I agree that criminals will always be inclined to commit illegal acts. Therefore I believe it would be wise to make it more difficult to for them to arm themselves. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I have not chosen to arm myself. Accordingly, I'm already at a disadvantge. I trust law enforcement to protect my family and I.

    I can't argue with the simplicty of "let god take care of it" however. I see that I'm out of my league here, and I'll step back. Hopefully this won't involve another parting of the Red Sea as I imagine that would have a negative impact on fish populations.
  6. Roper

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    Calvin, I understand your original point. It's the implementation that fails. So we pass a law making hanguns illegal. Will that stop anyone from shooting someone with a handgun? No.

    If you're relying on law enforcement, I'm sorry. They only show up when someone's already shot.

    So what will stop people from shooting each other? Not laws, because it hasn't worked so far and won't.

    "Let God take care of it"? You missed my point. PEOPLE need to take care of it. Each of us has to become spiritual (not go to church necessarily) and believe that shooting someone is wrong. Then we need to live our beliefs. It's about values and responsibility not more laws. That way the Red Sea fish will be safe too... ;)

    You chose not to arm yourself, that's a damned good start, pass it on to your kids if you have any. :thumb:

    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    Word, Roper. iagree

    But there are good guns and bad guns. Bad guns kill unprovoked and the holder of a such a weapon shoot be shot before they harm someone. Good guns are defensive weapons and will only fire when provoked.

    Telling our friend to disarm is to reduce the number of good guns, thus making it easier for the bad guns to prevail.

    This is why I believe all women should be heavily armed--to level the playing field a bit. If every rapist had his balls shot off, the problem would resolve itself quickly. Women would know the same freedom that men to do--that is to walk about on the planet with little fear of being jumped, raped, beaten then murdered by a more powerful human. Those guys need a hole right in the middle of their heart. His gun should be cleaned, lightly oiled and presented as a good gun to a needy woman.

    Bob, the Just trying to save money, that's all. :rofl:
  8. Bob Triggs

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    Roper: Methinks it's a case of "stinkin thinkin".
  9. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    You may be on to something... ;)

    Re-reading much of this post has shown me how complicated our society has become. Diverse is another adjective that comes to mind. Not that I would want us to all be good little carbon copies of each other, but we vary so widely across the board on what I had hoped was a simple subject. Aggression is wrong ( too bad GW can't see that), no matter what form it takes, assault, rape, shooting, war, it's all wrong. And all the laws in the world won't make it right. They should, however, make sure the offenders are brought to justice swiftly and with finality. The actions of a few should not penalize the freedoms of the rest. And I'm done with this post... :ray1:

  10. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    Not so fast Roper!

    Couldn't some forms of "justice with swiftness and finality" be seen as acts of "aggression" as well?
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    Hmmm,can't agree with that little tidbit more actually,walking proof could be found writing this reply.darn it.

    a cent and 1/2 worth of opinion is all

    davy, ditch the guilt.