NFR: 58,000 ballots missing in Florida

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Oct 27, 2004.

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    Why would terrorists disrupt the election when we're doing such a good job ourselves?

    Fla. County Says Absentee Ballots Missing

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - Up to 58,000 absentee ballots may never have reached the Broward County voters who requested them more than two weeks ago, election officials said, and state police are investigating.

    Hundreds of people have called the county elections office to complain that they never got their ballots. The phone system was so overwhelmed some frustrated voters could not get through.

    The county election office said the problem involved ballots mailed on Oct. 7-8, though the number of those actually missing was uncertain. Some absentee ballots mailed on those dates have already been returned to be counted.

    ``We are trying to determine what occurred and whether there was any kind of criminal violation,'' said Paige Patterson-Hughes, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    The county blamed the U.S. Postal Service. ``That is something beyond our control,'' Deputy Supervisor of Elections Gisela Salas said. ``We really have no idea what's going on.''

    Postal officials said the post office was not to blame.

    ``We have employees that we assign to handle the absentee ballots that come in,'' said Enola C. Rice, a Postal Service spokeswoman in South Florida. ``So all the absentee ballots that are received by the Postal Service are processed and delivered immediately.''

    Absentee voters who did not receive a ballot can request another, which officials said would be sent by overnight mail.

    In 2000, Broward gave Democrat Al Gore his biggest margin among Florida counties. He received 67 percent of the vote there, while losing the state to George W. Bush by just 537 votes.

    10/27/04 16:26

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    this is why i changed from absentee to the real deal. as long as they get them though and as long as they get counted THIS TIME. -ryan
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    What the hell is going on in that state? Unbelievable.
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    Civil war

    Remember Jeb, George's brother, the son of the former president, is governnor of Florida.
    Remember the Supreme Court is still Bush loaded.
    Remember that all the really big money is behind George...

    And you still think we have a chance?

    Well. I do. I'm getting vibes from everywhere and they are all positive. I had to go to the today and every vet was for Kerry, no exceptions. The hospital personnel was for Kerry. Teachers are all for Kerry.
    The jobless want Bush's throat.
    WE have a chance. Everyone must vote even if the lines have been rigged to a three hour plus wait. We must win this. Our country is on the line.

    Bob, the Well, you might say I lean a little toward the Democrats. My fishing is at stake here afterall :thumb:
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    the problem is we cant win even when we do win. i see how it works now though, i think we have enough democrats in the right positions in O-town, maybe we just wont count the heavily republican counties this time around, or miscount them, either way will work. then sue to stop a recount. its sick really.
  6. Cactus Dana Miller

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    Let's see:

    Democratic County
    Democratic Election Officials
    Democratic Postal Union Employees

    Yet somehow it's Bush's fault about the ballots! :rolleyes:

    How is the Supreme Court Bush loaded? He hasn't appointed a single member. There are two Clinton appointees, so I guess it must be Clinton stacked, right?

    And by the way, the BIG money is behind Kerry! He has raised more than Bush. Bill Gates is a Democrat. George Soros has given over a billion to various organizations just to defeat Bush. Sorry, but that "poor Democrats", "rich Republicans" spiel just won't work any longer.
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    Who is this "we", Bob? You gotta mouse in your pocket? I've always found your conspiracy theories amusing, but this one takes the cake. I'd wager that right now there's a helluva lot more lawyers in Florida on the DNC's payroll than Jeb's.
  8. Nick Andrews New Member

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    Dead Wrong

    People can bitch all you want about who is at fault, but if you want to make sure your vote counts I suggest voting absentee and dropping your ballots off at the clerks office to make sure it gets there. After that you just have to put what little faith we have in the system.
    And by the way Cactus you are dead wrong, all the final election decision made in Florida election in 2000 were not made by democrats, but were made by the Secretary of State of Florida Katherine Harris who is a republican. Who over ruled those democrats that you claim were in charge. So before you run your month on things you know every little about I would do some research.
  9. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    Bob -- isn't GW a fisherman? I wonder if Kerry is? Though I heard Kerry was recently out pretending to hunt so he could scare up some votes in the Great Lakes region.

    Cthulhu for President - don't settle for the lesser evil.
  10. ChrisC Member

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    Ironic that Cheney was slamming Kerry on the Ohio hunt when Cheney himself apparently is a fan of canned hunts.

    Kind of like releasing a ton of hatchery raised trout in your favorite river and calling it "fishing".
  11. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    I know! Those steelheaders sure think they are the sh*t!
  12. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    Don't worry Kerry is very good a pretending to have done just about everything and remembered with clarity being in places and saying things and seeing things that never actually happened. So putting on some Orvis waders and posing as though he were a "regular guy" won't slow'm down any.

    Any gun owners/hunters out there who fell for that little photo op pandering, should just go ahead and turn in their weapons now, instead of later.

    Some DNC Bumper Stickers
    "Vote for Kerry, for a Stronger Socialist America."
    "If it's good enough for France it's good enough for Kerry"
    "If you don't like Kerry then you're a Liar!"
    "Kerry, Kerry, He's Our Man! Islama-Facists Love His Plan!"

    PS: If it wasn't for Harris and the Supreme Court we'd still be waiting for the results of the last election, while the "chad counters" would still be looking through their magnafying glasses and the DNC lawyers were still filing suits.

    But not to worry, they'll be at it again, in fact the DNC play book suggest's Demo voters go ahead and claim voter fraud, as a tatic, even if there isn't any this year. So who are the real election thieves?

  13. bhudda heffe'

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    bush on fish

    if anyone has -on demand tv- the sports section has a special w/ george bush fishing with roland martin, funny sheeyt. look on the field and stream section. B
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    Not aimed at you bhudda

    Aren't there plenty of other forums for this bipartisan bullshit?

    It is a bit late to try to change someones mind at this point isn't it?
  15. clockwork New Member

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    i doubt cheney was faking his dove hunt. probably as far afield as he's ever gotten. and i dont you love Bush's hick outdoorsman image? what BS, he's a Rich B**** legacy and basically from MA.

    take 4 years to count ballots?? thats a nice excuse for those who dont want the truth of the election settled. anyone who files suit to stop a procedure designed to CORRECTLY count legit ballots, R or D, doesn't deserve to run for white house custodian let alone pres. and all this proud to be an american BS he claims to possess. how quickly everyone forgets the foundations of this democracy when there is a conflict of interest.

    lets get past his blunders in foreign policy for a moment(for arguments sake) I ask Bush supporters what they like about his domestic policy. some will do a quick research and defend him but i doubt more than a handful could answer the question off hand. sadly, i think most of his support comes from the fact that to many americans, american pride means america flexing it's muscle. the war probably strengthened his support among his followers. and creating fear in the eyes of the ignorant-ryan
  16. aaron j Member

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    "We got a sayin' out heer in Texass...fool me once, shame on me. Fool me agin, uh, I ain't capable of bein' fooled, or uh...y'all know what I mean!"

    That's all the mudslinging I'm going to do. I'll just be glad when all the b@&*$%!t is over and hope the right person will be elected so we can get our country and the world on the right track. I am so tired of all the political rhetoric I could just puke. Can't we all just get along and go fishing?

    Happiness is a tight line...and a clear choice.
  17. TomB Active Member

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    i dont give a damn whose fault it is not acceptable...maybe we need an independent federal or international administrator of elections. I REFUSE to have the Supreme Court select my president again.
  18. Denny Wagenman Active Member

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    It is to bad that politics has to be discussed in this site.
  19. Kalm Member

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    I'd have to agree with George Carlin when he described Bush as an awkward combination of Ivy League elitist and the great american cowboy myth - neither of which he pulls off with any credibility.

    And I am glad to see a little politics being discussed again on my favorite site. I was beginning to think you guys had all gone soft on me. My one admonition would be to not take anyone's opinions too seriously - especially your own!

    As for those who complain about this topic being inapproriate, the label NFR and tag line should have frightened you away. Could you not contain your voyeuristic tendencies, and just had to keep reading anyway? DON'T READ NFR POSTS!
  20. Philster New Member

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    I'm not taking either side other than to say that the only solution to all this is opposed to death by the Dems. NATIONAL PHOTO IDENTITY CARD with so called BIO-METRICS!!!! You want to vote, go to school, get a drivers license, get first tier medical attention (even bad county run emergency room care is first tier compared to lots of other places I've been in the world), get a student loan, buy a gun? No problem. Let's see the card. Don't have a card? Get one. Can't get one? Well then we have a problem which goes beyond you not having a card sparky! And for those who think this is harsh, draconian, evil right wing conspiracy stuff, grow up. You go in with some paper, get your picture took, get anally probed, it's over and you have your card. Does anyone complain about their social security number. What!!! The government thinks of me as a number, and tracks my financial and work history!!! AAAAAAAAAGH! The brown shirts are here!!!!!!!

    In this day and age of identify theft, illegal immigration, terrorism, etc., i'd like someone to tell me how proving who you are before you are allowed to play the game is eroding your civil rights. Cripes, we're going to be flying naked soon and the only carry on allowed is what you're going to be able attach to your nipple rings... And those nipple rings bette be plastic or you'll have to leave them at the gate! Those without nipples are already preparing their lawsuits I understand... ;)