NFR: And now wolves in the Teanaway drainage

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  1. Very cool.
  2. They should start puppy mills that pump out packs of wolves instead of letting this nature bullshit happen.

  3. 'cept that wolves are apex predators, and salmon are not.
  4. That's kinda like saying birds fly and snakes don't...what's the point?
  5. wait till you see the impact on the elk herds, this should be interesting
  6. I see a lot of you guys , west side urban dwellers, don't spend too much time out in the wilderness areas in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The wolves have decimated the many of the herds or elk, deer and especially the moose over there. I fish and hike a lot in the Clearwater in Idaho and Lolo in Montana and NW WY and the elk and deer pops are way down from there because of the re-introduction of the wolves and the banning of hunting of wolves. I talked to Game Officer there last year in the Clearwater, ID by Kelly Creek and he said he found over 80 deer, moose and elk carcasses in the Spring killed by wolves. None were eaten just killed.

    Where I used to hunt elk in Montana the same thing.

    The RMEF oppose re-intro of wolves:

    Idaho and Montana are thinking on cutting way back on issue of elk and deer moose licenses because of the wolf impact on populations

    Why bring them back to Washington?

    If you want to bring back the wolf allow hunting seasons to control their numbers

    Guess it would very cool to shut down salmon and steelhead seasons in Washington and start a re-intro of smallmouth bass and pike minnows.
    Yeh I know smallmouths are not native just like the Canadian Gray wolf.
  7. Many on here would love to see the elk, deer, moose numbers reduced and all hunting banned
  8. And yet, these are the same people that will go out and bury a hook into a fish's face and laugh and smile ear to ear at that fishes agony and fear for its life... makes tons of sense. Not saying that I don't love to fish, but to say one is better than the other or more sporting or more, dare I say, humane, is ludicrous.
  9. You got it!

    But if you drive a Prius or Subaru and swing with a Burkheimer spey rod it is much kewler and ok to do this
  10. who?

    name some names if there are so many.

    don't want to get in the way of some good urban bashing, but when you state there are "many" anti-hunters on this site i just haven't seen it. i just cannot remember threads with people wanting to ban deer, elk, or moose hunting.
  11. That's a lot of dead deer, moose, and elk not eaten. I'm having a hard time believing that. You mean wolves hunt for the pleasure of the kill?... like men?
  12. That dude was lying his ass off...Sounds like he was trying to make a case to start killing them off.
  13. As a dual sport guy, this is not good. I love to fly fish and bow hunt for the same reasons. Both take skill, knowledge, a lot of practice, and knowing your quarry. Wolves were exterminated (or close to it) for a reason....they are too efficient. If humans weren't here it may balance out, but we are. There is simply not enough space or resources for both. This newest pack is really close to my elk camp and now they not only threaten my hunting, but potentially my safety. I love animals, but don't understand re-introducing this one! If some of the above is true about some people that fish are opposed to people that hunt, that is sad to the point of ridiculous.
  14. Do not know why a sworn law enforcement officer would have a motive make up stories to kill wolves? But am sure living in the remote and dangerous wilds of Kent Washington you have had many experiences over the with wolves and grizzly bears. And from first hand experience, hiking many miles in remote wolf territories in ID, Wy and MT I have seen dozens of calf moose, elk, deer with just the haunches eaten or the entrails pulled out and left and wolf tracks and scat in the area.

    Maybe aliens are doing this?

    Maybe intro a couple hundred of wolves to King County would be super kewl?
  15. I don't see how your arguments apply to the newly discovered pack.
    The Teanaway pack was not formed via human "re-introduction".

    As far as I know, these "Canadian" gray wolves are the same sub-species as the wolves that used to wander the Cascades.
    IMO you can't compare fish (especially non-native spiny-rays) to wolves due to their natural travel and straying habits, wolves (obviously) don't give a shit about political boundaries.
  16. Why does this have to be hunters vs. non argument? I am all for hunting, fishing and predators (i must admit im new to hunting but have enjoyed every min of it so far). There is a balance to everything and i am excited for wolves to be back in the cascades. I love watching elk and deer as they brose and graze but to be honest there are tons of them. Bringing wolves back will make hunting more difficult because it will reduce the ungulate populations and with the return of an apex predator to the ecosystem they will also be much more wary than they currently are. Wolves can really do a number on elk and deer populations and wolf populations tend to mirror the populations size of their prey. In a natural system they will kill many deer and elk which will allow wolf populations to increase until it becomes difficult to find prey and then their populations will crash, then the elk and deer populations will increase in lean wolf years until the wolves increase.... on an on it will go. Thats why it is important for management of both elk, deer and wolves if we want to have relatively stable populations. Anti-wolf crowd: if wolves re-establish themselves here then they will remain here. Dont think we will ever see a purposeful eradication of a top predator ever again so you should just push for management. Pro-Wolf Crowd: Congrats they are back! it’s doubtful any hunting of wolves will happen for years but eventually there will be some kind of management so get over it. Bottom line is wolves, deer, elk, bears, possum, squirrels etc. are awesome. Together they make our national forests mysterious, wild and unknown. Wolves will make hunting more difficult; more hiking, patience, work ect. but if you love hunting and are a true outdoorsmen you will still find your opportunities and sometime in the future you will be able to hunt a whole new species: wolves. This is gonna be a hot topic but in the end everyone is going to have to compromise.

    -Connor Parrish
  17. Vermin.
    Interesting to read the comments on the linked article. A guy making a quick kill with a bullet is bad. Wolves ripping a deer apart while it's still alive is wonderful. There's a real difference between people who observe nature and people who participate in it.
    F wolves.
  18. Some of you guys have a screw loose.

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