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  1. people seem to have forgotten that the deer elk and moose survived for thousands and thousands of years just fine before we came along and "saved" them from the big bad wolf. I have a lot of experience with wolves at my familys ranch in the BC wilderness, we have a huge wolf population, but the thing is, somehow we still have tons of moose and deer ( elk dont live in our area), true the wolves do take a fair amount of game, but if thats the way mother nature works then so be it. ITS ABSOLUTELY INSANE TO DRIVE A SPECIES TO LOCALIZED EXTINCTION SO WE HAVE MORE ANIMALS TO SHOOT. I love hunting moose, deer, grouse and geese but i also appreciate being a place wild enough to support a fully functioning ecosystem
  2. I agree with the Derek and Professori...these wolves are not the product of some obtuse re-introduction act, they have obviously migrated. The fact is that there are plenty of remote, rarely traveled, wilderness areas in Washington that have historically, and should, support populations of Wolves and Grizzly. Although I have never seen a Wolf or a Grizzly I have been backpacking in many areas of WA and found signs (scat, etc.) of both of these creatures. There is no reason that they should be eraticated a second time, especially when their prescence is due to a natural search for new territory and food. I don't feel threatened by these animals, these pictures only confirm what many of us have been 98.3% positive of all along. Grizzlies and Wolves in the N. Cascades, now all we need is for the Californians and E. Coasters to say "to hell with this place, Grizzlies, Wolves, and Traffic! We better take our sprawl elsewhere...hmmm, Idaho? Montana?"
  3. Big difference between the US and Canada. You can shoot wolves in BC and all over Canada and can at least control populations up there. It is encouraged by all the hunt outfitters up there. You cannot shoot wolves in the US. ID introduced a short season but was shut down early last year. They are attempting the same again . It is against the law to kill wolves in WA, OR, WY, WI, MI and Montana.

    Ban the hunting of wolves in Canada and see how it works
  4. Well, I really don't have a clue as to what you are saying. Are you saying that the attached shows that these re introduced wolves are genetically altered? Because I am not seeing it.

    If you are saying that wolves are dogs and dogs are wolves then how can they genetically differentiate them as pointed out? It just proves that they have different origins.
  5. id also like to make the point that i do agree with wolf management, if we hunt the prey we should control the predator (humans included) however i have always said that i would like to see wolf managment done by trappers instead of hunters, as far as i know most wolf hunters dont eat the wolf, just skin it and let it hang on the wall or rot in the bush, if it was a trapping thing then we get the same managment and somebody gets to make a living, however i dont think washington is in a position yet where we can start killing wolves. As for the claims of not killing the weak, my experience in canada has been that they kill the easy prey first, when thats gone they go for the healthier game. When it comes to occasional killing sprees, which did happen up where i am about 3 years ago, we had a perfect storm of deep snow with a crust on it, the predators ran on top and the deer broke through, predators are hard wired to kill and not pass up on an easy opportunity, most of us should now this from fishing, so, we presented with an easy opportunity for a kill, whether they need to or not, they will take that oppoturnity to do so, whether it is a trout or wolf, they are hard wired to kill, their survival in leaner times depends on it. In our case the wolves (they had a particularly large pack that winter) went on a killing spree, as did the coyotes, cougars, bobcats lynx, fox, all predators did. But then a curious thing happened, the next few years, the predator population plumeted, and the deer and moose population is currently exploding, at this point the local WANT the predator populations to explode again to to get rid of all these damn deer getting hit my logging trucks and eating my garden. As of yet the predators have not caught up with the herbivores yet, but i assume that in a few years they will and cycle will repeat, that's nature.
  6. we tried shooting and trapping wolves during that winter to, many were killed but a few pissed off ranchers wasn't really doing much for predator control, that and everybody focused on the wolves and totally ignored the packs of coyotes killing deer in the hay fields and the and the huge amounts of deer being killed by cougars. When the snow gets deep and and theres a crust on it, coyotes and lynx become big time deer killers.
  7. cool, just as with wild anadramous fish, we need to stand back and let the natural balance of things work itself out. wolf hunting is stupid, thanks congress for taking over game management. the only ones who will complain are the ranchers who want to continue overgrazing our land for next to no fee.
  8. I've read about a pack in the norther area of Yellowstone that is known to go after Bison for the kill leaving most of the carcass. Dogs are smart and when they pack up its like a gang, that's why they say "pack mentality".
  9. Should let it go back to the way it was before man came. Lets stop stocking steelhead, salmon and shut down the recreational fishing season permanently for these species. ( The tribes can still net of course). Stop the pike minnow program. Stop the fishing of all endangered cutthroats and rainbows on rivers in Montana, ID WY, WA. Stop guiding because guiding puts undue stress on these endangered fish.

    Let it all go back to the natural way

    Let's poison and remove all of the of non native invasive species like brown trout, pheasants and chukar too while we're at it.

    The natural balance will work things out

  10. me first, me first, me first...........................................
  11. FYI, we have 6.6 million people here in a state that's something like 1/5 the size of B.C. With the habitat loss, roadkill, and hunting, this isn't the same ecosystem where deer, elk, and wolves all lived together for thousands of years.

  12. As stupid as you are trying to make it sound, you are actually dead on. Remove mankind as an immensely over populated predator and nature wouldn't miss us in the least and would return to a state of equilibrium in no time. Oh, that's right..the natural world is just here for your enjoyment and harvest!
  13. It's sort of like the budget vs. national debt issue in DC: Everyone wants government spending to be cut, as long as it's not the program(s) they depend on.

    "I like wild steelhead because it's fun to fish for them. But don't let wild wolves into my valley because it will ruin my elk hunting and ranching".
  14. Using that logic, who is the pest that deserves to be eradicated??
  15. Check-mate!
  16. Like it or not, the people are here.
  17. Shoot and kill one species so you can better the population of another species that you are going to kill? I'm sick of all the bull trout eating the other fish so people should start killing them. Then we would all have a lot more fish to kill and eat.. Doesn't sound right does it.
  18. iagree
  19. Like it or not, so are the wolves....unless we decide to wipe out another species.

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