NFR: Any Audi owners?

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  1. willisbullard

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    Yeah, forgot the synthetic oil bit, and I always use premium gas too. I have not tested, but studies suggest that if you were to use regular unleaded, you'd lose fuel efficiency, and end up spending more money on regular than premium, over time, due to fuel economy. And, the engines are designed to burn better gas, so they just work better, and save you in the long run.
  2. Steve Unwin

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    I agree, definitely use the right gas!

    A lot of naturally aspirated engines don't really need premium and will run fine without it. Maybe some lost fuel efficiency, so there is some balance there with price vs. efficiency.

    I would not consider running a turbo engine on anything but premium. The computer can compensate for low octane induced knocking by reducing boost and retarding ignition timing, but I think the effiency loss on a turbo engine is going to be higher. Not to mention higher potential for real engine damage due to higher cylinder pressures which is more likely to contribute to knocking compared to a normally aspirated engine.

    92 octane is usually about $0.20/gal more than regular. Even at 20mpg and 15k miles per year, that is only $150 more for premium per year. Skimping on fuel costs for a car that requires premium seems pennywise, pound foolish to me.
  3. Ron Olsen

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    Have a 2001 A4 1.8 turbo quattro. All the above is accurate. Had it chipped so need to run premium fuel. That gave a significant uptick in performance, and added 2-3 mpg. Get 24 in town, and 29-30 highway. Use syn oil, change every 5,000. They do like to eat suspension parts and bearings though replacement costs are not too high. The older 1.8's also like a steady diet of oil. Not unusual to use a quart every 1,000 miles, and Audi will say that is within tolerances. Be sure to get the Bose system, perhaps the best part of the car! They are fun to drive, relatively economical, and importantly, very safe.
  4. Lugan

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    Until recently I owned a 2000 A4 Avant from mile 1 until selling it a year ago. IMHO they are too delicate and expensive to fix if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities with it. I'm glad I have an Outback now. Then again, maybe they are better now.
  5. kurtataltos

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    Late to this thread but, as an ex-Audi owner ("ex" being the operative word)... A brief reply on my Audi A6 Avant: within 38K miles, 5 emission failures, 6 full scale electrical failures, two brake "anomalies", 3 sets of brake pads, rotor changes, leaking rear engine seal, leaking rear end, leaking transmission, failing lights, constant engine check light and failing turn signals...and that's just the beginning. The worst part is that when I went to Audi USA to seek a resolution they told me to shove it. Not quite word for word but damn close to it. They wouldn't buy the vehicle back at anything other than low blue book even if it was applied to a new Audi. Rude, abusive, caustic customer "care".

    The car was dealer maintained, very comfortable, nice fit/finish on the interior, smooth and a reliability nightmare. A true POS. It's one thing when issues arise but its how you handle those issues that makes the difference. I will never, ever own another Audi. Traded it in on a Toyota, used, that I have put on another 87K with ZERO issues.

    Audi can and will screw you if they have the opportunity.
  6. Tacoma Red

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    BMW=Bring My Wallet
  7. Chris Bellows

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    besides the synthetic oil and premium fuel, don't forget the most important part of audi ownership....

    ... driving like an asshole, especially in the snow.;)
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    Opted for a CPO Jetta TDi wagon. So far so good. I am loving 43mpg and the little turbo diesel is one torquey mother.

    If a diesel AWD wagon hits the States I am in. Subaru and VW are both threatening to bring one in for 2015.
  9. IveofIone

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    Red, in the ghetto BMW stands for Break My Window, in the 'burbs it means Big Money Waster!:D
  10. Bradley Miller

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    I concur with the comments re: synthetic oil... it is money well spent. I am an Audi fan, though not an owner. Just google your Audi
    and look for technical service bulletins: they can be very helpful in spotting troublesome 'pattern failures' in most models of all makes.
    I found 48 for the Avant you are looking at. Sorry, not an Audi owner.....just an admirer!
  11. Ben Schraegle

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    Hello. I am a factory rep for VW/Audi. I've been in the business for over 20 years. VW/Audi makes great vehicles however you must follow the scheduled maintenance. If you do that then you can get great service out of the vehicle. German vehicles are awesome however there is a price for the privilege to drive these vehicles. The Audi Quattro system is the best! Good luck with your vehicle.
  12. wannafish

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    Personally I'm done with euro cars - the only thing I'd consider now would be maybe a TDI.

    Maintenance costs are just too high and that coming from a guy who does all of his own wrenching. My Volvo has just too many goofy little issues I'm always chasing around and it seems like most european cars have their quirks and none are cheap. I do agree that they are awesome to drive and if the maintenance cost doesn't bother you, then rock on! Love the sporty ride and comfy interior.

    I personally think a Lexus or Acura is a much more sound luxury car to own. Lexus dealers will actually sell a used Lexus on their lot with up to 250k miles if in good condition! Still expensive dealer maintenance, but really built to last.

    I'm going back to a Toyota - all of them I've had experience with made it to obscenely high mileage with few problems and only basic maintenance!
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  13. Ben Schraegle

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    You make some valid points. Before going to the German side, I was a Toyota rep for many years and still have a TRD Toyota Tacoma truck that rocks! Doesn't drive like an Audi but then its a truck. TDI technology is amazing! Incredible engineering and performance! Take care.
  14. Ben Schraegle

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    It also stands for "Bless my Warranty" and when the warranty runs out it means "Bring my Wallet!" No difference though for any German car, you are going to pay to drive that teutonic emblem!
  15. Elephant fly

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    I drive an 03 A6 Avant which I bought new. Once I got through some funky issues on warranty when new, it has been a superb car. At 90k it drives like new and has no problems. The Audi AWD is seamless and grippy.
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  16. Lugan

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    I do miss Quattro. Driving that Audi for 13 years and now a 2013 Outback, I now know that not all AWD systems are equal.

    The "old" Quattro AWD system was absolutely flawless in all conditions. You could feel it subtly apply power differently across all four wheels when it lost traction momentarily. I never ever felt out of control or got stuck even in some pretty challenging situations. That thing didn't even need a lockable differential.

    On the other hand, the Subaru system is a bit more ham-fisted. For example, the Subaru cuts power for a second to the whole drivetrain if it feels slippage, stopping forward progress. It's the one and only flaw in that car that I've found to date. You can lock the differentials with a push of a button, but that's not really useful when you are in the middle of driving.
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  17. Ben Schraegle

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    Appreciate your comments! The older Quattro system was bullet-proof!
  18. KerryS

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    A quart of oil every thousand miles?! Are you kidding? I wouldn't own a car that used that much oil. Hell my 1st car, a 1960 Dodge Pioneer, didn't use that much oil.
  19. Kevin J. Burnham

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    Don't go down this path Brother !! Stay with Toyota !!
  20. steelydan

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    I wish my Toyota Tacoma had the 'problems' I've had with my VW/Audi products.
    Toyota/Lexus is easily the most overrated brand in the auto business.
    I can provide examples, if you'd like.