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  1. I used to drive a worker-driver bus shuttling people to the Bremerton Shipyard from the Shelton area. We had a lot of break-ins at the park and rides. The advise we received was to drive the ugliest car we could find, leave nothing in the car or trunk, remove the coil wire and roll down the windows. My advise to the deputy telling me all this was to get his ass out there more often and catch the low-lifes committing these crimes. Also, if a park and ride says they have survey cameras be very skeptical. Those signs are often a scare tactic and there are no survey cameras on the site.

  2. NOW That is a great stroy
  3. oh geezzz, another thread about car breakins, with of course the usual bravado, and chest thumping, telling everybody how tough you are, or what you would do if you caught the thief yourself. and of course the name calling, like meth head, meth hillbillies, etc etc. people talk of their rights to use force , even deadly force on petty theives. all this talk about our rights. well what about due process, what about upholding this incredible one of a kind criminal justice system, that sets us apart from those that don't believe in an individuals right not to be harmed, maimed or even killed. these incidents of petty theft, are simply a forced reaction by individuals with a substance abuse desease. they need help not ridicule. if the government would provide more substance abuse prevention, offer legal means with which to aquire and use drugs, rather than forcing these underprivledged to the underground, forcing them to steal, when they could simply be offered medication to combat their desease. i don't blame the afflicted for these thefts, i blame those that are stolen from. the ignorance of parking and leaving your valuables in the open for those with less, to see, and expecting that they would still be there when you return. people should be more cautious. if you are stolen from you should look first at what you did, before you look at what an individual has done to you, who has a desease. a desease with only one cure, a bullet to the face! Did i get ya?
  4. For the record I hope and prey that is sarcasm.

    Just moved by Spokane from Wisconsin. Fished for 5 years there never had one break in, never had a friend have a break in and never heard of a fishing break in. Matter of fact the idea sounds ridiculous and makes me think that I might have made the wrong decision. When people begin to steal at fishing holes even the most stoic individual will snap.

    We have the right to own property and we have a right to preserve that property.

    I tell you this if someone is breaking into my car and I see it, you can be sure that I'll use my rights to preserve "my" property that "I" worked hard to earn.

    I love the state of Washington, but I don't know if I love it enough to get my car broken into 8 times like one previous poster. I'll move back and milk cows if need be, at least my car will be there when I get back.

    Most of these post have taut me a few things, gonna have to start being a little smarter with my gear.
  5. Registration - very good point.

    Removing your registration AND garage door opener (if you have one) is very important; they have your address and access to your home. I take it all with me and it payed off last year up at Flowing Lake. They ripped out my stereo's amp and opened every compartment in my 97' Yukon.

    I am actually considering buying an old truck that I don't care what happens to it to fish out of.

    I swear if I ever catch any bastards these bastards - My name is Mud - Primus fans know what I'm talking about...
  6. What an idiot, blame the victim...
  7. Gearhead, maybe you haven't had anything stolen before, but this is the acceptable way to "cure" a tweaker: Beat the reality into them and THEN give them treatment. Don't tell me its my fault someone broke into my locked car and rummaged through my things and stole things I worked hard to get. I don't care what drugs they are addicted to or using, if your a thief, you get punishment. Period. You honestly believe that I should expect to have my car broken into, and therefore it is my fault if it is? I can tell you without chest thumping or bravado, that if I catch someone breaking into my car, they will get what they deserve. Not a bullet in the head, but something they won't soon forget.

  8. Hey guys, I had the same reaction look at his last sentence.

  9. I am pretty new to this board and usually refrain from posting an opinion about someone elses derogatory post, but you have got to be kidding me on this one gearhead -- what a dickhead! I have dealt with addiction in my family, and if one of my relatives was caught steeling from someone else, I would hope they would get their ass kicked and be thankful they did not get killed. The addiction is not an excuse or alibi, IMHO...
  10. As I have stated before, I am a ex-junkie/tweaker/meth head/shithead..whatever. Most of these posts about break ins are pretty funny, sometimes they get stupid. I strongly agree
    tweakers or bored punks should be held liable for their actions(I was) I have been clean and sober going on 6 1/2 years....I do tend to have a soft spot for junkies and drunks because I know they can recover with help. I guess what bothers me about these posts is when Mr. tough guy starts talking about blowing people away, maiming people, stupid shit like that, now you are down to that guys level. Tweakers are very unpredictable and hard to stop especially when high, most of the time they are carrying a weapon and are stupid enough to use it, not to mention they are very unkempt, and carry the possibility of transferring all kinds of nasties...Is it worth it?.......Follow the advice of the wiser folks on this board, dont keep anything of value in your car, drive a day at a time...keep it simple, stupid

  11. That is so unrealisitic.

    I have plenty of sympathy for those of us with giant issues but this is preposterous: "these incidents of petty theft, are simply a forced reaction by individuals with a substance abuse desease. they need help not ridicule."

    Have you ever tried to "help" a person with substance abuse? It is impossible until they truly want to change.

    Just wait until you get robbed, you won't ever feel the same.

    If only liberalites ran the world, I could get addicted to hard narcotics, do whatever I wanted, and than get all the free help I need!

    *For the record I am a liberal myself but I don't believe in handouts of any kind.
  12. Got a question for you folks with alarm systems that have that flashing interior light (usually red or blue); ever had a break in?
  13. Can't any of you read?? Jason B, Skewy, SGreen, Fish Hunter....

    It was a joke. A rather long winded one, but a joke none the less.

    Gearhead, yes, you got them - hook line and split shot ;)
  14. Guess you got me :rolleyes:
  15. I pretty much read half of it, vomited in my mouth, and assumed the rest was the same.

    And yeah, I can read just fine.
  16. JD,

    My car came with some kind of security system that makes the horn honk. Little decals on the rear windows and small red blinking light on the dash. With all due respect to Ryan F., I'm somewhat doubtful a methhead would bother to notice such deterrence. My car hasn't been broken into, but I think it's mainly luck of the draw, and that I haven't gone fishing on the Cedar.

  17. Salmo,
    Thanks. I have been wedging down between the front seat and shift console of my Rav4 a $1Blink Pop that puts out a pulsing red flash. Wife thinks I’m nuts. So far so good during the late evenings and early mornings.
    But again, I don’t fish the Cedar…
  18. just a couple more for my limit.:) "vomit in my mouth", i liked that", lol. I really hate these sons of bitches, and it's a shame its illegal to bait, and kill them. just my opinion. i don't consider a thief human.
  19. :beathead::beathead::beathead::beathead::beathead:

    I knew it was a joke... :beer2:
  20. I doubt meth-heads are leader shy so if you keep getting break-ins I would recommend tying up a big white ipod looking fly (leave the barbs) and just wait in the shrubs for a good hookset. If the native meth-head takes a big run and might break your line, just incorporate some wingshooting.

    Should be good action because of the fairly large population of native meth-heads. If only they would allow gill-netting...that would wipe-out the problem.

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