NFR: Car break ins

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by cj6530, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Hmmm, what's the size limit? And is there a limit on daily take??:eek::rofl:
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    We shouldn't be forced to drive a crappy car to avoid car break-ins. We need law enforcement that treats property cimes more seriously especially any type of break-in; car or home. If the cops patroled thru the parking areas it woild be a big help. Security cameras would be great but I know that's not gonna happen.
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    My truck is so beat up i'm pretty sure the tweakers will leave me a donation out of sympathy. Pack everything in with you, including your coil wire, and you've done what you can.
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    FYI, came down from fishing Pine/Cedar Lakes up in Bellingham a few days ago to find a break in, about 2 in the afternoon, and it was a sunny afternoon with a dozen cars at the trailhead and a lot of foot traffic.

    Our car was safe, and I was only away about 4 hours, but someone broke out sedan window parked next to us and went thru the glove compartment box and made a mess of the trunk.

    It's too bad, but be careful what you leave behind in your car, even at popular places like this.

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    My 2000 Ford Ranger was broken into here in Missoula a few weeks back. Fortunately I had just removed a ross reel from the cab a few days earlier. In Bozeman, I didn't even lock my car half of the time...