NFR: Computer guys: Why should I/shouldn't I buy a Samsung Chromebook?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. I need a simple easy to use laptop for little more than surfing the net and email functions. The reports on the Chromebook are overwhelmingly positive and the price is certainly right. I would like it to support Picassa for my digital photos as well but haven't seen anywhere that it supports Picassa.

    I understand that it comes with no bloatware also and that is a huge plus for those of us who are computer challenged. I have been looking at conventional laptops with Windows 7 but those are fast disappearing in the rear view mirror. Your thoughts?

  2. I've tried out just about every way of doing the portable notebook/tablet thing. Best thing I've found yet is the Microsoft Surface with a Bluetooth keyboard. I can pretty much do anything on it that I can do on my desktop PC, including photo editing. Don't have to wait for any special software versions to install anything, it all just works.

    I think Windows 8 is lightyears ahead of Chrome OS and iOS

  3. Although I dont use Picasa and dont have a chromebook, your post made me curious.

    I agree, looking at release notes for Picasa app download, it only lists Mac Os and Windows OS.
    However, going to the Chrome webstore, Picasa is there:
    Well, this proves if you are running the Chrome browser by Google on your Mac OS or Windows OS computer, you can download the Picasa extension for it.

    It still begs the question if you can work with Picasa from Chrome OS on Chromebook.
    I found this post, which suggests you can still do Picasa from the Chrome OS:

    Chrome OS doesn't locally install apps. Just access your albums directly via the Picasa site:

    I think this means your photos will all be out on the Cloud in your google account, and you can work with them there when you are signed in, without having a Picasa app on your notebook.

    Maybe someone else has more definitive information on these final points.

  4. It will be different from windows, but if you have used the chrome web browser or an android phone you will find plenty that is familiar. I have no specific knowledge, but since picasa is a google property, I think you'll find you can use if you like.

    I'm homeschooling three kids next year (round 2), and will be buying a CB or two for their use.

    I'm pretty OS agnostic (Windows PC, MacBook Pro, Android phone) so I'm not much of a brands guy. I think I'm impartial :)
  5. These youtube videos show uploading photos, and then organizing using Picasa, on a chrome book, accessing picasa through the web browser.



    hope this helps, the videos are a little tedious, but appear to prove that you can access and work with your photos using Picasa on a chrome book.

  6. I am thinking since Chrome is a Google product and so is Picasa, you should have no problems integrating the two. Pull the trigger and never look back, begone Windows and Mac OS.
  7. I've done a deep analysis of Chromebooks for work. Basically, if you do everything and store everything in websites/cloud, it will work for you. You also need to be connected to the internet or it is useless. If you need to use Office or other client apps, you can't do that at all. Bottom line is that Chromebook is Chrome browser and nothing else.
  8. My wife is an IT manager at CWU. She sees and fixes problems with all types of devices. For years she only gives high marks to Apple products. I was surprised that she now really like the Microsoft Surface. It's the only device that a student could use instead of a full laptop or desktop. She's thinks the Chromebook is pretty much a toy.
  9. Adding to this a bit: After using two different Chromebooks extensively, I do think they are fine as secondary devices to just look things up on the web, browse websites, maybe interact on sites like WFF or Facebook. I could see having one sitting in the kitchen ready to look something up on the web, for example. They do go from booting up to connecting to the internet quickly, which is nice. Then again, I have my phone in my pocket, and it does that even faster. The only upside of the Chrombook, then, is bigger screen size than my phone.
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  10. I know that Ive stated he was primarily interested in surfing and email. But since the Chromebook stores everything in the cloud, if he loses power, he's completely cut off from ALL his files - photos, docs, everything. At least with a real laptop you can store files locally and access them even if power or your Internet connection goes down.

  11. You are all talking in different tones. I don't understand any of what was said. Talk about computer dumb, I think I'm at the top of the class.
  12. Ive, How fast is your internet connection?

    My IPAD is designed to be connected to the internet. I love it in Wenatchee with my 100mbps fiber connection.

    We spent this winter in California and Arizona where a high speed internet connection is 1mbps!! I clicked on an update and FIVE AND A HALF HOURS was complete.

    The 3G hotspot on the cell phone was faster than any wi-fi in those states. It was very painful with the IPAD.

    Not sure about the chrome book but does it do a lot of things in background?? At least with a regular laptop you can decide when to push things!!

    I bought a Lenovo E420 because of the pointing stick. I was glad I had it this winter!! The other vital item was an amplifier and external antenna for the IPHONE hot spot. That made a world of difference!!

    If your internet is not at least 3 to 5 mbps and rock steady I would pass on a chrome book.
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  13. If your Chromebook won't be used most of the time where a snappy internet connection is available, then you want something else.

    That being said, I don't own a computer that's worth a shit without an internet connection anyway. I cannot recall the last time I did anything on any device (phone, laptop, desktop) that did not involve the internet. At home or at work. One exception may be practicing music (my music is kep locally on all my cloud music storage for this guy). I do use my phone as a camera and music player, technically those would work without internet.

    All of my devices do have local storage, and I would not give that up to save a few hundred dollars on the cost of the device.

    I'm not suprised to hear IT folks (ful disclosure...I am an IT geek) call the Chromebook a toy. It is :) But if what you do is surf the web and read e-mail, post on bulletin boards and use YouTube and FaceBook....then all you need is a toy. Kind of the same market as "netbook." I would not have any part in deploying Chromebooks or Netbooks at work, but that's not germane to this thread.

    Which brings up another option. You may consider a netbook of some kind (if they are still available). They may have the same pricepoint as a Chromium based device, and have local storage, runs on Windows (local applications if you desire) AND can surf the web and do e-mail. That might be your ticket.
  14. I know someone will take exception, but (after living three years with 3.5Mbps) I'd say 5 is the bare bones min. Hell that's barely enough for some form of HD video.

    I know (especially for a small town) I am lucky, but my phone gets 18-20Mbps. I get 40-50Mbps (some times as bad as 30Mbps) for the domestic interwebs/wifi.

    Sorry. I got nerd all over the forum. I'll clean it up later.

  15. Ivan if you came here to fly fishing geekville and expected a simple answer on a computer purchase I would have been shocked if you got one. I am not shocked. I have purchased 4 laptops in the last two years 3 with windows 10 loved all of them. (Toshibas) Nancy uses Picassa on one of them.
    jesse (not a geek, not even a decent computer user)
  16. My daughter lives in Seattle so her internet connection is slow compared to Wenatchee. I did buy her a $300 netbook about a year and half ago at Costco. It has 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive. Everytime she comes to Wenatchee she does all her downloads. I would buy one of these if they are still available!!

    Ive, are you in Pend O'reille County or Stevens?? We have friends living in Pend O'reille county and they got fiber to their home this spring under the PUD. Don't miss this opportunity!!!! if available!!!

    It appears that you might have 1Gbps internet speeds available to you without moving to central Washington or Kansas.

  17. I was chatting with my wife about this thread. For entertainment purposes (the "toy" category) she would get an ipad, surface RT and chromebook in that order. For a device that's less than a full laptop but will do it all a Surface Pro is the best option. At the $199 price point there's only one decent option - the chromebook.
  18. Say Ive, weren't you just saying that your financial advisor said you should be spending more money? If so, why are you trying to pinch pennies by buying a Chromebook?

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  19. I sure like living in the dark ages. It's fun all by myself.
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  20. Me too, Jim. But the string on my tin can is getting frayed.
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