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  1. As an old Idaho boy, I am very pleased. But no matter who you liked, that was the best finish perhaps in collegiate bowl game history, and the most entertaining 4 hours of football I have seen in years.

    BTW, which came first, the big coaching salary, or the championships? I think they bought the first few...
  2. I just hope that coach stays around there and does not leave. But I guess it would be OK if he was offered the Husky job:thumb:
  3. NFR: David 43-Goliath 42

    Sloan, thank you for the correcting my misunderstanding about how the BCS formula is weighted.

    I'm not trying to provoke an argument here and I'm not sure what you've read to base your opinion of sportswriters on, but personally I've seen damned few articles or stories about college football that defend the BCS formula as the best way to determine a nation champion.

    I believe the longevity of the BCS has more to do with the egos and vested interests of its member conferences, their component schools, and their boosters than with sportswriters. Due to their influence in the way the BCS formula is calculated, writers may have some voice in determining individual school ratings, but in the last analysis it's the BCS itself that decides on rule or formula changes, and ultimately, which teams get invited to their bowl games.

  4. I'm sitting here watching a very boring Orange Bowl and realize just how much last night's game spoiled me.

    This afternoon I got a call from my father in law (a former Boise JC grad, pro football player and coach), sitting in a bar in the Phoenix airport with a few hundred other boosters waiting for the flight back hone. He told me that the WAC's payday from last night's game was $17 million, of which BSU will realize about $3.5 million.

    Unlike OU which will probably use their share to pay another year of Stoops' contract, BSU's windfall will fund another year of football, one in which their recruiting efforts will be much more productive, thanks to last night's victory.

    He hung up suddnly, saying that Ian Johnson and his fiancee had just sat down a couple stools away and he had to go and shake his hand.

  5. NFR: David 43-Goliath 42

    Kent I agree with you that writers want to see a playoff. And I agree 100% that school presidents and other administrators don't want to see that.:thumb: My issue was only that there is too much human influence , with writers and coaches, in the decision as to how teams are currently ranked in teh BCS poll.
    I also agree that this Orange Bowl leaves something to be desired.
  6. NFR: David 43-Goliath 42


    On an unrelated note, Nissan's been running the snot out of a commercial for their new Titan pickup that features a really nasty solo guitar riff. The damned thing's haunting me but I can't for the life of me remember who originally did it. Any ideas?

  7. After the second field goal I turned on Sirius jazz and came in here to tie #18 parachutes. Now I'm enjoying myself. One thing this extended 32 game bowl season has made painfully obvious is that there are not 32 good announcers in all of television. They have ranged from young and sophmoric to old and near comatose with few bright spots in between. But-as Alton Brown would say-that's another show. Ive
  8. Kent,
    That would be Black Sabbath, Ozzie's old group.
  9. Thanks! :thumb:


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