(NFR) Do you carry a gun while fishing?

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  1. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Just quick clarification (atleast from an Idaho Fish & Game officer)....you do not need a CPL if the gun is not concelaed....and I believe this is true for Washington as well.

    Personally...I pack a Springfield XD 40 all the time....I'd rather have it than not. To each his own ;)
  2. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Gosh, this is a hard one to comment on. I know there are a lot of crazies out there and I would hate to tell a guy that he shouldn't protect himself, but I personally don't carry a weapon when I fish local streams. Here are a few reasons why...

    For one, if a guy starts carrying a gun he has to be aware of it at all times. That is a big responsibility, and it sometimes can make one feel more insecure than safe when people are around. That is because anyone, not just you, can grab that thing and use it for the same purpose you want to use it. I wear a top-of-the-line Safariland Level III holster everyday on the job, and I can tell you that during a struggle that gun can still come out. And if some drunk or tweaker disarms you with it, you can bet that he won't use the same judgement as you, a reasonable person. Just knowing that can happen forces me to be aware of it and on guard at all times - and this defeats the purpose of my fishing trip. I go out on the stream to relax, get away and unwind. When I carry a sidearm, I just can't do that. I can't relax the way I want to. I have to be thinking about weapon retention all the time.

    Here's another reason I don't carry on local waters. What I am about say may seem like apples and oranges, but just bare with me and try and see the point I am trying to make. Remember the last few shootings in your area where some unarmed drunk or crazy was killed by police? Now think about what happened after the incident. Were police judgements questioned and second guessed? Was there a criminal investigation? Was there an internal affairs investigation? Was the officer hailed by the public or were his actions scrutinized? Did the officer face a civil suit by the family of the deceased? If we are being fair here, I think we can say "yes" to some, if not all, of the these questions. Now think of it this way. If a public law enforcement official, certified by the state and trained at an approved academy, faces possible criminal or civil charges each time he shoots an unarmed crazy fool, how much more scrutinized will a civilian be for shooting the same fool during a fight on the river? A guy may say to himself, "Well, at least I lived to see another day" - and that's true - but he's just got to keep in mind that its gonna be messy for a long time and its gonna cost a lot of money, perhaps all he's got, before the dust settles.

    If you've read this far, you might be asking yourself, "Okay, I see. But how am I supposed to protect myself if there's trouble?" Well, I'm not going to tell a guy to be a wimp, but sometimes it is better to just bite your lip and walk away. I wasn't creekside with Bhudda on the Cedar, so I am not gonna say what he did was right or wrong. It was his choice. He talked and he had to fight, and hopefully his bumps and bruises weren't in vain. I hope he did send a message to the bastards that dirtied the river that day.

    I'm running out of time so I will just leave you brothers with this last thing. If you do find yourself in a jam on the river, remember this - a sense of humor is the best defense. I am a c#p. I was responding to a domestic disturbance once where a lady called 911 and said that her boyfriend was pointing a gun at her. I was the first one at the apartment complex so I parked at the entrance and started walking around back of one of the buildings to get a visual on the front door of the residence. Well, to my surprise, here comes her boyfriend running around the same back corner with a shotgun in his hand. We almost ran into eachother and he had the draw up on me. At the last second before I thought he was gonna blast me, I laughed with the biggest grin I could muster and said, "Having some troubles with yer old lady are ya?" He smiled along with me, put the shotgun against the wall and we started talking like human beings. He's was eventually arrested and is probably still in prison. Me? I am sitting at home on my computer.

    Be safe.
  3. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Yes, I carry a gun when fishing (a Glock .45, which rides unobtrusively in a shoulder holster during cooler weather, or a soft little belt holster, from which it tends to fall down inside my wader leg during hot weather). Why? Because our society includes the kind of people who appear on "Cops" and Jerry Springer, and it's a matter of random chance when and where one of us will encounter one or more of them. Because the practical application of "rights," as in my right to live (the basic right which encompasses all lesser rights), means having the right to defend it with force.

    A handgun is not an offensive weapon. If you know that you're going to encounter someone dangerously hostile, the proper basic response is to not go there. But it's always possible to find ourselves cornered or outflanked. I agree: retreat and speak softly if possible. Don't stand your ground on principle. John Wayne would have, but he was a role model for another age. Even a creep's life has human value. But yours and mine is worth more.
  4. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    First, I legally carry a gun on me about 90% of the time because of my profession (read between the lines). But, I did not not always carried it while fishing until an incident last August at a small Bellingham lake. Two other co-workers and I were fishing late into the evening. We all worked together and none of us had our "friend" with us. Well these two shady looking dudes approached us and one of them made some small talk about fishing. Niether of them had rods or gear. I responded to the one doing the talking but he did not not seem to be interested in fishing. The other knucklehead kept his hands in his pocket and walked back towrds the road where I had parked my truck. Keep in mind it was now dark. Something did not feel right about this situation. I made eye contact with my friends and we all had the same feeling. Not knowing what the other one was doing we packed up and started to leave. Man I was nervous. The talkative one seemed to be trying to distract us. We finally saw the other one a few yards from my truck. We drove off and so did they. I have no doubt in my mind, and due to my training and experience, they two were plannig to rob someone or prowl the truck. I don't think they expected three physically fit over six feet tall men to be there. I was the biggest at 230lbs. The whole sitiuation was eerie. We all wished we had our "friends" with us.

    The law in the state of Washington does allow someone to use "reasonable" to protect themselves. Of course reasonable is interpreted in alot of different ways. What Pwoens said about WA allowing someone to carry a pistol on your hip without a CWP is true. However, if you do that, you only invite trouble-not only from some concerned citizen but some crazy could challange you and want trouble because you are wearing a gun. Plus, if I was to see you with a gun starpped to your hip during the course of my official duties, I might be inclined to talk with you about it (read between the lines). Sometimes displaying a gun, whether it's holstered or pointed at someone, is not always a deterent, but could open a bigger can of worms.

    Do not get dismayed about carrying weapons on your outings. If you do carry a gun, you need to be level headed and like someone else mentioned, it's better to walk away if you have the oppurtunity. But, do not hesitate to defended you life and the life of your friends and family if neccessary.
  5. Do you carry a gun while fishing?


  6. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Wow, would never have guessed so many are packing heat.

    I don't carry a gun, never even thought about it. If a bear or cougar comes to get me, it's my time unless I can run really fast that day. I suppose I see a gun as more of a risk than not having one.
  7. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Yes. Ever since I heard of a guy on the EFL walking up to fly fishermen, poking a pistol of his own in their faces and demanding their rod, reel and wallet. A Kimber 3.5" fits perfectly in the pocket in my waders.
  8. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    A lot of interesting comments. A gun is not the answer to every questoin or problem, but it can provide some moral support and a final option. Just don't let it swell your head to the point you think you have the ultimate solution to every porblem. Common sense is still the best answer most of the time. To answer the questioin, yes I carry a stainless steel 3inch .358 mag. It rides in a concealed carry rig that is pretty easy to get to. I have had to show the grip one time in over 20 years. The problem was sober enough to realize what it was and changed his mind. It has been used on a few critters over the years, a few rattle snakes and a cyote or two, as well as plinked a few cans on a hot summer afternoon during a break from fishing.
  9. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Always. I travel light on the water so I leave the Glock at home and tuck a S&W .38 in the chest pocket of my waders. It’s not much but it’s convenient. Through work I get to see some of the people you wouldn’t want to meet anywhere. There are plenty of them out there.
    For carry in a vest pocket I'd stick with a revolver. Too much lint, dirt, sand, and other miscellaneous junk in pockets for an auto. I also don’t see much use for a .380 now that many 9’s come in the same size package.
  10. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Hopefully I'm in the silent minority when I say I don't carry a gun and wont carry one, and I'd hope that no one else does, nothing good can come out of an encouter where a gun is involved. I'm of the mindset that I can communicate with other humans and avoid a situation where a gun would be necessary.

    As for defending myself from wildlife, I think the chances of me falling in and dying are a lot higher then getting jumped by a cougar or bear or something else. I'm just willing to take that risk!
  11. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Thanks Shane, and thanks Ibn, for your sane wisdom. Unfortunately, you appear to be in the minority on this thread. Carrying guns while fly fishing has got to be one of the most preposterous actions I can imagine. What the hell does everyone expect to encounter out there that makes having a handgun so compelling and necessary? Hell, Bhudda himself acknowledged that if he had a handgun during his encounter, it could have been far far worse for him than it was. Do you gunmen also take your handguns to Seahawks and Mariners games? Lord knows, there are plenty of crazies there who are quite willing to press their agendas.

    America is totally out of control when it's flyfishers feel they need to arm themselves.
  12. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    I've noticed that the times I've packed, i've actually been more responsible with my actions. The last thing I want to do it put myself in the position to use it. So I am more quick to de-escalate and walk away. For dealing with poachers and vandals and other jerks - the cell phone and camera are the wise choices. For dealing with the meth head who greats you after dark as you are packing up your gear on a remote road - well, that is up to you how you choose to handle that...

    A comment about the idea of aiming for the knee or warning shots... forget it. If you draw that gun, you should have already made up your mind that the dude needs to die - NOW. The goal is to avoid being in that position... If your brain isn't faster than your finger, you probably shouldn't be packing...

    PS - i don't pack anymore. Mainly for concerns with my kids and the logistics of keeping the gun safe and secure. But as they grow older, i'll train them to use guns safely and responsibly .
  13. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Got to agree with that. It's a basic safety rule that you should never point a gun at anything you don't intend to KILL. Shooting somebody in the knee is a guaranteed trip to the slammer because they obviously weren't that big of a threat.
  14. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    I won't carry a gun fishing. Maybe someday, but I have never felt it necessary. So what if I hear about somebody being robbed at gunpoint by suprise while fishing. If I had a gun on me, what good would it do if he caught me by suprise anyways? And if I'm not caught by supprise, but fall under the whim of tweakers, then so be it! What are the odds of facing such a situation anyways? Precautions are important to take, but I don't think a device of somekind is necessary for every possible encounter we might face.

    I know some people who carry guns everywhere they go, and I'm fine with that... I just don't share there passion for protecting themselves. I find security in other ways. If I was in Bhuda's shoes, I don't think I would have pulled a gun on Bubba even if I had one. If it's a fist fight, then keep it that way. I'm not going to pull a gun to get myself out of a fist fight, because for one he doesn't need to die over it, and two I may be unwittingly inviting Bubba to do the same.

    I agree that times seem strange, but that's why I fish, to get away from the maddening crowd.

  15. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Well said, Des. Somethings just are worth killing and dying over and there really is no defense against someone who intentionally plans to kill you and has the surprise element which is why serial killers are so effective. If you want to pack a weapon then fine, but it isn't for me.

  16. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    Have to say no to the gun question. I think my chances of being hurt by a crazy go up if I am carrying a weapon.
  17. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    It's too easy to turn around if something doesn't feel right.

    My house, that's a different story... ;)
  18. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    I carry one all day (or night) at work but not while fishing. Although I do usually carry one everywhere else I go. I strongly believe that everyone that can legally own a firearm should. Law Enforcement is reactive and there may come a time when you have no other option but to defend yourself or loved ones. If you end up in that situation and you haven't taken advantage of your right to carry/own you become what some trainers refer to as a "sheeple", at the will of others. Certainly if you cannot mentally get your mind around using deadly force and you pull out a gun it's probably going to be taken away and used against you. Predators (two legged kind) can sense weakness and sniff out a bluff very quickly.

    All that being said, using a firearm is an absolute last option. On my own time I view using a firearm as an option only when the badguy won't allow me to retreat and get my family to safety. At work it's a little different. There is a VAST amount of resources out there on training and legal preperation. I saw a quote somewhere "it's the singer not the song". Meaning a gun is simply a tool, utlimately it comes down to good decision making by the person who is holding it. I think that is best summed up "discretion is the better part of valor". Everyone has to of course make there own decision but I know I will not act brash, very wisely choose my battles, and will never be a sheeple.

    OK, off my soap box :D
  19. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    I'm kinda new to the board and this is my first post. I've been enjoying the forum for a while now. IMHO I find it scary that one would need to pack a sidearm fishing. I recently returned from Iraq and it was customary to pack some grenades, an AT-4, pistola, rifle and everything else I could carry , but thought that I'd left all that stuff behind when I retired from the Marines and came back to the good ole USA. Figure my feet are the best option as I can still run a sub seven minute mile.. :beer1:
  20. Do you carry a gun while fishing?

    I pack a Springfield XD .40 cal. with Defensive ammo and 2 mags. I believe that this is the choice you do make to carry a weapon or not, just be sure you know were your rights are and were you stand on actually using the weapon. Don't carry it if your not mentally propared to take a human life. :cool:

    The law is very specific about the use of deadly force. More often then not you need to walk away from the situation, but sometimes there is no choice and you fear for your or your families safety. Or the perp is in the act of commiting a felony. Unfortunately, you can't shot someone for being an asshole otherwise they wouldn't be able to make enough ammo.

    My Please take some defensive handgun training to all that plan on packing. Check out Packing.org for training information or AR15.com for local shooting and training facilities.

    Be careful out there!


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