(NFR) Do you carry a gun while fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by TroutHunterJohn, Jul 16, 2005.

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    let me get this right if they turn there motor off and floated by you and they where not fishing when they went by you. in that case you where in the wrong. and give fly fisherman a bad name. But if the motor was on and the poles where out yes you can yell but it will not matter that's just the way it goes liv with it.
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    That could get real ugly fast. Luckily nothing came of it!!!
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    I'd generally agree, but being on the other side of that scenario before, I'll say it can be effective.
    A couple of years ago while riding my motorcycle, I got home from work around midnight and found two guys peeking in the window of my truck. After a quick Q&A one of the guys reached under his jacket like he either had a shoulder holster on or a weapon in an inside pocket. Luckily I stayed on my bike with the engine running. My only choice was to hit the gas and take off down the street to gain some distance.
    The sheriff's department was quick to respond when they knew I'd gone inside and grabbed my 9mm, not that they did any good.
    That was one of the rare times I didn't have a gun.
  4. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    I'm not a fan of the .380, BUT there are some really nice ones available now at an attractive price. I might even end up with one.
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    You know for some reason when i carry my black hawk 44 mag with 7 inch barrel on my hip when i fish tide water out of tillamook in my drift boat (only when my daughters with me ) everyone is real nice - go figure .
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    If you think you will need a gun , Why do you take your daughters with you ?
  7. Toney My other car is a fly rod.

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    I carry bear spray. For me, it's the ultimate self-defense weapon, why?

    --Easy to carry. I have it in a drink holder pocket on the side of fanny pack.
    --cheap. Maybe $30, compared to a gun.
    --Won't shoot myself in the foot.
    --Will stop anybody and anything at a distance where I'd have to think about shooting someone if I did carry a gun. By stopping anything I include:A bad guys with guns quicker then drawing a gun; Lots of bad buys at the same time, hell, I could take out Seal Team Six with a simple wave of my hand while pressing the spray trigger (have you witnessed the size of the spray pattern from bear spary, it's huge!).
    --All beasts in the woods, including attacking moose, deer, dogs, pigs, and, come to think of it, bears.
    --Cars chasing you. Yes. If a car chases you, point the spray gun out the window. The spray will travel inside the vents of the car behind you.
    --I'm not likely to kill anybody.

    Legal discalaimer: Shooting someone with bear spray has the same legal implications as shooting someone with a gun--you better be certain that you'll win in court when the offender takes you there just to be mean, get money from you on a civil/criminal suit, then find out who you are, then do more damage. When you shoot someone with bear spray, just leave. It's up to you whether you report it or not.
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    i grew up in a law enforcement family and around guns my whole life. taught well by my dad how to respect them and use them, and shown by example that using one for self-defense is virtually always unnecessary even if you are in law enforcement every day of your career. most of the guys i have known who have bought and/or carried have clearly done so for how it makes them feel. the rationale is always about protection, but none of them have ever been in a situation where having a gun would have made a difference or even been the best way out of the scrape. ego sells guns, and it's ego that sells bad decisions too. and i suspect that's why our justice system so frequently finds the "victim" to be more guilty than the perpetrator - because an emotional hijacking drove a stupid decision to use lethal force when there was another, less violent option.

    i'm thankful my dad taught me that a gun is nothing to brag about or feel cool about, and how to respect how much irrevocable destruction they can cause in the blink of an eye - usually in the hands of a fool. i love them like any guy, but most people - even people who own them, have no idea what they are talking about when they boast about what they would do if threatened. too much fucking tv and not enough deep thought about the value of life. i bet there are lots of quieter men here who have defended this country or served in law enforcement in the past and have had the horrific experience of taking the life of another human being. i would be more interested in what they have to say on the matter.
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    Based on conversations with people in Montana and Alaska, I've heard bear spray will NOT stop a pissed off grizzly (or even a pissed off black bear). However, a lot of guys carry it as a a psychological tool to prevent them from running when a bear does a false charge etc...you think you're safe so you don't run. I don't have experience however.
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    I never leave home without my captive bolt pistol.
  11. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    I'm in the same camp as you, and for nearly all of the same reasons (though I hadn't thought of the Dukes of Hazzard-style car chase usage). I've been within an inch of buying a gun over the past decade, but after much thought, I believe carrying a large bear spray with 35' range is, on balance, the right thing for me though I recognize with eyes wide open that it is not a perfect tool.

    In the end, neither a gun nor spray nor any other self-defense mechanism is perfect. That's the core reason why we keep having this discussion on WFF, and why this is one rare time when a dredged-up old thread is actually useful reading. I just miss Coach Duff's color commentary on this topic.
  12. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    Slow down son. Speak more clearly so we can understand you.
  13. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Very nicely stated, dflett. Thanks.

    In more than four decades of pretty sustained recreational activity in the mountains, forests, and streams in the lower 48, I have never experienced, or known anyone who has experienced, a life threatening situation where having a handgun would have provided a solution. Many people want to believe that the probability is more than infinitismally small, in order to justify their ego in carrying a gun in the out doors when they aren't hunting.

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    :clown:personally I think there should be a law that all citizens be required to carry a firearm at all times.:ray1::clown:
  15. PT Physhicist

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    That may be your experience and that of the people you know. I do know of 3 situation where a sidearm was used to de-escalate a situation. Hold onto your own beliefs. It's not us responsible, law abiding citizens who should be having this conversation. It's with the other element who has no regard for the law or it's consequences.

    When I'm crashed in the back of my truck on the end of some logging road the last thing I want to to is disable myself by shooting bear spray from a confined space. Luckily, my dog has been enough to alert those people who wanted to "take my truck" that this wasn't an easy target.

    When I was escorted from public property on the Sauk by a couple guys carrying revolvers, I didn't pull my Glock and escalate the situation. I just let them escort me to my truck and left while apologizing for whatever it was they wanted me to apologize for.

    Carrying has never been taken lightly by anyone who has posted in anyone one of these threads. It's only been made light of by people who think the world is a slice of heaven.
  16. dflett68 Active Member

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    I definitely hear what you're saying PT, and I think we'd all want the option of a firearm if we knew we'd be in a situation where it would be the BEST or ONLY solution. I'm sure you would probably agree that the one real life example you described on the Sauk would not have been one of those situations. As your own excellent judgment on the Sauk illustrate, bringing the gun into the situation would have made it WORSE, and I think that's the point that lots of people here have been making. It's so rare for a gun to be the right option, but it's so common for the mere presence of a gun to lead to disaster.

    And to take what Richard said another step, I would say that the law enforcement people I have known (quite a few, and lifers) spent 20-30 years walking into highest risk/probability circumstances possible for a firearm confrontation without ever pulling the trigger. I would acknowledge that part of the reason for that is the deterrent influence of all parties knowing there are guns about. Still, consider the incredible improbability of ever finding that shooting another human being with a gun is the BEST or ONLY option to save your own life or the life of another while out fishing, and then consider the incredible outpouring of energy for these gun threads whenever they come up. It seems a little out of balance. I've known a lot of guys who are into guns and the truth we all know is that self-defense is frequently (dare I say usually) a smoke-screen for the cool factor and the ego factor. Nothing wrong with thinking they are cool, cause they are. But when it comes to guns there's no such thing as being too realistic IMO.
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    After reading this thread I'm scared to go fishing because I don't carry a gun while fishing as almost everybody else does. I guess I'll have to buy a big ass handgun so I can go fly fishing!!!!
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    I can barely carry a bottle full of water, who the hell wants to carry a gun.......