(NFR) Do you think an 8-weight will handle this??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Guy van Rooyen, Dec 1, 2003.

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    ~Patrick ><>
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    yeah an 8 weight winchester 30/30
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    Being as this is one helluva catfish, I immediately thought back to a magazine article I read one afternooon at a doctor's office or something like that, several years ago. It was Field & Stream or something like that - not National Enquirer!
    It's well known that catfish in the Southeast, perhaps especially in the Mississippi River drainage, can easily exceed 50 and sometimes approach 100 pounds. In fact, an engineer I worked with back in Virginia swore that while scuba diving in deep holes in the New River that he'd seen some "cats" that were almost as big as he was.
    Anyway, this article was about a very unorthodox way of catfishing...
    Seems these good ol' boys would sink 55-gallon drums along deep riverbanks, with the open end facing downstream. Catfish would seek them out and hunker back in the barrel, sheltered and out of the current. Working in threes, one guy would tie something around his waist (a belt, whetever) and dive in, the belt tied to a rope held by the two others. The diver would get to the barrel, and STICK HIS FIST IN. If a catfish was hunkered back there, it would likely clamp down on the guy's arm and then the guy would yank the line with his free hand and the other two would jerk him and the fish out.
    I don't know how many of you have catfished, but even a five-pounder can clamp down on your thumb in a way that will surely get your attention, so I don't doubt that a fifty-pounder could hold on well enough to be dragged out like that. However, how these guys would ever get a volunteer to stick his arm in the mouth of a large catfish - well, I just can't explain that.
    Anyway, I realy did read that, and having lived down South, I really can believe it. Besides, I don't have that kind of imagination...

    Mike :dunno

    Maybe some of my fellow Dixie refugees can corroborate?
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    dude mike....I think someone mixed some wacky tobaccy in that their smoke you had for lunch..LOL Honestly, I believe the story cause hicks and rednecks do some crazy stuff...and no I am not categorizing or calling names or being prejudice or racist or elitist or anything of the nature :b

    I remember reading a story about underwater welders in a river having several encounters with catfish that had mouths big enough to swallow the divers. It also mentioned a 250 lb catfish that was caught and weighed, ect.. Makes me want to go diving in the rivers ;)

    ~Patrick ><>
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    Sure, I'm familiar with this. It's called either noodling or tickling. A lot of guys aren't even as sophisticated as to use the drum, they just tickle their hands around under cut-banks and logs on warm nights.

    An old-timer that I talked to said the scary thing isn't finding a fat catfish under there, it's finding a beaver - or a water snake...

    My dad regales the tales of his father's generation, where the 'old boys' rolled up their shirtsleeves to show scars on their forearms from the fish - one guy had scars on his bicep...

    Maybe just fish tales, but ones I've always endearingly bought in to. And I have seen firsthand fish in midwestern rivers that would be applicable fare to validate the stories...
    You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.
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    Patrick...I confess. I did take some liberties with the story. It was actually only two guys, and they were from eastern Washington.
    Those two dudes from Spokane, I think it was...

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    Discovery channel had a feature on noodlers a couple weeks ag on a show they run called "Worst Jobs" or something along those lines. It was pretty intense watching them skin and break the head off the catfish when they were done. I didn't realize they were that tough to prepare for consumption.

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    For anyone who doesn't know, the Snake has some BIG cats in it! I have heard tales of 50 plus pounders!
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    Thanks for the vindication, y'all!