(NFR) e-85 Fuel..any Body Going Alternative?

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  2. Wife burns B-99 Biodiesel in her 1985 Mercedes 300td wagon.

    Those oil barrons can bite me.

  3. Tyhtetier...where do you buy it at??
    i found out after looking into it that nobody in washington is selling it except military bases...i was apparently mislead?? oregon?

    i would love to try it. how much did you pay per gallon?? i know it's better performance, but worse gas mileage. talked to a guy who will be opening a "green" fuel station in lynnwood sometime in the next year i.e. biodiesel, E85, etc.
    wish i could find it
  4. Thats interesting, i hope they do build one of those stations in Lynnwood, that would be convient. To run E 85 ethanol do you need to buy a separate fuel cell?
  5. Ohh, i thought id share one more thing, another alternative fuel is used cooking oil. All you have to do is strain out all the particles, then it ready to go. Unfortunately, all it works in is diesel powered cars and trucks.
  6. Also with vegetable oil, you need to start your car on diesel or biodiesel to get the engine and tank up to temps high enough to make the oil burnable/ liquid enough to get through the system. Hence two tanks with a manual crossover to the engine. When you are almost to where you are going, switch back over to diesel to clean out the engine, so you can git er going again. Not a bad deal I think. I am thinking about it so I can justify having a big fuel sucking truck... If you have sources, you can get the oil for real cheap or free and the only costs are setup/maintenance, and the diesel used when you arent running the veggie oil. Even if you dont, you can get veggie oil for about the same or less per gallon that diesel goes from restaurant suppliers.

    I dont think you need a separate tank for E85 but I am not sure.
  7. I just bought a diesel VW Jetta and we're burning 99% biodiesel (B-99), getting over 40 mpg, cleaner emissions, and performance is fine, as VWs go. Short story I hear on ethanol is it takes more energy to produce than it provides. Saw a film recently called "who killed the electric car" that shows how the major car companies produced, then quietly buried, production of electric cars because they don't generate the same level of profit as gas models. These cars (called 'EV') absolutely SCREAMED and you plugged them in at night or at a recharge station. Advanced battery technology is already available. Fear was the public would begin to demand them, calling into question all the production capacity for gas-based automobiles, which have far more parts (aka value-added profit), and it would not be simple to convert traditional manufacturing plants to make EVs. Automakers did not want that.
    :beathead: :rofl:
  8. Was up on the Queets late last Fall and Beadhead tooled up in his TDI Beetle, running on B99 biodiesel, and I was impressed. He also said he got 40 mpg, and the emissions from the exhaust smelled like a "freedom fry" cooker.

    The good news I heard on a Aberdeen radio station yesterday morning on my way to do a Coho check on the Satsop was that FEMA gave the final approval to go ahead with construction of a biodiesel plant here in Grays Harbor....when complete it is supposedly going to be the largest biodesel plant in the country.

    I hope my old '88 beater Mazda B2200 pickup (only 25 mpg) with over 200,000 on the odometer holds up for another couple of years, and that even more efficient diesel powered vehicles are available then.
  9. Hi Jim

    Yeah the Beetle is kind of an unconventional fishing rig but the mpg can't be beat. We recently got 52mpg on one tank during a summer road trip to oregon. We are paying about 2.90/gallon for biodiesel- this was true even at the height of the gas crunch last summer when petro diesel was 3.70 or more.

    It certainly helps with todays gas prices unfortunately its my wifes car so I am still usually in my Saab when I tool up to the river- but at 290k miles I am still getting 30mpg.

    Here is what I know about other fuel options: E85 from what I know this is for flex fuel vehicle which GM is a big supporter of. Flex fuel means you can run gas or E85 but finding E85 is next to impossible here in the PNW. Is there really a place in Lynwood?

    Diesel Veggie oil conversions. There are several options, the manual switch as was mentioned or there are kits from germany to run some cars (like old Merecedes) on pure veg oil 100% of the time. I understand they cost about $900 but only work on certain vehicles. The coolest feature is the stuff can be gotten for almost free. My friend gets it delivered to her house by the 55 gallon drum for .30/gal!

    Biodiesel should work on any diesel engine however it is incompatible with natural rubber so it can eat through fuel hoses or engine seals. Few engine manufactureres will warranty their vehicles for Biodiesel use so you are going off of other people's experience. I was really surprised when a fuel line in th eVW started "sweating" (and stinking- cause we had petro diesel in at the time). This was replaced for $50 and was probably due to biodiesel eating away at the line. SO be careful if your using this stuff even on "safe" cars like VW TDI - ours is a 2003.

    We run 50/50 mix in the winter because we have heard biodiesel can gel up. We have had no problems.

    Also new rules went into effect for petro Diesel. It is now available as ultra low sulfur content and this is now required for 2007 model diesel cars. The cost is the same and the emissions are way down. It works well when mixed with biodiesel and in fact biodiesel will help to lubricate the engine better if your running ULS diesel.

    ALso be aware that even if your burning biodiesel in a big rig you are still burning a lot of fuel and that = higher emissions, and you are still pumping out the carbon. It could be your best choice if you HAVE to drive a big rig, but smaller fuel efficient cars are still the way to go if your not moving a lot of stuff or towing a trailer. If you have to tow a drift boat for 2 hours each way, I imagine a veg oil conversion could take the sticker shock out of trip to the Yakima though.

    Now if you'll excuse me my freedom fries are almost done...

  10. Rory...to run e85 ethanol the vehicle has to be built to run it. it is highly corrosive. there are vehicles built for the last few years that are flex fuel capable. my '02 chev truck is flex fuel capable. it is becoming more popular year by year with the manufacturers. all of the fuel system components have to be able to handle e85 or it would just eat up the components.
  11. There is a place in Snohomish that sells the 99biodiesel and a place in Ballard that sell biodiesel too.

    It really sucks that the a$$holes at OPEC are trying to eliminate alternative fuels. Of course during the 70's car manufacturers were making fuel efficient cars and alternative fuels were being investigated because of the gas crunch, but then much the same thing happened and then gas guzzlers made a come back.

    I have read that we will never be able to go 100% biodeisel though because we would never be able to produce enough crops to produce all of the fuel needs. Biodiesel and other vegetable oil fuels are great for the short term, but we really need to develop other technologies like all electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars. Of course the electricity that would be needed for electric cars and for the production of hydrogen would probably increase the amount of polutants from electricity production sites unless we develop better solar power and wind power production.
  12. They Sell E85 At A Couple Of Stations In Oregon. One Is Like Fifteen Minutes (and An 1/8th Tank Of E85) From My House Off Johnson Creek Blvd.

    You Do Have To Have A Specialize Vehicle To Run It. I Dont Know About The Corosive Factor, But It Burns A Hell Of Alot Hotter. It Is About The Same As 110 Octane Fuel.

    We Did Notice On Her First Tank She Got About 80mpg Less (probebly In Part To My Heavy Foot) Running The 85. I Think This Last Tank She Got Maybe 40. There Is A Considerable Amount More Torque And Umphhh. The Engine Tone Is A Little Deeper As Well.

  13. 40 mpg? what model truck is she driving? Also what is the price of E85?
  14. I'm pretty sure he meant 80/40 miles per tank less.
    biodiesel is also available at the grange in issaquah if anyone is interested.
    not sure of the cost of E85, supposed to be significantly cheaper than regular gas. but it makes more horsepower because, like ty said it's like running 110 octane. i believe it's much more oxygenated than regular fuel, which makes it burn faster and hotter.
  15. Yeah It Is 40 Miles Less. When We Filled It Up Last Weekend, It Was $1.31 At This Place. The Same Stations Regular Unleaded Was $1.28 If I Do Recall.

  16. Oh. Her Truck Is A '99 Ford Ranger. 3.0 Li. V6. No Bolt On's, Just Bone Stock. It Is A Fast Truck...for A Ford.
  17. $1.28 a gallon for regular unleaded :eek:

  18. Ty...is it a flex fuel rig??
  19. do you mean $2.28/gallon for reg.??
    i hope so
  20. Ethanol has less engery than gasoline, so typically E-85 cars running E-85 get about 20-30% fuel mileage than the same car on gas. With the new technology in refining the cost of the ethanol is going down.

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