(NFR) e-85 Fuel..any Body Going Alternative?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tythetier, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Yeah, The Regular At The Station We Buy E85 Sells Regular For 2.28.

    Yep. The Ranger Is A Flex Fuel.

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    Speaking of...had my first issue with bio today...22 degrees this morning on the E side, fired up the TDI on b99 and it drove 3/4 mile before it quit. Too cold for the bio today. Interestingly it ran the last couple weeks just fine when morning temps were around freezing but not below 28. I have a bunch of Bio in the barn and it looked a lot like mayo this morning, so I'm pretty sure that's what my gastank/fuelfilter/fuel pump looked like.

    I was pretty late for work, had to run (and I hate jogging) back home, fire up the dino eater, and tow tdi back home. Time to thin out the bio. By the way, you guys are stoked on the wetside with 2.90 bio. We pay around 3.20 for b99.

    Pretty sweet how Pacific Pride has quietly taken on Biodiesel. There are about 5 stations that have it now between Wenatchee, Ellensburg and Spokane and Montana. If you drive a diesel it is worth it to join (free but involves credit check), their stations are all over the PNW, and inland too. They have a map online to show you which ones have it.
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    I've encountered the sludgy diesel phenom before. I was working on a Roll-on/Roll-off ship docked at Newport News, VA. It was January, and any water on deck was ice. The diesel forktrucks all quit on us while we were trying to move them to their stowage location. We had to put in fuel treatment to get them working again, though we had to wait for it to get warm again before the treatment made it through the fuel lines.


    I have a friend who also owns one of those TDI Jettas. I think he first got over 50 mpg when he first bought it. However, desiring higher performance, he swapped out the original computer chip set (governs when the turbo kicks in and other performance specs) for a high perf set, tighter suspension, and grabbier tires. He now gets around 45 mpg. His acceleration is way better than the gas equivalent Jetta. Have you investigated the angle of performance chips?

    Also, did you know you can hook up your Jetta to a laptop computer and do your own diagnostic? It's a great way to keep your engine in tip-top performance. Anytime anything is starting to perform below spec, you will know before you have a failure. I'm pretty certain, if you poke around the Internet long enough, you'll find where to get your own software.

    BTW, he also uses biodiesel. I don't know the petro/bio ratio he uses, but I think he likes it high on the bio side. His supplier is in Olympia where he works and now lives.

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