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  1. IF it is in evidence that other crew members were drinking at the time of the grounding and IF it is in evidence that Exxon leadership had knowledge then I could agree with your perspective.
    I don't know if there is such evidence or not.:confused:

  2. Put interlock devices on supertankers:rofl:
  3. "In fact, when the ship hit, Captain Joe Hezelwood was nowhere near the wheel, but belowdecks, sleeping off his bender. The man left at the helm, the third mate, would never have hit Bligh Reef had he simply looked at his Raycas radar. But he could not, because the radar was not turned on. The complex Raycas system costs a lot to operate, so frugal Exxon management left it broken and useless for the entire year before the grounding."
    --Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
  4. No doubt the cut that trial lawyers get should be limited but does anybody think that the Bush administration would have penalized Exxon at all. Don't forget Bush and Cheney are both oil guys. Is anybody naive enough to think that any Exxon execs would do hard time. If we are not able to make it painful for big business to stomp on our environment or our civil rights they will do just that if it means they get to put a few bucks in their pocket. Has anybody fished in Wyoming lately?
  5. F Exxon

    iagree As someone close to this case I can verify that the lawyers that have gone after Exxon and represented the many plaintifs, have not recieved a dime.
  6. I assume no one has received anything since EXXON hasn't paid... The key is not who received what, the key is that the damages are PUNITIVE. Which is to say, "EXXON, you cannot pollute our world without being punished", and further to say, "All oil companies, and chemical companies, and (fill in the blank) companies, you cannot pollute our earth without serious consequences, without bearing the full costs of complete clean up (assuming it can be "cleaned up") AND without being punished".

    I think I am OK with sending that message, loud and clear...

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