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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sharp Steelie, Jan 24, 2004.

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  1. Fact - I catch a lot of fish
    Fact - I catch very large fish
    Fact - I have witnesses and proof
    Fact - I have pictures
    Fact - I did'nt have to share my flies
    Fact - I hate the word "boastful"
    Fact - I came on this site to help people
    Fact - I didn't have to share my knowledge
    Fact - I believe in God
    Fact - I'm sorry if I have offended anyone
    Fact - I enjoy teaching
    Fact - It's not wise to slam someone who
    might just be "the reel deal"
    Fact - There is a real good chance this will
    be my last post.
    Fact - For any of the descent people out there
    hang on to my e-mail, one day I might be able
    to put you into some dream fishing - I have
    the knowledge, the ability, and the skill to
    make it happen.
    Fact - I'm outta here
  2. Facts

    Don't go man, you are a good fisherman and I have learned a lot from you and I haven't even met you. I also love to see all those huge steelhead you catch. If I could catch half the fish you do I would be one happy fly fisherman. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for your book.

    P.S. There will always be a few people that disagree with or don't care for your posts just don't take it personally and just remeber that there are a lot more people out there that find your posts informative.

    Thank you for sharing what you know about fly fishing.

  3. Facts

    Sounds like ya got your little toes stepped on, dude.

    Fact - "me thinks thou doth protest to much"

    Fact - You have an over-blown opinion of yourself and that's obvious from your verson of "The Facts"

    Fact - You should start your own web site, then people who want to grovel and genuflect at your awsomeness can feed your excessive ego.

    Fact - Don't let the door hit you in the rear on the way out!

  4. Facts

    Clay, I hope you got my e-mail before you bailed. Well don't bail yet. There is a lot of green pea soup out there and that is how it is! Heck I have been flamed so many times it is a running joke in my minds eye! I would post some of my e-mails but it would probably shut this site down!
    There are those that do, those that don't, and those who wish they could! The ones that wish they could throw the most bull! They haven't got a clue! They just read the books and have not gone out and done it! Oh gee that is a little harsh isn't it!
    Well I have played this game for a long time. I know what I do and don't need to prove. I tell the truth to self and that is all that matters. I feel that is exactly what you are doing too. May out paths cross and we can share some time.

  5. Stay for those who have and will learn from you.

    Don't leave on the account of some on this board who are envious and can't hide it other than picking on you. These would be the people happiest if you leave and the most aggravated if you stay. The board needs nice people who can catch fish, not just jerks who live off of picking on people's success. Stay simply because you have a right to express yourself however you want, not for the capricious judgements of others.
  6. Facts

    Hey papa fish,
    you have slammed me in the past because I think different than you. So I will assume you have all the answers! So what are the answers dude! Just because you got some grey hair doesn't cut it with me, cause I got mine too!
    Wisdom does not come with age, it comes with exploration of thoughts. How open is your mind? Personally I think you think in yesterday and not tomorrow! You can not change the past, you can only shape the future! This simple sentence is the only reason why I am here!
  7. Facts

    Fact: It's hard to believe that an individual over the age of 10 can whine this much over perceived (and now hopefully real) slights that have been thrown his direction on a um...... message board. It is indeed frightfully amusing to ponder how this poor bastard must react when the kid at the drive-thru has the audacity to bag regular rather than super-size. Try not to kick the dog too hard, eh?
  8. Stay for those who have and will learn from you.

    Chris a nice post of a gentleman. And a gentleman sport is fly fishing!
    May out paths cross!

  9. Facts

    WOW:What happened?I must have missed some negative posts.If you are for "reel" hang in there.We can all learn something from each other,even a novice has a good tip once in a while and you don't seem to be a novice.If you can catch fish this consistantly some of us would appreciate your knowledge.If you are a BS'er that will come out in the long run.
  10. Facts

    I think you have to treat people individually and respect their limits. The problem of message boards is that people say things that they normally wouldn't say in person. My question is what some of us have put Clay and others through on this board--is that how you would welcome a new colleague at work, a new member of your church or a distant relative that you've now had the fortune to meet?
  11. Facts

    HEY dude What have you done? Looks like a cheap shot to me. Are you just out there trying to be cool? So who are YOU? Why don't you give us your insights? Oh I know, you are too smooth to share!

  12. Facts

    I hate it when Cabin Fever becomes an epidemic!!
  13. Facts

    my post is directed at the unknown mneumonic,who ever they may be. Certainly a lurker who considers themself above others!
    well anyone who wants to be unknown to me is pond scum!
    Dave Urquhart
  14. Stay for those who have and will learn from you.

    Much appreciated. Hopefully this won't come down to board members never wanting to make themselves known in the real world, but somehow I think over time this and other instances will. I think we all need some nice new fish on our rivers to help cool things down.
  15. Facts

    Ha, ha! Gee, Dave. It would appear that you are as thin-skinned as our good friend SS. For someone who has posted 430+ times since April of last year you may want to consider getting out of the meth house every so often and enjoy life. Can you imagine what you could have done with the time you have spent on this board that is now lost? There is hope, however, thus don't give up just yet. Pry those hands from the keyboard, turn off the monitor, and say, "Yes, I will!" Take your neglected family out to dinner, plant roses, donate blood, play 'Ironman' on the harmonica, eat rust..... whatever it takes to cure that monitor jones. I feel your pain, Dave, and will help in any manner possible.

    Best regards,
  16. Facts

    "as our good friend SS"

    I take you know Clay?
  17. Facts

    dear s.s. at the very least make one more post. let us know your book is on the market. i am looking forward to adding it to my collection. do you have a name for the book? thank you for all of the info. i can hardly for the ronde.
  18. Facts

    I may post less that I lurk, but I agree that S.S. should stay. I anticipate the release of his book and hope to fish with him some day. Any new partner can lend new advice.
  19. Facts

    To whom it may concern... Thank god for the NFR policy. This stuff is so freakin entertaining. Not that I derive pleasure from others pain. SS you included but sometimes it's incredibly important to talk about something other than fly fishing.... ahhhhhhhhh..... I know I said it... I hope my wife's not watching she'd never beilieve I just wrote that down.

    Thanks to all who post their grievances. And to those who have found affence to others postings, If I've ever been one I first apologize for myself and even though I don't have the power, I secondly apologize for everyone else.

    Best of luck to all of you.
  20. Facts

    Ha, Ha, Gee Michael, Those are some pretty serious insinuations you have made about my character. I would say they border on being slanderous. So I invite you to back up your mouth for everyones benefit on this forum and prove I am a doper, neglect my family and am self consumed.

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