(NFR) filipinos

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jay Johnson, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. it seems to me there is alot of pinoys flyfishin up in here. i dont see any reason why we have not taken over the world yet. rollcall?
  2. (nfr) filipinos

    It's because you've got k2flyfisher and RedFive on your team. You don't stand a chance.
  3. (nfr) filipinos

    Dude, it's like the Bond movie--the world is not enough.

    And you're forgetting, the first rule of Ilocandia is don't talk about Ilocandia! :)

    espja, where are you?
  4. (nfr) filipinos

    alpinetrout shall be the 1st we make a salve.
  5. (nfr) filipinos

    I gotta meet you all. Maybe my Filipina wife would be happier if I fished with her brothers:) .
    Seroiously, there is nothing better than sinigang (sp?) after a day of steelheading.
    Matsuzaka's coming to town,
  6. (nfr) filipinos

    Put me down for a half. Is there another half here so we can be counted as a whole number?
    Fractions leave me incomplete.
  7. (nfr) filipinos

    My daughter's half but she's only 2. I haven't try to teach her to cast her 2 t yet.
    I got Dice-K for x-mas,
  8. (nfr) filipinos

    I am 3/8. My son is 3/16.

    I don't speak any Tagalog or Visayan.
  9. (nfr) filipinos

    Mabuhay MF! Got to represent here brothers, I am half myself. I know there are more of you out there. My half breed brother Jay and myself are representin the SW side. K2 where you at?

    We can get some serious grub on then. Bring down some San Miguels and a fly rod bro. :beer2:
  10. (nfr) filipinos

    I'd like to hang out with the filipino bros if you all are servin up some lumpia (sp?)

    My best friend's mom used to make some awesome food, and I swear that lumpia is the food of the gods!
  11. (nfr) filipinos

    I got the north sound represented guys.

    Steelie Mike, Ay did nat nu dat yu r Noypi. Ismol world brader. Adobo is in order

    Tight lines.

  12. (nfr) filipinos


    100%, but born and raised in Tacoma,WA
  13. (nfr) filipinos

    Any Korean FF's in the house? Seems like alot of Asians share in the passion for wetting the line. Maybe we have a quorum for a new Fly fishing club.
  14. (nfr) filipinos

    I work with about 50, but I suppose that doesn't count. Best part about working with so many is that 3 or more in a room is reason for a potluck. Just kiddin'. Many good friends. The ladies are always trying to hook me up with "nice" girls.
  15. (nfr) filipinos

    K2flyfisher's 1/2.
  16. (nfr) filipinos

    100% Here. Keppin' it real in Bellingham.:beer2: San Miguel and adobo, yo!
  17. (nfr) filipinos

    Sup my brownies and half brownies.

    Red, I heard you goin over to the OP the day after Christmas....save a date for me in February. Trophy steelie hunting baby! Let's do it!
  18. (nfr) filipinos

    Dude! My vacation day got revoked! That's what happens when you work da Man, I guess, so the OP if off for now. February? Let's do it. Sunday, right?

    Hey, PM me, I've got a fishing proposition for ya.
  19. (nfr) filipinos

    did we all marry their white women?
  20. (nfr) filipinos

    That's what we were supposed to do, right?

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