(NFR) filipinos

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  1. 3 of us out here in North Bend. I'm originally from Stockton, CA. Lot's of Pinoys there. Grew up eating lot's of Striper sinigang, adobo and aparagus

    My boy is into the flyrod action too.
  2. It's cause all your plunder becomes pasalubong and guard dogs can pick you out from miles away...they just know these things.

    saan ko nha pilipino nem nalaing ak ti agsao, ken pashpashar ijay Mt. Province.
  3. (nfr) filipinos

    Jon, not sure if it counts (it does to me), but I'm 1/4 (my mom is 1/2; my grandfather was from the homeland).
  4. I think 1 drop of bagoong in the veins is all it takes...
  5. pshhhhh KUMUSTA!!..sorry i been awol....K2 here, been nappin in back of clazzzzzzz...and yesh, thank you my purely ethnocentric brother RED, i am half PINOY (Illocos Norte/San Nicolas represent!)and half INCHIK...as is evident in my gallery by my ricer hat...good to see so many of you, more than i thought. Jay- Alpine is already a slave...he just doesnt look it...anyone down in P-TOWN?? Mike D. and i the only two?? im guilty of the better half being white girl...she does fish though. i got cuzins in stockton too, but what Filipino doesnt have relatives in Cali?? im with you on the new sub-site...we can call it .... WASHINGTONFRYFISHING.COM. sigi na.
  6. naw. im down here too. we need to get a pinoy steelhead trip together. S.mike, we need to make plans and do it up there huh? call me.

    1ST we catch fish
    2nd we take the white women
    3rd we take over the world
  7. "Jon, not sure if it counts (it does to me), but I'm 1/4 (my mom is 1/2; my grandfather was from the homeland)."

    as long as you claim it, you are it. big ups
  8. sounds good...im headin up to seatown 22-27 of dec. anyone wanna fish?? DAMN its blowin outside...
  9. (nfr) filipinos

    YO HOES!!!! im happa korean, shit, could you imagine the bbq we could put together, i dont know that id make it to the river. we should plan a bbq / or something for this summer coming up and throw down sum grub...wathcu tink'..
  10. (nfr) filipinos

  11. Richard--yup, fractions count, we counted K2, after all. :)

    K2--you may be 1/2 filipino, but I think we can all agree that you're ALL Asian stud! And btw, I thought Alpine had attained Honorary Asian status on account of his fondness of tuna and ricefolk in general. I could be wrong, though.

    Hit me up that weekend--I got some big cutties and some resident coho for you to hit up in the South Sound.
  12. (nfr) filipinos

    not here but i was given a common korean name by my friends when i lived in korea. that has to count for something. that and i speak very little and can read and write it a little
  13. had sex with a filipino once, does that count?
  14. Bhudda...we gotta hook up and wet the line!
  15. How about another half-blood asian for this club?

  16. Not that there's anything wrong with that but...

    I'm thinking you mean Fillipina.
  17. Ha, ha! Doughty caught red-handed!!:rofl:
  18. Well, if it counts that must mean I'm really white. ;)
  19. oooops, i was never told there was a difference. damnit! and yes it was of the female origin
  20. Banzai, are you looking to "partially represent" the Nihonjin faction? You aren't alone. But what do we do about Miyawaki-sensei and Yasuhiro? I can't imagine not including them. Maybe we could stand on either side of them and provide a whole vote when they need it? :beer2: Any other Nihonjin hapas and less-than-obvious Nihonjins out there?

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