(NFR) Fishing Christmas Poem

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  1. Twas the day before christmas and all through the state
    The salmon and steelhead were getting ready to mate
    And down by the river where salmonids run
    All the fisherman were getting ready for fun

    I dreamed of my truck with fifty rods in the bed
    And of millions of salmon making their redds
    But when I got to the river what did I see
    Fifty million gear chuckers slinging buzz bombs at me

    So I tried to be kind and courteous to all
    And waded down to spot trying not to fall
    I peered down in the water and tried to make out
    Any shape that looked fishy that I could take out

    On my first back cast my fly got caught in a tree
    And I had to climb up to get it free
    When I returned to my spot what did I see
    Not one, but three guys grinning at me

    So I got in my car a drove away from there
    To a secret spot that no one would dare
    I hiked over hill and down a steep cliff
    hoping that I wouldn't fall or slip

    The river was peaceful and solice was mine
    as I strung up my rod for n'th time
    When around came the bend a guided jet boat
    Which stopped in the spot my fly was going to float

    I cried in despair, this just isn't fair
    As I reached up and pulled out all of my hair
    In anger I broke my rod down to the wire
    Got home, still mad, I fed it to the fire

    But thank god that it's christmas cause what do I see
    A sage 8 wt XP waiting for me
    I thought to myself as I unwrapped the package
    Of all of the salmon that this baby would manage

    So happy christmas to you and a happy new year
    And may you all get a ton of new fishing gear

    Happy Holidays!

  2. :thumb

  3. Ah, the Snoqualmie at the Tolt confluence.....always inspires such poetry as this.

  4. lol, actually that's it, I was out there this sunday and I stopped at the tolt confluence, raging river confluence, drove down powell road, and even a spot that I usually visit that nobody visits, had a bunch of boats sitting in it ... ;)
  5. Fun poem. Thanks. A+
    Bob, the Is It Really That Bad Over There?:dunno

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