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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I clean with Oxyclean, then sanitize with starsan. I'll take my fittings apart every few brews. I don't stress over it too much really.
  2. thanks Evan.
  3. After watching me bottle, I think Wifey is a little more ready to give the OK on a multiple keg system. With no secondary fermentation and no bottling, this couldn't be much easier.

    Go Sox,
  4. Kegging is the way to go. Botttling is labor intensive from start to finish.
  5. I still like to bottle my belgians. Something about a bottle conditioned belgian dark strong that I love. Have about 12 bottles left from one I brewed over a year ago, and it's one of the most amazing things I've ever had.
  6. WEll, I just tested the IPA after 7 days bottling. That was quite good. Hard to see how this could have went better. I have another week until it should be truly complete. Off to the brew supply store for more supplies.

    Thanks Evan for all the help.

    Go Sox,
  7. Evan, I may need to pick your brain about going to kegs. Want to just don't know where to start.
    Also on a side note, a extra use for those reel cases: Make a great beer koozie!
  8. I'm hoping to brew up a honey hefeweizen in the next couple weeks. Anybody have experience brewing with honey? Types, timing, etc.? Looking for a nice aroma with a hint of honey after-taste.
  9. Kegging my Pliny clone tonight, it's been dry hopping for two weeks now. Tomorrow I'm brewing a chocolate oak stout, I'm very excited about that one. And the 4 Ball is officially gone, I'm gonna have to make more of that one too
  10. If you boil the honey, it'll just ferment all the way out, just leaving you with some very expensive extra alcohol. If you really want to taste it, put the raw, unheated honey in to a secondary.
  11. Evan- Do you worry about infection from the raw honey in the secondary? I recall hearing that honey is typically pretty clean as it has some antiseptic qualities? Is there a middle ground with a pasteurization?
  12. Nah just throw it in. I make mead by just mixing water, honey, and yeast with no heat. It'll be fine.
  13. Honey is hard to screw up. Do both, boil and add some to the secondary. I like the flavor of honey in the boil, sweetening things up on the secondary is good too.
  14. Well, I just bought a keg for 10 gallon batches (48 bucks at the recycler). I'll be going all-grain now. I have 2 coolers. One will be my mashtun and the other will hold the sparge water. Between going all-grain and buying hops by the pound ($14/lb vs $2.50/oz) my cost/batch is gonna really drop.

    Truth be told I'm a little nervous about going to all-grain. I'm sure that I can do the engineering/fabrication but the extract batches have been so good, it's hard to change over. Now I'm gonna decide which style of false bottom to use on the mashtun. Given that my goal is to get good at the 2-3 beers that I like to drink, I figure I should shorten my learning curve and can sacrafice a little efficiency in the short term until I get the bugs ironed out.

    10 gallons batches are thrilling too. 1 brew session= 4 cases of beer. That should last a week or 2 :)

  15. Charles, going all-grain is the best decision you'll make in the homebrewing adventure, better beer, better pricing, but also more :( . I agree with Wilson above, add honey in the last few minutes of the boil plus secondary. Treat the honey as you would for hop flavoring. When I went all-grain I started to carbonate with the wort, much better than priming sugar, etc. Just bottle some wort right after cooling and when it's time to bottle add back to the batch. There are formulas to achieve the desired carbonation level. Have fun!
  16. Charles, are you using 10 gallon orange drink coolers for your mashtun and hot liquor tank? what are you going to use to heat all your stuff? on the stove or outside?
  17. iagree with Porter
  18. Any mead makers on here. I did my first experiment with mead and it was awesome. I would like to make a bigger batch. I was wondering if it would be ok to ferment in a Gott water cooler. Then rack it into a secondary. Then bottle it. This is the process as Im tracking. The first one I did I went straight from fermenting container to bottles. Then drank it after about three weeks. Tasted amazing.
  19. I've got 5.5 gals of mead going right now. As far as your fermenter idea; any sealable vessel will work, so long as you have a way to let Co2 escape, and keep bugs from getting in. And make damn sure it's CLEAN and sanitized.
  20. Eric,

    At this point I will use 2 square coolers that I already own. In the future I may try to purchase the round ones. For heat I will use my crab cooker. The difficulty will be with tranferring liquids. My back is weak and the governor likely isn't gonna want me to purchase a pump. I will need tu use gravity, therefore I'll be lifting.
    All I need to do now is to retro the keg with a valve at the bottom and fabricate the mashtun. The keg will have a steel sock style mashtun in it to keep the hops in tha keg. I have copper tubing and a copper bender to make the wort chiller. I may need another cooler/vessel for that too.

    In reality what will happen is I'll come up with a half assed pea brain idea. I'll then PM Burck. He'll poliely tell me I'm an idiot and then steer me in the right direction. At this point he drinks for free in B'ham.


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