(NFR) How bout them Cougs!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rodeo11, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Been in Pullman for 5 years and suffered through the first 4 of them in the basketball season, however this year is different. It is great to see them finally get the monkey off their back. There offense was off tonite but the defense was on as it should be. Old man Bennett really got this program turned around and really deserves most of the credit. His son has taken over quite well from his dad and has added a new twist to the offense. I think Tony Bennett should get coach of the year. They are so well rounded now with his dad's defense and Tony's offense, they have really proved themselves to Pullman, Washington State, and the country. It is nice to see them succeed in something other than football. I can't wait til Saturday when they face Oregon. Anyone else goin to the game on Saturday???

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    The Cougs have definitely earned some respect for what they have accomplished at this point in the season, which is far from over. Barring a total collapse, they should make the NCAA tournament this year for the first time in a while. It looks good for the Cougs at the moment, but there is a lot more "work" to be done before the Cougs basketball program can say its turned the corner. Its looking good for them right now, and that is great for the university and the fans. Being a GU fan, I am not too much interested in Cougar basketball, but as a resident of Washington, I always am glad to see the local universities perform well. Good luck to the Cougars the rest of the way.
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    The Huskies looked good last night also. Oregon looked good and I was surprised the Huskies kept it together and finished the Ducks off. Saturday should be a great game with the Ducks and Cougs. I have watched GU play. They don't quite have all the horses they use to have. Still a good team but will be fortunate to make it to the Big Dance in March. So far its been a good week for the Washington Schools.

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    Just building it up so they can COUG IT! when it counts :clown:
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    I try not to talk about it as I fear I might jinx the team. I was there in the beginning of Old Man Bennett’s run and you could see glimpses of the future. It is really fun to watch.


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    I was a Coug during the Kelvin Sampson years and it was good to watch them then and now that are they are playing well again I am excited. We are doing it without big, flashy players too. When I was there we had Mark Hendrickson who was dominating, but now we just have a well rounded and very well coached program. Go Cougs!
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    Kinda like last Thursday... that was Cougin' it. By the way, nice win by the Huskies last night.
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    The George Raveling years...ah, memories.

    Tuna, what's up with congratulating the dawgs- you getting soft in your advanced age?
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    In more ways than one...soft in the head, soft in the middle,... you get the picture. Actually, my work is kind of one conflict after another, so every once in a while, I like a break. You know... blessed are the peacemakers.
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    We've got to shut Brooks down to have a chance at beatin the Ducks. The Huskies didn't have to worry about that, Brooks is probably going to be fired up and ready to play. Hopefully Bennett is going to put Weaver on Brooks as Weaver is probably our most well rounded defensive guard. Can't wait for the game!!!!