NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I am after the Redbands!

    Live and let live. Catch and release. Don't tread on me.

    With all due respect gentlemen, this has been one of the most thought provoking and interesting discussions for a while (for me).

    I'm done with my last final exam. Time to relax.:beer1:
  2. By the way to all involved in a sometimes heated post. If I push things it's to get people to really think deep and to draw on as much life as possible. Guns are a right I belive in but also a real thing that must be respected. I think in the end we agreed on a lot of things. The journey to get there was bumpy but such is life and such is interaction between opinionated pastionate folks. I hold no grudges (even to Alaskan guides:D) and only try to share my life experience which has been at times a bit on the rough side. I have never said it is the only way or the right way, it is the way I know and at times try to keep other folks from having to endure. So to Steely Dan, AS I AM, Mike T, and anybody else I engaged in verbal battle with, thanks for an incredible challenging post on a very real subject and remember that is what this is supposed to be about. Even if it gets uncomfortable at times. And Mumbles if my intensity made you naked I'm sorry, GET SOME CLOTHES ON!

    Tight lines and my vote for post of the year. Coach
    See ya next time you bastards!:beer2::beer2::beer2::beer2::beer2:
  3. Thanks Coach

    Mumbles, thanks for putting clothes back on, I was beginning to find that disturbing.
  4. For some reason, I always look forward to Mingo's posts as my favorites, too.
  5. Sign posted outside of house.
    The family next door does not believe in the right to bear arms. To respect their belief, I will not use my guns to protect their home and family. I will my own.

    By the way like the holster that does not look like one many pages ago. I feel that worth a look if you plan to carry in the woods.
  6. Ditto . . . and the insurance policy is stainless & well-used in practice, once in time of need.

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