NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I've never understood why someone might ignore some good advice. Even if it doesn't fit your little knothole...

    I suppose folks that know everything don't need to hear others opinions...
  2. Jerry, what model floatation vest is that? I used to have an OD one that was very nice, but its floatation sucked. If I could find one that was a better floatation option I'd consider it.

    Coach speaks the truth. I used to teach this and all my gung ho younsters always thought they could get theirs out and pump the "old man" (which is what they called me) with simunition rounds. Honestly, I'm no badass, see my avatar. None could pop me with those rounds before I could either take their gear or otherwise compromise their capabilities. It is generally taught with regards to someone approaching you with a bladed weapon, but hand to hand tactics work that way too. The only way to beat the 21' rule is to be robot like quick and even the best humans will not always get it done, or create enough space in tactical retreat to get yours out and fill up center mass.

    Peter, best of luck finding a comfortable and useful holster/vest. I highly recommend that you practice practice practice with whatever holster you decide on. Some of my law enforcement staff always thought it was cool to get the latest and greatest holsters but if they could not use them effectively then they did not get one from the armory.
  3. Peter Pancho, if you are looking for a firearm to go with a holster, I would suggest the new "Air Wieght" models from S&W. I have the M&P "chiefs special" , it's extreamly light wieght, 12oz loaded or unloaded (can't remember which off of the top of my head).
  4. Peter- I have both books, if you're near Tacoma and interested I can try to find where I last put them and loan them to you. If you want your own copies you can go to the WAC gun show next weekend in Puyallup and pick them up there.
  5. Beretta Minx... goes in the Mayfly chest pack with my tippet and stuff.

    Not that I disagree with the 21 foot thing, but my assumption is that I will be approached by dirtbags and not jumped by dirtbags. If I get jumped then I guess having a gun won't matter as much...

    The Minx has no "knock down" power, but it sure as *&%# won't feel good. Plus it's concealed if it's in my hand.
  6. With high neoprenes, I carry a double-stack .45 in a nylon shoulder holster. It's out of sight, under a vest or chest pouch. With breathables, I usually clip it over a femoral artery in a soft suede holster. (It sometimes falls out and down one leg, but at least it's still dry and with me.) Neither one affords a quick draw. A Cordura pouch holster sewn inside the top front of the waders might be better.
  7. being able to pack heat here in Canada would be nice in a lot of our fishing country,Whistler Birkenhead region(got chased by a huge brown bear,4wt for protection),Upper on the side of the river looking at me like dinner,large moose 50ft up river on the Skagit way too curious,Cathedral Park Lakes,black bears joining in for shore lunch,Allison Pass lakes,heard the cat,never saw him,Big Silver Creek Harrison,biggest black I've ever bow, no tag, figures!.......bruce wishin i could pack my 12ga semi auto
  8. yep, i have a CCP for WA and OR as well. when i fish, i don't carry. consider this, if you choose to use deadly force, you will have to prove that you were in imminent danger. that could cost you hundreds of thousands in personal financial loss. more than likely any perp you encounter while fishing is after something that is easy to steal and pawn, that ain't your ass! so while bravado regarding firearms is not unusual, think a bit about what will happen should you actually be able to succeed in doing any shooting inside that 21' circle and then doing it with great accuracy, accurate enough so you don't have your target telling a conflicting story to the LEO. not many i know could pull that off and that with extensive training and combat experience, yes that means killing other people.

    now bears on trails in AK? that is a serious issue. back in the 70s a friend walking down a track as the middle man ran into a brownie. bear picked jake up by the head and threw him off the trail, pow. left eye gone, scar that starts below the jaw bone and ends on the top of his skull, severed spinal nerves left him numb on the right side, took 45 minutes to find him, 2 hours to get him evac'd. but he is till fishing using the buddy rule.

    don't think for a nano that a 240 grain slug from your 44 is going to impress a brownie. thats a flea sting, nothing more to half a ton of jaw poppin enragement. so forget the little stuff, if you are going to insist on fishing areas that are also fished by bears, buddy fish with that 12 ga always at the ready, by the one of you whose turn it is to watch and not fish. and never, walk bear tracks by yourself, do it as a group with the 12 ga at the ready.
  9. Unless you're these two hikers murdered on Mt. Pilchuck,

    Or if you stumbled across this crime being committed,

    Who would have thought? A grow operation in the North Cascades,

    We tend to assume everyone is like us and goes to the outdoors to recreate and that we all have the same ethics concerning the wild.

    I was talking to a Douglas County SWAT officer a couple weeks ago. They'd had 6 murders in a 7 day period, all drug related and very violent. He had some firm ideas about how foolhardy it is to be in some isolated areas of his county, armed or not.

    However do what you will, YMMV.
  10. Good point.

    I feel that when I carry, I have PERSONAL confidence that I have a reasonable chance of protecting myself. I am fully aware that my use of deadly force is constricted to very narrow circumstances, yet, odds are that I will probably never have to use it. I'd be looking at a very long day in court if I were to shoot someone trying to steal my lunch, or my truck.

    More importantly, I believe the visual "presence" of a firearm causes consideration, in perps & non-perps alike. Folks that carry know what I'm talking about.
    The second-thought for the perp to "do business" elsewhere is what carries the most weight.

    -Two cents.
  11. "an armed society is a polite society"

    regards, gentlemen, and have a great day.:D
  12. I don't know about the holster, but that woman's glasses are steller.
  13. That wilderness holster is interesting. Looks like a binocular case to everyone else. I can see how it would be a good option for certain activities.
  14. An Airweight S&W will fit nicely in your wader chest pocket with a pocket holster. Concealed is the best since it's a last resort and doesn't make you a target. I don't think animal danger is very likely in WA, however as it has been pointed out there are some human evil-doers inhabiting our fishing grounds that ocasionally can be cause for concern.
  15. If you have to "carry" when you flyfish to feel better than that's your right I guess. But take it from someone who has seen the effects of and knows first hand. Leave the 9MM at home. It will NOT knock down anybody over 120 pounds hopped up on meth unless you hit center mass or turn out the lights which almost none of you commando wannabees will do in your first firefight. Carry 45 ACP or 40 cal and then when you piss yourself and hit them in the arm or god knows where, they will still go down most likey. Then you'll realize what a human really does when hit by a bullet which is kick, scream and go into shock of some sort. But that's okay because now that you have answered his aggression with your right to defend youself you must now apply first gunshot trauma first aid to the stupid druggie you just half missed. A second finishing blow would be murder. In the state of Washington you get one reply to your perceived "threat". Now you get to sit with the rat bastard and if you're lucky he's not HIV positive as he bleeds all over your ass. If you flee and let him die, don't think that you are in the clear. Your best option is to kill him with one shot, but accuracy is depleted up to 95% in a man's first firefight. That means if you can draw your "piece" in 1.5 seconds and get off two shots at 10 yards (95 % of gun fight deaths are less than 3 feet, and you will not learn those techniques reading Ayoob's books) and hit a paper plate center mass, in your first gunfight you will probably miss the whole center mass target and at best get a partial in an arm or leg if you hit him at all. Of course if you don't you are now struggling to keep him from shooting you with your own gun, and I would wager that most of you who have to carry are not the best or most confident hand to hand types. So pack a good first aid kit and learn your pressure points. It's going to be messy no matter what happens. Oh and pick out your lawyer now. You've gonna need him big time no matter what the NRA has been telling you. Reality is a bitch Rambos
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  16. I just whup on the bad guy with my 9' 5wt. Then tie him up with 3X tippet - that's right, the heavy stuff! Then, I hold him at nipper point until the cops arrive. Works every time..:clown:

    Don't mess with a fly fisherman!
  17. Coach- I haven't heard any Rambo like BS in this thread. I think it would be more helpful for someone with your experience to tell folks how to avoid ending up in a situation where lethal force is required. I'm not criticizing you for your opinion, but on occasion smart and aware people do need to use a firearm to preserve their life.
  18. Being from the armpit of WA, where little wanna be gangbangers and meth heads run rampit. I can see how one would feel better about packing. They dont give two shits about the their own life, so why would they yours?
  19. My mind is totally changed now.
    And all that IPSC and IDPA competition is forgotten.
    I always thought that first shot launched the badguy backwards 12 feet.
    So much for 8th grade physics.....
    Thanks for overwriting the second amendment with the first.

    BTW, I REALLY want to book a trip with you after reading your posts.

    Keep it to yourself.

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