NFR: Into the Wild, Matthew Wilson gone missing

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    Many people find it all too easy to pass judgement on others. McCandless tried to get out, but his poor swimming ability kept him from negotiating the river that stood between him and civilization.

    He's a fella that threw logic to the wind, didn't heed to the comforts and security that most of us need in life (known food source, comfortable habitat, companionship, secure employement, etc.), and unfortunately paid the ultimate price for some youthful ignorance and exuberance.
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    Alaskan Park Ranger Peter Christian wrote: “I am exposed continually to what I will call the ‘McCandless Phenomenon.’ People, nearly always young men, come to Alaska to challenge themselves against an unforgiving wilderness landscape where convenience of access and possibility of rescue are practically nonexistent […] When you consider McCandless from my perspective, you quickly see that what he did wasn’t even particularly daring, just stupid, tragic, and inconsiderate. First off, he spent very little time learning how to actually live in the wild. He arrived at the Stampede Trail without even a map of the area. If he [had] had a good map he could have walked out of his predicament […] Essentially, Chris McCandless committed suicide.”[18]

    from wikapedia

    this pretty much reflects the general alaskan attitude at the time.

    One of my many close calls was not too many miles from his, closer to cantwell. mine was in late winter and i had a copious supply of top ramen and macaroni and cheese as well as $1.75 in quarters. I'm never far from food. Alaska offers second chances to very few. It's hard to appreciate how much more deadly a mistake is up there compared to down here, till it's too late.
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    Tony- my post wasn't to argue what most Alaskans thought, or to argue with your own synapisis..but merely to state that a good majority of the public are quick to pass judgement on someone else and their actions than to turn their efforts inward and focus their efforts on themselves as people.

    McCandless was (sometimes badly) dancing to the beat of his own drummer, and clearly unhappy with the way he was raised, and in my eyes what a modern life in America has come to include and represent. I don't really see how any of his actions are/were quantifiable by the general public.
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    no offense taken. unfortunately the result was quantifiable. other than the media coverage at the time the story would have attracted little attention. that kind of thing happens all the time up there where accidents are the leading cause of death. usually it's not starving, but its often falling, drowning, etc by guys who overestimated their ability and underestimated or misunderstood alaska.
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    Unfortunately the guys who do it right aren't good subjects for bestsellers and hit movies. McCandless was an outdoors idiot, pure and simple. I have nothing but scorn for him as an outdoorsman. If he hadn't found that bus, he would have been back in town in a week. Proenneke was a man with amazing skills. The film footage of him building his cabin, his planning, and his attention to detail was remarkable. Those skills are what is required to live in the wild, alone, for an extended period of time. Another man who did it with exceptional success (unlike McCandless, Treadwell etc.) was Ralph Edwards (Crusoe of Lonesome Lake) in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia in 1912. Not only did he survive, he raised a family and worked tirelessly to help bring the trumpeter swan back from extinction. His sons still live in the same remote area that he homesteaded. My hat is off to these men, not idiots like McCandless. My .02.....
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    If anyone wants to read a true survival story about a man that could live off the land and wasn't leaving civilization just because he was pissed at his dad for wanting him to succeed or because he was at that age in which guys think they got it all figured out and look down there nose at everyone else or just plain schizophrenic, then pick up Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver Eating Johnson.
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    Yes, yes....that totally pissed me off

    Think about it now..

    12 year old Kid--"Mom, Dad, I am going to go camp out on that hill above town, live in a burnt out tree, make friends with animals and drop into town when I feel like it. I will probably spend more time with the librarian than anything, and ohh, almost forgot, I will be conducting tests on the pond algi and for my future work as a microbiologist.....see ya in a couple of months"

    Parents--"ahhhhh, what?"
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    I have been away from the board for a while, but caught the thread - of course anything by the esteemed Mr. Boot.

    Perhaps only peripherally related, but very much on point is the true saga of the infamous Claude Dallas and the demise of officers Bill Pogue and Conley Elms. Dallas truly lived off the land for extended periods of time, both prior to, and after his first period of incarceration. Good illustration of what can be done even with mental infirmity.
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    Late post:

    Actually he did not "recycle himself to the benefit of the bears" as the the "bears" paid the ultimate price for just being bears.....:mad:!!

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    What are you people, on dope?

    What is this fascination with escaping? What is it that gets inside of your heads?
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    Mr. Hand is the shit!
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    Ha, lead poisoning no doubt!

    Another interesting (related) book: "The Rifles" by William Vollmann.
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    Regarding the emasculation of men, just look how we're portrayed in the popular media. Either we're supermen, unrealistic warriers, or we're clueless idiots who wouldn't survive without the persistant nagging of our wives. Look at most ads on TV - the man is almost always a doofus, and the woman is always smugly right, like a mommy who has taught her wayward little son a lesson. The one from Lowes absolutly kills me. The clueless guy is looking around at all the honeydos he hasn't completed this summer. The wife is sitting READING A BOOK. If she wants the porch fixed, she should maybe get off her ass and FIX IT! At the end of the ad, he's pushing a shopping cart down an aisle in Lowes, shoulders hunched, while his smug wife natters at him. Another ad shows a woman remodeling the living room over and over until she decides its HER HUSBAND that needs to be remodeled. He's just a regular guy on the couch, wearing comfortable clothing. He's probably taking a well-deserved break after working a 40, 50, 80 hour week. In the end, he's in a sport shirt and dork pants. Look closely, and you'll see his pair in a jar on the newly remodeled mantle...
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    That Lowe's commercial is insulting. I want to see the guy get off the couch and stuff his wife in the closet, lock it, and then sit back down on the couch and open a beer while he plans his next fishing trip. However, I'm totally in favor of home maintenance, on my terms.