( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a living??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Dec 11, 2003.

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    I'm in the electrical distribution industry, cool people, cool environment....low pay. Why is it so hard to find all three!


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    Patrick: Bet your question has a lot of folks pondering their own situation.

    I'm an attorney with a business and estate planning practice in Bellevue. About 5 years ago, I radically changed my practice from owning a full service lawfirm with multiple employees to running my own shop where I do everything except the bookkeeping. I changed because my kids were growing up without me. I don't make very much money-probably less than most of the folks who have responded-but I'm home when my girls get home from school, I get to volunteer at their drama and choir events and every once in a while, take a day for fishing.

    Running a business has its own special headaches aside from the actual conduct of business. Most of those headaches revolve around personnel issues-finding, training and retaining good employees is the one consistent issue my clients wrestle with. If you are thinking of starting a business with employees, first assess your personnel management skills before taking the plunge.
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    I too am at a crossroads, I was in the army, then worked as a landscape foreman for a few years, but now am trying to get back into the military as a flight medic. As of now I'm livin' the dream boys, my wife works and I'm a stay at home... well, I just stay at home and fish! Hopefully all will come around in the end. As for what I enjoy doing,well, I enjoy helping others, which is why I'm going back as a medic. If I can help just one of our boys get home in one piece...:beer2 -D
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    I'm a geologist, MS, began in mineral exploration everywhere, good fishing in remote places, lots of wilderness stuff, lots of wonderful people and friends for years, lots of motels, lots of republican clients wanting rugged individualist employees (those you needn't pay) so I changed after 10 or so years to know my kids and quit getting stiffed by jerks. Now, environmental regulator, gummint check, pretty good schedule, I now discuss retirement benefits etc. and work in a cubie, so it really isn't satisfactory either but once in a while we get some work done. Too much conflict.

    If you want a change and want to control things, be a lawyer. We all work for lawyers.
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    every consider nursing as a career? I've been an emergency room nurse for 18 years. Have many friends that are military nurses at madigan. It's a great job, good pay, and you still get to help people. Best of all, I get 7 days off every other week. (only work 3 days a week) and if you still want to fly, you can fly for outfits like airlift NW, I got the flying bug out of me already, so now I'm coasting down the road, enjoying my family and fishing when I can.

    I fear no beer:beer2
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    Wow, Patrick, what a response you've gotten here! Not even an ethics post could generate this kind of interaction. ;)

    I make my primary income as a freelance event marketer/event planner/media buyer. It's work that I do because I know how to do it, and it pays at a level that is acceptible, not because I'm passionate about it. It also allows me to work from home, and the flexibility for other pursuits which I'm actually passionate about.

    My wife and I also got into real estate investments, in hopes that it would supplement our income and/or become my primary income and support Recycled Fish, but it has proven to be a money-loser so far.

    My goal is to become the full-time Executive Director of Recycled Fish, because I believe it to be my "calling," and along those lines, I believe it will happen within the next two years.

    My wife and I used to in the media, I worked in radio and she worked in TV. We never saw each other. We quit those jobs and did something very unconventional - we joined "mobile marketing" tours, a la the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. That was great for a couple of years. During our time in the media, what I took for granted was a steady paycheck. Now that I'm a freelancer/self-employed I have had to rely much more strongly on Faith that there would be income when I needed it, and that I'd be provided for. My needs have always been met, which has strengthened my faith. Company-provided benefits packages are nice, and appear especially nice when you don't have them. I don't know that I'd recommend the Independent Contractor/Freelancer route - it's a lot like you're still working for the company; you can't exactly be your own boss, yet you don't have the level of job security nor the benefits that you would if you were an employee.

    Nobody ever said on his last days, "I wish I would have worked more," and I'm all for drawing on other people's wisdom. Pursuing a passion is certainly a noble pursuit, but must be weighed against the cons of insecurity. As for me, I'm embracing the insecurities right now.

    Good luck, my friend. :thumb


    You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.
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    After 26 years in aviation (6 of that at Boeing), I was due for a career change. My current position is a Salmon Habitat Restoration Technician. Love the new job:smokin
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    I teach 5th grade. I absolutely love my job and I don't care what other teachers say about pay, I feel generously compensated every time a child learns something due solely to my efforts. The intrinsic rewards combined with time off for good behavior, far outway the what some consider small monetary extrinsic motivation. Oh yeah, One week off in spring and two and half months off in summer sure don't hurt none neither.
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    I couldn't get into the military back then. Now it's too late. Everything else is a string of 2nd choices.
    Did an undergrad in Genetics/Biochem:
    Thought I was gonna be a physician. Then my grades said "no you're not"
    Grad school? "nuhh uhh"
    Respiratory Therapy? "no jobs, and lousy pay"
    Somewhere in there I got married to a grad student PhD- Medical Genetics. I went back to construction to pay the bills. Then I got hit by a truck while walking across a crosswalk. Messed up my hip n back a bit.
    Back to school - software this time around(network tech to start with) Lousy pay, wayyy too many hours, and I was truly in a Dilbert office. Engineers with short sleeved white dress shirts and bad ties. Mgmt only by seniority not merit.
    Enough classes and yrs working later I FINALLY got a work visa to come to this great country and escaped the soviet of BC. Those of you born here in America need to see it from a LEGAL immigrant's perspective to truly appreciate just how good it is here.

    Now I get underpaid to break software for a really big BORG software company in Redmond. Somedays it's easy, somedays it's brutal, but the days are always long.

    I ain't exactly enthusiastic about my job,and I refuse to drink the purple koolaid, but it's my ticket to my green card. Other than my family that's all that matters for the next couple yrs. Once I have my green card I can actually think of doing something else. Right now, I am legally bound to doing ONLY what my work visa says. I can't even change my job title internally without throwing a delay into the process.

    ...and for anyone who has a problem with LEGAL immigration; I became an American the day I moved my family here. It will just take green card + 5 yrs to get a little piece of paper that says I'm a citizen.
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    My turn, but it will take a sec. I spent 8 years in college gathering any number of semi worthless pieces of paper. Taught Sport Psychology and Sport Science at 4 Universities (even a stint in WY). Work as a Sport Psychology Consultant to World Class Athletes (didn't mean they paid their bills) and then spent the next 15 years in the environmental world. By some coincidence after a new president was elected and environmental clean-up was put on the back burner, I got downsized and unemployed for a year. Was offered a position as National Sales Manager (nice tittle, not much $$) by a small manufacturer and that's where I'm at today. I spend most of my free time coaching soccer and when I get a moment I'm fly-fishing.
    You can't be sure were the road is going to lead when you take that first step. Mostly they are good ones, but make sure you make plans just incase there is too much shale.

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    ...Product Development for an Outdoor company in the Seattle area. Basically, it's like working in a toy factory, except the toys are for grownups. However, it's also a business and somedays it's a lot more work than play. The payscale is a bit less than the same job elsewhere, but all in all, it's a pretty decent gig. It's also nice knowing that our efforts and the things we make help people enjoy themselves outdoors.

  12. Richard Torres Active Member

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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Ask yourself this question, "what do I love to do?", "where do I want to be?" "what do I do that makes me feel good about what I've done for myself and for others?" Also something I ask myself on occasion, "I want to leave a good name for myself that other people will recognize when i'm not around anymore." Myself, i'm currently into my second year at college after doing the same thing you did, toil behind a desk :beathead for seventeen years working for Boeing as a technical designer. The thanks that I got for contributing was a layoff, but it was the best thing in the world for me because i was depressed about my job and I didn't do anything about it.
    Now that i'm studying to be a civil engineer, I can find a job that has the best of both worlds, working outside and inside! Good luck on your quest

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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Wow, can you believe all of these responses?

    Well first off, I'm a network engineer. I work the pre-sales side of the fence. Which means I spend all of my time in someone else's office. I learn what it is they do for living, how they do it today, and what they want to accomplish. I then take all the things I've learned from them and all the experiences and all the technological toys I know about and try to come up with a solution that can help them get where they are going. It is a whole lot of fun. I meet with people from all walks of life, doing things I've never even tried and always wondered, "How do they do that?". It's never boring and it's always different. The key is, I love to solve problems and the technology changes so rapidly that I'm rarely bored. I guess you could say I love what I do.

    Something I see a great deal of, is people in other lines of work. I see some that love, and are passionate about, what they do. I also see the ones who obviously don't like, and sometimes hate, what they do. That's a real differentiator for me. When I'm working with the former, the work for me is not work. When working with th later, it's all work.

    The part I see being the most difficult is when someone has been doing something they don't so long and their life style has grown around the income generated by their activities, it becomes VERY difficult to change. I think most folks would refer to this as a rut. I'm inlcined to agree. This should be avoided if possible.

    I guess my personal philosophy is to spend the time to know yourself. Learn what it is about your personality traits that makes you happy and you life enjoyable. Then try to translate those attributes to a career. I state it this way to avoid the more general assumtion that you should do what you like. I know a lot people say that, but sometimes turning you hobby or passion into a job has a way of taking the fun out of the hobby.

    As in my personal example above. I don't do computer networks for fun, but the career holds the attributes that I enjoy. That way when I'm off work, I'm off work.

    I've rambled enough, my two cents was gone a long time ago. Good luck and happy holidays to all.

    Tight lines,

    "If a man does his best, what else is there?"
    - General George S. Patton
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    I'm only weighing in here because the FBI and ATF will think it a little weird if I don't--maybe like I dealt dope all my life.
    I do nothing now except that which pleases me as I have been retired for the past 13 years. I write, read a lot, carve shore birds and decoys, build furniture, including almost all of my home furnishings, work on my French, raise orchids (about 200), enjoy my family, Internet, hunt, camp and fish.
    Were it not for the fact that getting old is such a pisser, I would have things pretty much ideal.
    I got to this place by being a teacher for 27 years in the public school system of Stockton, Ca. What a job that was!
    Never boring, loads of good times and laughs, feelings of being important, loved, respected and admired. I loved it all except a few dreadful times which I think are unavoidable in almost any career. Mainly some of the other teachers were the only drag in it all, hateful, small- minded, pompous, incompetent bastards and bitches.
    Yet I was honored to serve with many of the others.
    Here are some little known things about teaching:
    You don't really have a boss. If you are any good, the principal who dances to an entirely different drummer, is afraid of you and will go way out of his or her way to stand clear.
    If the kids like you and are convinced you are trying to help them have a better life or be a better person, then there is very little you can't say or do. Any creativity you may have is allowed to fully flower.
    The checks are always there, month in and month out, year in and year out. Other than strikes, I never lost any pay.
    The time off is superb: weekends, two weeks at steelhead season and one week during the early trout break. I was finished with my classroom work at 1:00 P.M. during my last five years.
    I met my wife teaching and with both of our salaries put together plus my commercial salmon trolling in the summer, we always had a salary of more than six figures with good benefits.
    But you have to be called to this profession, just like a priest or a monk. You have to love children and be totally committed to helping them. You've got to have a soft place in your heart for mankind and see your efforts as just another blade of grass in a greenery that should stretch wide and far away. Ah! Those were the days, my friends.
    Bob, the You can take the Bob out of the Teacher, but never the Teacher out of Bob.:professor :professor :professor
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Before anything, I am a full time fishing bum. After that I am a 3rd year college student, and a rep for a northwest fly company. I love my life...my 'real' job is fun and exciting, and I get to sell things that I have a true interest in. I can take off for the weekend and fish and camp almost anywhere and my school schedule lets me fish up to 3 weekdays a week as well. If I could do this for a long time I would, but I see the end of the tunnel nearing and fear that fishing 5 days a week is not a lifestyle that can be easliy obtained, but I'm working on it...

    Does anyone have work for a soon to graduate business student??

    crump(on my way to the O.P.)}( :7
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Well im in Logistics and Inventory control.
    I went to a California Maritime Academy to pursue a career in the Merchant Marine as a Capatain. I loved being out at sea and visiting new and exoctic places. It got old fast and became a job like everything else.

    Now I am doing something compleately different then what I had my goals set on. The only reason I think I am staying with my current company is because of the flexablity. I don't have some one hovering over me.
    As long as I do my job, I can come in/out when I want. I still spend about 45-50 hours week at work. The pay is ok and the benifits suck. Come to think about it I have a low stress job(as long as everything goes right LOL :7 )with lot of freedom and that is why I am staying where I am for now. In the not so distant future I may be in the same shoes.:dunno
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    Guess I better get in on this one, I'm sure everyone will be just thrilled about my job. I manage the distrubution wharehouse of a large publishing/media company. I tried the fish bum lifestyle for a few years, but finally had to get a real job. I don't hate my job, its not my career goal to do this, but I get by. I miss the 4 to 5 days a week of fishing(especially the weekdays, rivers on the weekend blow). In the end, life is what you make it. Just bought a house in Redmond, so I won't be reverting back to fish bum anytime soon. Someday though, someday.........back to the grind. YT:smokin
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    Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.

    I don't remember who said that but reading the above posts gives the quote a certain amount of credulity. Never really felt that way as a teacher but I have had my share of the blues, including a three month clinical depression that nearly took my life:(

    You have a lot going for you, Patrick. A keen wit, like yours, is always a sign of intelligence.
    If you do change jobs and don't like Spokane, then move as well as change your vocation.

    With Bush, the joint ain't exactly jumpin' with jobs. So I'd wait a bit until the economy improves some and people start thinking they need to "upsize", a word you never hear these days.

    Well, I'm your friend but not your father, so I'll just boogie on down the road. But I sincerely hope things work out for you. And NEVER quit making posts; this site will collapse without you.

    Bob, the Wannabe Third Removed Godfather of Paddy.:rolleyes :beer2
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    Bob, that was Henry David Thoreau.

    I'm a reluctant entrepreneur. I'm the managing partner for a small marketing firm in Seattle. The challenges are endless, which I enjoy (at least to some degree). But not sure it would fit well with a family or other time obligations. In the past I worked in wilderness education where we read a lot of Thoreau etc in the middle of the woods (or glacier or ocean as the case may have been). It's tough to find complete happiness when it comes to work and money. Sometimes I think the idea of a "perfect job" is an illusion... but the pursuit of happiness may in itself be worth the effort. I've been a fisher since my grandfather taught me how to trout fish in the mountains as a 5 yr old. Seems like most of us on this board are explorers and seekers. Fishing is a good pastime for thinking about... stuff. :)
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    Must be MSR or CD's